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SPB exclusive stream: Monkey

SPB exclusive stream: Monkey

Monkey - Bananarchy

Today SPB Presents a brand new stream of Bananarchy, the latest from California ska-punks Monkey, which will release this month on Asian Man Records on both LP and CD.

The 2-tone influeced band is in their 20th year of making music and last released Lost at Sea. Check out their latest below and visit Asian Man for more details.


Track listing:1. You're Becoming a Jerk (and No One Likes You Any More!)2. Blind Faith3. The Epic4. The Curse5. Can of Worms6. Bicycle Song7. Bad Neighbor8. Caffeine9. Lazy Boy10. Johnny

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1QI: Pharaoh, Kill Hatsumomo, Dr. Strange Records, Urban Scandal Records

Posted April 26, 2015, 5:56 a.m.
1QI: Pharaoh, Kill Hatsumomo, Dr. Strange Records, Urban Scandal Records
Welcome to our almost daily quickie Q&A feature: One Question Interviews. Follow us at facebook & twitter and we'll post an interview four days each week, typically every Monday-Thursday.
After our social media followers get the first word, we post a wrap-up here at the site and archive them here. This week check out Q&As with Pharaoh, Kill Hatsumomo, Dr. Strange Records and Urban Scandal Records.

SPB: To what extent does ritual/tradition/mythology play a part in Pharaoh's music?
Pharaoh: We met and grew up for the most part in Catholic schools together. Every day as kids we prayed with everyone else before class, got dragged to church, sang the songs. Drinking blood and eating flesh between math and study hall. They don't try to hide that they're indoctrinating you at that age, they tell you, “We are indoctrinating you according to your parents' wishes,'" and you pretty much go along with that until you graduate or are expelled. So mythology and ritual has been our every day.
SPB: Is there a specific poster that got you interested in the medium yourself?
Erin: What initially led me to making posters was the DIY cut and paste flier and zine movement of the mid ‘90s music scene of Peoria, Illinois -- where I grew up. After I moved to Chicago, a poster by Kathleen Judge for Low Skies was in the window of Reckless Records and I asked to have it. That's when I decided to scrape together all the money my very broke artist self had and join a co-op.
I'm now a successful poster artist and illustrator. I've been featured in magazines, books and a documentary. I've had my work in galleries in the US and abroad and I've had the opportunity to work for many amazing bands, companies and individuals doing posters, t-shirt design, labels, logos, album art, etc. I run my own studio and I do my own work as well as publish others. I've been printing as an accredited professional for 7 years thanks to some photocopied pieces of paper I saw in high school.
Dr. Strange (Dr. Strange Records)
SPB: How has Record Store Day changed your business?
Dr. Strange: The truth is I didn’t even participate until the third one. I thought to myself “now this sounds like a gimmick” and I wanted nothing to do with it. But so many of my customers asked me to do it I decided to try. I’m glad I did. Record Store Day has been the busiest day, not only of the year, but of our history [since 1988] each and every time. Plus it’s great to see so many people in the store all with a love of vinyl!
Stephen (Urban Scandal Records)
SPB: How do you typically find the bands you sign to the label?
Stephen: I would say I generally find bands that I want to work with through word of mouth. Friends of friends of friends sort of situations. Not all releases have come about that way, but I've found that a business partnership runs much more smoothly when musicians in bands and people at a label are coming from a similar scene or mindset. It allows for more trust and open communication while working together.

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Videos New Tenement song

Posted April 24, 2015, 1:53 p.m.

New Tenement song

photo courtesy of the artist

Milwaukee punk band Tenement have premiered a video for "Dull Joy" off their soon to come new LP, their first new studio LP in four years. A double record, Predatory Headlights will be released on ...

Labels Stanley and the Search join Animal Style

Posted April 24, 2015, 10:56 a.m.

Stanley and the Search join Animal Style

Los Angeles band Stanley and the Search will release a new EP this summe ron Animal style Records. The upcoming EP was recorded by producer Kyle Black (New Found Glory, State Champs, Hit The Lights ...

Tours Author & Punisher on tour

Posted April 24, 2015, 9:49 a.m.

Author & Punisher on tour

One-man industrial+ project Author & Punisher is hitting the road tonight with 16 stops along the way. Author & Punisher will released a currently untitled new album for Housecore Records later this year and last released Women ...

Radio K 2

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Tours Aeges opening for Local H

Posted April 23, 2015, 3:17 p.m. in Tours by Loren

Aeges opening for Local H

Danielle Hardy

Aeges have announced a tour in support of Local H. The band last released Above & Down Below on The Mylene Sheath. Dates are as follows.

Aeges Live w/ Local HJune 12th Ferndale, MI @ The Loving TruthJune 13th Cleveland, OH @ The Grog ShopJune 14th Lancaster, PA @ The Chameleon ClubJune 16th Wilmington, DE @ Mojo 13June 17th Allston, MA @ The Great ScottJune 18th Pawtucket, RI @ The MetJune 19th Brooklyn, NY @ Saint VitusJune 20th Washington, DC @ Rock n' Roll HotelJune 22nd Carrboro, NC @ The Cat's CradleJune 23rd Asheville, NC @ The MothliteJune 24th Atlanta, GA @ The MasqueradeJune 25th Birmingham, AL @ SaturnJune 26th Nashville, TN @ Exit/InJune 27th Lexington, KY @ Cosmic Charlie'sJune 30th Green Bay, WI @ The Lyric RoomJuly 1st Milwaukee, WI @ Summerfest

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Tours Get intimate with Bob Mould

Posted April 23, 2015, 10:56 a.m. in Tours by Loren

Get intimate with Bob Mould

Jay Blakesberg

Bob Mould, of Husker Du and Sugar fame, has announced "Works In Progress," a 7-date tour this fall playing solo electric performances in small venues ...

09/23/15 - Boston, MA - The Sinclair
09/25/15 - New York, NY - City Winery
09/26/15 - New York, NY - City Winery
10/02/15 - Duluth, GA - Red Clay Theater
10/03/15 - Nashville, TN - City Winery
10/10/15 - Chicago, IL - City Winery
10/11/15 - Evanston, IL - S.P.A.C.E.

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Records Faith No More reissues on Rhino

Posted April 23, 2015, 9:57 a.m. in Records by Loren

Faith No More reissues on Rhino

Dustin Rabin

Faith No More's The Real Thing and Angel Dust are being reissued in deluxe packages from Rhino Records on June 9 in conjunction with ...

Disc One: Original Album 1.    "From Out Of Nowhere"2.    "Epic"3.    "Falling To Pieces"4.    "Surprise You're Dead"5.    "Zombie Eaters"6.    "The Real Thing" 7.    "Underwater Love"8.    "The Morning After"9.    "Woodpecker From Mars"10.    "War Pigs"11.    "Edge Of The World"
Disc Two: Bonus Disc 1. Sweet Emotion (Taken from Kerrang! Flexible Fiend) 2. Epic (Radio Remix Edit) (Taken from the 'Epic' Promotional CD single) 3. Falling To Pieces (Matt Wallace Remix) (Taken from the 'Falling To Pieces' 12" single) 4. Cowboy Song (B-side) (Taken from the b-side of 'From Out Of Nowhere' single)5. The Grade (B-side) (Taken from the b-side of 'From Out Of Nowhere' 12" single) 6. From Out Of Nowhere (Extended Remix) (Taken from the 'From Out Of Nowhere' 12" single) 7. War Pigs (Live Berlin 11.9.1989) (Iommi/Ward/Butler/Osbourne) Westminster Music Ltd.(Taken from the b-side of 'Epic' 12" single) 8. Surprise You're Dead (Live Sheffield) (Taken from the b-side of 'Epic' 12" single) 9. Chinese Arithmetic (Live Sheffield) (Taken from the b-side of 'Epic' 12" single) 10. Underwater Love (Live at Brixton Academy, London 28 April 1990) (Taken from the b-side of 'Falling To Pieces' 12" single) 11. As The Worms Turns (Live at Brixton Academy, London 28 April 1990) (Taken from the video for "You Fat B**tards")
ANGEL DUSTTrack Listing
Disc One: Original Album 1.    "Land Of Sunshine"2.    "Caffeine"3.    "Midlife Crisis"4.    "R.V."5.    "Smaller And Smaller"6.    "Everything's Ruined"7.    "Malpractice"8.    "Kindergarten"9.    "Be Aggressive" 10.    "A Small Victory"11.    "Crack Hitler"12.    "Jizzlobber"13.    "Midnight Cowboy"14.    "Easy"
Disc Two: Bonus Disc1. Easy (Cooler Version) (Lionel Ritchie) (Taken from the 'I'm Easy' CD single)2. Das Schutzenfest (German version) (Taken from the 'I'm Easy' CD single) 3. As The Worm Turns (Mike Patton vocal / Japan bonus track) (Taken from the Japanese edition of "Angel Dust")4. Let's Lynch The Landlord (B-Side) (Jello Biafra) (Taken from the  'A Small Victory' single) 5. Midlife Crisis (The Scream Mix) Remixed by Matt Wallace (Taken from the bonus 12" included with "Angel Dust" LP) 6. A Small Victory (R-Evolution 23 (Full Moon) Mix) (Taken from the  'A Small Victory' 12" single)7. Easy (Live Munich 9th November 1992) ((Lionel Ritchie) (Taken from the 'I'm Easy' CD single) 8. Be Aggressive (Live Munich 9th November 1992)  (Taken from the b-side of 'I'm Easy' CD single)9. Kindergarten (Live Munich 9th November 1992) (Taken from the b-side of 'I'm Easy' CD single) 10. A Small Victory (Live Munich 9th November 1992) (Taken from the b-side of 'I'm Easy' CD single)]11. Mark Bowen (Live Munich 9th November 1992) (Taken from the b-side of 'I'm Easy' CD single) 12. We Care A Lot (Live Munich 9th November 1992) (Taken from the b-side of 'I'm Easy' CD single) 13. Midlife Crisis (Live Dekalb, Ill. 20th September 1992) (Taken from the b-side of 'Everything's Ruined' CD single) 14. Land Of Sunshine (Live Dekalb, Ill. 20th September 1992) (Taken from the b-side of 'Everything's Ruined' CD single) 15. Edge of The World (Live St. Louis 18th September 1992) (Taken from the b-side of 'Everything's Ruined' CD single) 16. R.V. (Live Dekalb, Ill. 20th September 1992) (Taken from the b-side of 'Everything's Ruined' CD single) 17. The World Is Yours (Outtake from Angel Dust sessions) (Taken from the album "Who Cares A Lot? The Greatest Hits)
Vinyl Format
LP One (as per 1989 LP)
Side One1. From Out Of Nowhere 3:19  2. Epic 4:51  3. Falling To Pieces 5:12  4. Surprise! You're Dead! 2:26  5. Zombie Eaters 5:57  
Side Two1. The Real Thing 8:10  2. Underwater Love 3:50  3. The Morning After 3:40  4. Woodpecker From Mars 5:38
LP Two
Side Three Studio Non-LP tracks 1. War Pigs (studio)2. Edge of the World3. Sweet Emotion 4:524. Falling To Pieces (Matt Wallace Remix) 4:31
Side Four Live Bonus Tracks 1. War Pigs (Live in Berlin 1989) 7:592. Surprise! You're Dead! (Live in Sheffield 1990) 2:52        3. Chinese Arithmetic (Live in Sheffield 1990) 4:164. Underwater Love (Live at Brixton 1990) 3:335. As The Worm Turns (Live at Brixton 1990)

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Bands Live 2xLP/DVD from Slim Cessna's Auto Club

Posted April 23, 2015, 9:33 a.m. in Bands by Loren

Slim Cessna's Auto Club has announced a double LP/DVD of live material called An Introduction for Young and Old Europe. Recorded in 2012 ...

1 This Is How We Do Things In The Country
2 Cold Cold Eyes
3 Mark Of Vaccination
4 Jesus Christ
5 Children of the Lord
6 Pine Box
7 32 Mouths Gone Dry
8 That Fierce Cow is Common-Sense in a Country Dress
9 Three Bloodhounds, Two Shepherds, One Fila Brasileiro
10 Cranston
11 A Smashing Indictment Of Character
12 Halleljah Anyway
13 Jesus is in My Body - My Body Has Let Me Down
14 Magalina Hagalina Boom Boom
15 He, Roger Williams
*Live DVD:*
1. Introduction by Erica Brown
2. Magalina Hagalina Boom Boom
3. 32 Mouths Gone Dry
4. Red Pirate of The Prairie
5. That Fierce Cow is Common-Sense in a Country Dress
6. Jesus is in My Body - My Body Has Let Me Down
7. Cranston
8. This is How We Do Things In The Country
9. My Last Black Scarf
10. Do You Know Thee Enemy
11. Hold My Head
12. He, Roger Williams
13. Everyone Is Guilty #2
14. Americadio
15. Jesus Christ
16. Last Song About Satan
17. Providence, The New Jerusalem
*Slim Cessna Auto Club North American Tour Dates:*
5/13/2015, Spearfish, SD, The Legendary Back Porch
5/14/2015, Fargo, ND, Aquarium
5/15/2015, Minneapolis, MN, Indeed Brewing Company
5/16/2015, Chicago, IL, The Abbey
5/18/2015, Grand Rapids, MI, The Pyramid Scheme
5/19/2015, Cleveland, OH, Beachland Tavern
5/20/2015, Hamilton, ON, Casbah
5/21/2015, Toronto, ON, Horseshoe Tavern
5/22/2015, Ottawa, ON, Ritual
5/23/2015, Montreal, QC, Divan Orange
5/24/2015, Québec, QC, L’Agitée - Bar-coop
5/25/2015, Winooski, VT, The Monkey House
5/26/2015, Allston, MA, Great Scott
5/27/2015, Providence, RI, Columbus Theater
5/28/2015, New York, NY, Mercury Lounge
5/29/2015, Brooklyn, NY, Rough Trade
5/30/2015, Baltimore, MD, Metro Gallery
5/31/2015, Washington, DC, Hill Country Live DC
6/2/2015, Pittsburgh, PA, Club Cafe
6/3/2015, Cincinnati, OH, Woodward Theater
6/4/2015, St Louis, MO, Firebird
6/5/2015, Kansas City, MO, Riot Room
6/6/2015, Omaha, NE, Slowdown
7/17/2015, Boise, ID, Neurolux
7/18/2015, Sherdian, OR, Wildwood Music Festival
7/19/2015, Ashland, OR, Club 66
7/20/2015, San Francisco, CA, The Chapel
7/23/2015, Salt Lake City, UT, Urban Lounge
7/30/2015, Seattle, WA, The Barboza at Neumo's
7/31/2015, Portland, OR, Mississippi Studios
8/1/2015, Olympia, WA, Music on the Mounds Festival
8/2/2015, Astoria, OR, Fort George Brewery/ Public House
9/2/2015, Nashville, TN, Exit/In- Muddy Roots opening Party w /Legendary Shack Shakers
9/4/2015, Cookeville, TN, Muddy Roots Festival- DBUK
9/5/2015, Cookeville, TN, Muddy Roots Festival- SCAC

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MP3s Dot Dash leaks song from upcoming album

Posted April 22, 2015, 1:58 p.m. in MP3s by Loren

DC's Dot Dash have premiered "The Winter of Discontent" from their upcoming Earthquakes & Tidal Waves album. The song is the first track on the ...

Records New LP from France Camp

Posted April 22, 2015, 11:21 a.m. in Records by Loren

New LP from France Camp

France Camp - Purge

Minneapolis pysch-pop group France Camp are set to release their debut, Purge, on May 19. The LP will be released via Forged Artifacts. The band ...

Tours Broadcaster and Astpai in Europe

Posted April 22, 2015, 10:54 a.m. in Tours by Loren

Broadcaster and Astpai in Europe

Astpai - Burden Calls

Next month Broadcaster and Astpai will tour Europe together, joined along the way by Timeshares, who have a nwe album on SideOneDummy. Dates are below.

Tue, May 05 – FR – Paris @ Le Glazart w/ Frenzal Rhomb, Off With Their HeadsWed, May 06 – BE – Leuven @ Rock CaféThu, May 07 – FR – Le Havre @ Mac DaidsFri, May 08 – FR – Montaigu @ Les Rhinos Feroces Sat, May 09 – CH – Zürich @ Obenuse Fest w/ Title FightSun, May 10 – FR – Bourg En Bresse @ La TannerieMon, May 11 – FR – Angouleme @ Le MarsTue, May 12 – FR – Bordeaux @ L’HereticWed, May 13 – FR – Le Mans @ La SourceThu, May 14 – CH – Tavannes @ La Combe 5Fri, May 15 – IT - tbaSat, May 16 – IT – Codogno @ Terminal 1Sun, May 17 – IT – Bologna @ Freakout ClubMon, May 18 – AT – Wien @ Das Bach*Tue, May 19 – AT – Graz @ Sub*Wed, May 20 – AT – Timelkam @ Gei*
* with Astpai and Timeshares

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