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1QI: The Stooges, The Copyrights, Dovetail, Direct Hit!

1QI: The Stooges, The Copyrights, Dovetail, Direct Hit!

Our newest feature here at Scene Point Blank is our semi-daily quickie Q&A: One Question Interviews. Follow us at facebook or twitter and we'll post one interview every Monday-Thursday. Well, sometimes we miss a day, but it will be four each week regardless.

After our social media followers get the first word, we'll later post a wrap-up here at the site and archive 'em here. This week check out Q&As with The Stooges, The Copyrights, Dovetail and Direct Hit!.

Mike Watt (bass, The Stooges, minutemen, solo, more)
SPB: How have the Stooges shows gone? Is it difficult to step into a group where the other members have an existing relationship and you’re the new guy?
Mike: I have served 125 months with The Stooges. Of course I owe them my best notes and total focus when helping them - we wouldn't have a punk scene without them! I feel incredible debt. It's helped me become much better bassman.
As for the second question, those cats hadn't talked much in over twenty years before that "skull-ring" stuff they did together but, yes, I am from a different generation but music is a fabric that can bridge gaps like that, I believe. Remember, too, I help them out and ain't really a Stooge. I'm a minuteman. I'm talking about d. boon's bass player.
The Stooges gigs are incredible mindblows for me, I love them. Incredible responsibility for me to be there for them also. I give them all I got and feel I very much have to. I love Stooges.
Luke McNeill (the Copyrights, attorney)
SPB: Did you choose your band name partially because of your interest in law?
Luke: No. It was actually a name we almost called me and Adam's old band, Moloko Plus. That name was a popular one for obvious reasons, and a dumb jazz band from Philadelphia sent us a cease and desist from using it, so we thought of Copyrights as an ironic name to change it to. We didn't pick that, but we picked that name soon after for our more "Ramones-based" punk band. It was almost required at the time to have a "The _____s" band name.
SPB: Who is your favorite 1960s band or artist?
Philip: The Beatles reign supreme in my ‘60s catalog. For records like Rubber Soul, The Beatles, and for obvious reasons. I feel they were the best band, though I'd probably say Gram Parsons is equally my favorite artist from the ‘60s.
Andrew: The Beatles. Their belief and conviction in their music was strong enough to change generations with their music. Outside of the music influence, I feel this is one of the biggest influences in Dovetail. Every member truly believes in what we are doing, which is to create honest music.
Aaron: My favorite record of all time came out in 1959. Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. This record taught me the power of creating and using space in music and showed me that even the casual listener could enjoy being challenged. Though not stylistically similar, I write my parts in Dovetail based on what this record taught me.
Nick Woods (Direct Hit!, Galactic Cannibal)
SPB: What is the best Milwaukee-made beer?
Nick: My favorite Milwaukee-made beer is Fuel Coffee Stout, more for the memory of getting hammered on it at a bar that I won't name on Center Street that used to let underagers play tunes in exchange for liquor. It's this super-bitter, almost chocolatey-tasting stuff that's about the same consistency as kerosene. My old band and I used to steal it out of that unnamed bar's cooler in the basement, and then act stupid for the rest of the night ‘cause we were only 18 or 19 and thought being able to drink in the bar by ourselves made us kings of Shit Mountain. I mainly drink it now ‘cause it tastes really good.

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SPB exclusive stream: Counterfeit i

SPB exclusive stream: Counterfeit i

Counterfeit i - Still vol II

Scene Point Blank is excited to host a new stream, the new EP Still Vol. II from Chicago’s Counterfeit i.

The three piece group eschews label associations, playing a mixture of loud soundscapes and melodies layered over distant drums. Vol. I was released in 2013 and Vol. II will officially be available on April 8.


Grab a copy here.

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Records New from Test of Time

Posted April 13, 2014, 9:36 p.m.

New from Test of Time

Test of Time will be releasing a new album on July 22 via Bridge Nine Records. The LP, their first full-lenth, is to be titled By Design.

All Downhill From Here

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Records Goddamnit debut on Tuesday

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Goddamnit debut on Tuesday

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Tours Ringworm Australian tour

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Cleveland's Ringworm will tour Australia this May including a deadlining date at Break the Ice Fetival in Melbourne. The band, formed in 1991, will ...

Tuesday 6th May - Crowbar, Brisbane 18+ Wednesday 7th May - The Small
Ballroom, Newcastle 18+ Thursday 8th May - Hermanns Bar, Sydney 18+ Friday9th May - Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne 18+ Saturday 10th May - Break The IceFestival 2014, Lilydale Showgrounds AA Tickets on Sale Wednesday 19th March2014. *

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Labels Dark Buddha Rising joins Neurot

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Finland's Dark Buddha Rising have joined Neurot Recordings. The band has release four prior albums and has a European tour planned for April that ...

DARK BUDDHA RISING - The Archmandal Tour 2014
w/ Mr. Peter Hayden:4/19/2014 Guss39 - Bülach, CH4/20/2014 Doomed Gatherings @ Glazart - Paris, FR4/21/2014 Little Devil - Tilburg, NL4/22/2014 Hühnermanhattan - Halle, DE4/23/2014 Crass Pub - Chemnitz, DE4/24/2014 TBA - Magdeburg, DE4/25/2014 Stengade - Copenhagen, DK4/26/2014 Püssy a Go Go, The Liffey - Stockholm, SE7/5/2014 Roskilde Festival - Roskilde, DK

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Records Monsters! (Six of a Kind) six-band comp coming out next week

Posted April 12, 2014, 12:16 p.m. in Records by Loren

On April 15 Kaotoxin Records will release a 6-band grind compilations titled Monsters! (Six of a Kind) featuring Total Fucking Destruction, Department of Correction, C ...

1. Monsters
2. Is your love a rainbow?
3. Blinded (Nasum cover)
4. Intergalactic twitch
5. Brownian motion
6. Stretching Uranus
7. Reaching Hubble on a unicorn
8. Rendez-vous on the constellation of Adrienne
9. Take a walk on the grind star
10. Back on the earth
11. (intro)
12. We mean fucking war
13. Insomnias
14. Grind of war
15. Por los siglos de los siglos
16. Precious murder
17. Puking massacre
18. Martyr
19. Nothing more
20. The croft
21. Save the planet, kill yourself ('14)
22. Human cancer
23. Lies, incorporated
Tracks 1-3 by Total Fucking Destruction
Tracks 4-10 by Department of Correction
Tracks 11-14 by C.O.A.G
Tracks 15-19 by Miserable Failure
Tracks 20-21 by Unsu
Tracks 22-23 by Infected Society

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7 Seconds set for May 27 release date

On May 27, 7 Seconds will release Leave a Light. In addition to the new record, their first since Take It Back, Take It On ...

TRACKLIST01. Exceptional02. Upgrade Everything03. Slogan On A Shirt04. I Have Faith In You05. Leave A Light On06. 30 years (And Still Going Wrong)07. Empty Spots08. Your Hate Mentality09. My Aim Is You10. Rage Quit11. Standing By Yourself12. Heads Are Bound To Roll13. Someday, Some Way14. Simple Or Absolute
MAY 17 Pouzza Fest – Montreal, QCMAY 18 Black N’ Blue Bowl – Brooklyn, NYMAY 24 Neumos – Seattle, WAJUN 13 Cesar Chavez Park – Sacramento, CAJUN 14 The Roxy – West Hollywood, CAJUN 28 Oakland Metro Operahouse – Oakland, CA

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Bands La Armada announce Crisis EP, premiere song

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La Armada announce Crisis EP, premiere song

Chicago's La Armanda will be releasing a new EP on May 13 on Profane Existence/Fat Sandwich Records. The EP, Crisis, was mixed by ...

SPRING TOURMAY 09 - Ft Wayne, IN @ Brass RailMAY 10 - Detroit, MI @ YonkaMAY 11 - Cleveland @ The FoundryMAY 12 - Philadelphia, PA @ J.R.'s BarMAY 13 - Hartford, CT @ Whitney HouseMAY 14 - New london, CT @ The OrphanageMAY 15 - Providence,RI @ Machines w/ MagnetsMAY 16 - New York, NY @ The AcheronMAY 17 - Baltimore, MA @ Side BarMAY 18 - Richmond, VA @ CedarMAY 19 - Huntington, WV @ Elimination ChamberMAY 20 - Nashville, TN @ World Trade CenterMAY 21 - Louisville, KY @ Mag BarMAY 22 - Columbus @ House ShowMAY 24 - Indianapolis, IN @ The Melody Inn

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