Blog Colourblast Party @ Bungalow 8

Colourblast Party @ Bungalow 8

Posted June 9, 2017, 8:24 a.m. by T

Radio K 2

Colourblast Party

Bungalow 8

Sydney, AU

June 8, 2017

Colourblast is a multi-room visual extravaganza of interactive and exciting performances and entertainment—the essence of Vivid in a nightclub environment.


Upon entering the main room of the harbour-side, tiki inspired Bungalow 8, an Ultraglow UV Paint Party awaited. With 200 litres of water-based, non-toxic ultraviolet paint propelled into the crowd by stilt walkers and ‘paint angels’ and the whole scene lit by UV, this party put on a glow.

On the mezzanine level, Silent Disco Room was found: After putting on battery-powered headphones as you enter, and experience two to three DJs battling it out at a time to capture the crowd’s attention. Each DJ was represented by his / her respective LED colours on the headphones. The Silent Disco featured DJ Fikton, Leukas, Romy Black, Blazer, Pace, Felixx, Bilman and Rash Bandicoot.

On the rooftop terrace of Bungalow 8, Laser Rave featured music that was a little more fast-paced with a line up comprised of the party starters Social Hooliganz, Tenzin holding court with boasting a ferocious blend of house, electro and self-commanding party-dub, Ember, Beth Yen, DJ Sol and DJ KOSTA, in an environment created by state-of-the-art laser and strobe cannons, and enhanced by atmospheric machine smoke.

A fun, well orchestrated night and thought through extension and seamless transition of Sydney’s VIVID Festival of light and installations in a club context.

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