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1QI: Cheap Time, Hollow Earth, Circle, Gazer

1QI: Cheap Time, Hollow Earth, Circle, Gazer

One of our newest features here at Scene Point Blank is our semi-daily quickie Q&A: One Question Interviews. Follow us at facebook or twitter and we'll post one interview every Monday-Thursday. Well, sometimes we miss a day, but it will be four each week regardless.

After our social media followers get the first word, we'll later post a wrap-up here at the site and archive 'em here. This week check out Q&As with Circle/Space Raft, Hollow Earth, Cheap Time, and Gazer. 

Srini Radhakrishna (Circle, Space Raft)
SPB: Do you wear earplugs when you play? (Why/why not?)
Radhakrishna: Despite having custom earplugs made over a year ago, I've only used them once. They actually haven't even moved from where I put them the day I got them. I forget that I own them and never think to bring them to practice. I suppose one of these days I will remember, and find out if they were worth the $150 I spent on them.
Steve (Hollow Earth, vocals)
SPB: What do you think of bands playing albums in their entirety as a tour concept?
Steve: I personally think it's great! In 2008 one of my all-time favorite bands, Local H, played 7 nights in a row in their hometown of Chicago to commemorate the release of their then new album. In chronological order they played all five of their studio albums in their entirety, left night 6 for b-sides and rarities, and on the 7th night played the new album front to back on the eve of its release. As a fan, I couldn't have asked for more! That'll easily go down as one of the most memorable experiences for me. And for bands that tour consistently, why not? I see no harm in giving people more motivation to come out and see a band they've already seen before. Of course you do run the risk of alienating people who may not be particularly fond of said album, but I truly think at the end of the day true music fans will largely be appreciative. As a guy who has repeatedly gotten into bands long after I wish I had, or even bands that may have been a bit before my time... I love the idea of being afforded the opportunity to hear some of those deep cuts I thought I'd never hear! I've never really been a fan of songs that only get recorded and never see the stage. Doing full album tours forces bands to dust off those potentially neglected gems. When Hollow Earth formed, we often played our entire EP from front to back, but that's because we didn't have any other songs! Haha, does that count?!
Jeffrey Novak (Cheap Time, solo)
SPB: What inspired you to start performing solo?
Novak: I have never had much patience with waiting. I got tired of waiting to meet the right people to start a band with, so I got heavy into home recording instead. But it wasn't until I saw the Cheater Slicks play that I finally knew I had to perform. Staying at home writing and overdubbing all the time just wasn't enough anymore. Seeing them open for the Oblivians opened up a vision to me that it was all possible and extremely necessary. I had seen a few bands play before them, but I had never seen anything as un-posturing and honest and the Cheater Slicks. They made it real, and they set a certain standard that I and all their other loyal fans still thrive for. The day after I saw them I taught myself how to play the drums and guitar at the same time. Five months later I played my solo debut in Memphis opening for Monsieur Jeffrey Evans. As far as I have ever been concerned, that was it.
Been on a major writing spree lately. We're not touring this summer, so I'm staying home to help the Paperhead get the finishing touches on their album. Plus I'm planning on finishing 4 albums worth of material by the end of the year, 2 of which are almost in the can.
Erik Ziedses des Plantes (Gazer, bass/vocals)
SPB: How do you find new music?
Zedses des Plantes: My current music discovery system has two tiers that I think does a good job of covering stuff happening more "above ground" and things happening on a more DIY level.
Tier 1: I have a regular rotation of websites that I've visited daily for years at this point, and that covers most of the stuff that comes out on the larger indie/punk labels and whatnot. I try and read as many music-related books as I can, about everything from hip-hop and electronic music, to vocoders, jazz, and a healthy batch of punk/hardcore related materials. Finally, I've tried to buy at least one music magazine per month this year.
Tier 2: As much as I hate about 95% of what people use it for and the self-obsessed, assigning-relevance-to-the-utterly-mundane culture it encourages, social media is pretty integral to how I discover music these days, due to the fact that I have a job that is fairly restrictive in how often it allows me time to go out to shows. I've often found out about new stuff by simply seeing what my friends are seeing and finding worthy to post about, or shows that they're booking around Ohio. I also consider myself very lucky to have made friends with several open-minded obsessives, record store owners, and downright curious types in the world of punk and hardcore, who are constantly exposing me to bands and music (both old and new) that I usually would have no idea to look for.

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SPB exclusive stream: The Howling Wind

SPB exclusive stream: The Howling Wind

The Howling Wind - Vortex

SPB is excited to host Vortex, the fourth album from The Howling Wind.

The band is a two piece of Ryan Lipynsky (Unearthly Trance/Serpentine Path) and Tim Call (Aldebaran), playing black metal with touches of stoner rock, death metal, doom, and other forms rock.

The record released on July 1 and can be ordered on limited edition digipak from Init Records.


TRACK LISTING:01. Tides02. Force Of The Maelstrom03. Alignment Of Celestial Bodies04. At The End Of The Earth05. Force Of Nature06. Dissonance In The Atmosphere07. Waves Come Crashing Down08. Disturbances09. Reapers Of Satan

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Radio K
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Labels Tiny Engines to release Places to Hide 7-inch

Posted July 23, 2014, 8:09 p.m.

Tiny Engines to release Places to Hide 7-inch

Atlanta's Places To Hide will release a new 7" this fall titled Wild N Soft for Tiny Engines. The band last released Almost Nothing in 2013 and are planning a new full-length in the ...

MP3s Test of Time streaming

Posted July 23, 2014, 7:52 p.m.

Test of Time streaming

By Design, the new LP from Test of Time is streaming online at The B9. The hardcore band is currently on tour in Europe.

Labels Ipecac signs Le Butcherettes

Posted July 23, 2014, 6:54 p.m.

Ipecac signs Le Butcherettes

Le Butcherettes have joined with Ipecac Recordings and will release a new album, Cry Is for the Flies, on Sept. 16 on the label. It is the second full-length from the band.

Radio K

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Bands New song, mini-tour planned for Dama/Libra

Posted July 23, 2014, 5:22 p.m. in Bands by Loren

New song, mini-tour planned for Dama/Libra

Paul Dahlquist

Dama/Libra, a two song band featuring Joel R. L. Phelps (ex-Silkworm) and G. Stuart Dahlquist (Asva), has debuted "The Chant" from their soon to ...

Dama/Libra Tour 2014
August 17—Quarters—Milwaukee, Wisconsin
August ?18—The Hideout—Chicago, Illinois
August 20—Middle East—Boston, Massachusetts
August 21—St. Vitus—Brooklyn, New York
August 22—The Brillobox—Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?
August 23—Kung Fu Necktie—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?
August 25—Double Happiness—Columbus, Ohio
August 26—Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center—St. Louis, Missouri

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Records Tiny Moving Parts new record set for Sept. 9

Posted July 20, 2014, 1:11 p.m. in Records by Loren

Tiny Moving Parts new record set for Sept. 9

Ally Newbold

Pleasant Living, the second full-length from Tiny Moving Parts, is set for a Sept. 9 release on Triple Crown Records. Recorded by J. Robbins, the ...

*Track listing:*
01) Sundress
02) Always Focused
03) Fourth of July
04) I Hope Things Go the Way I Hope
05) Whiskey Waters
06) Movies
07) The Better Days
08) Boxcar
09) Spring Fever
10) Entrances & Exits
11) Skinny Veins
12) Van Beers
*Tour Dates:*
09/14/14 - Chicago, IL @ Riot Fest
09/19/14 - Denver, CO @ Riot Fest
10/29/14 - Tampa, FL @ Pre-Fest
10/31/14 - Gainesville, FL @ The Fest 13

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Records Solo Philip Selway in September

Posted July 20, 2014, 10:24 a.m. in Records by Loren

Philip Selway (Radiohead, drums) will release his second solo LP on Oct. 7 on Bella Union. The record, Weatherhouse, comes four years after hsi first ...

Philip Selway Weatherhouse track listing:
1. Coming Up For Air
2. Around Again
3. Let It Go
4. Miles Away5. Ghosts
6. It Will End In Tears
7. Don't Go Now
8. Drawn To The Light9. Waiting For A Sign
10. Turning It Inside Out

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Labels The Color and the Sound join Black Numbers

Posted July 20, 2014, 10:22 a.m. in Labels by Loren

The Color and the Sound join Black Numbers

Boston's The Color and the Sound have joined with Black Numbers. First, the label will release their The Spring Tour EP on vinyl on ...

Labels Teenage Bottlerocket sign with Rise

Posted July 19, 2014, 8:49 p.m. in Labels by Loren

Teenage Bottlerocket sign with Rise

Teenage Bottlerock, currently on the Warped Tour, have signed to Rise Records where the band will release their next album. The record, still to be ...

Labels Violent Soho join Sideonedummy

Posted July 19, 2014, 3 p.m. in Labels by Loren

Violent Soho join Sideonedummy

Sideonedummy has signed Australia's Violent Soho for US release. The band will release Hungry Ghost on Sept. 30 on their new label.

Records The Moms to release Buy American

Posted July 19, 2014, 2:27 p.m. in Records by Loren

The Moms to release Buy American

This Sept., New Jersey punk band The Moms will release their debut full-length on Paper + Plastick Records. Buy American is 10 song long. The band ...

*The Moms Live!*
Jul 20 The Demo St Louis, MO
Jul 21 Swayzes Marietta, GA
Jul 22 The Soul Bar Augusta, GA
Jul 23 The Bomb Shelter Savannah, GA
Jul 24 Rockin Hard Saloon Murrells Inlet, SC
Jul 29 Kung Fu Necktie Philadelphia, PA
Buy American:
1. Dull
2. Blow Me
*3. Bedtime (Video)*
4. Business Is Booming
5. Miss America
6. Whiskey Showers
7. Wasn't Bothered
8. Dwyer's in the Navy Now
9. Back Pocket
10. VII

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