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Interviews: Video Interview: The Red Light Sting

SPB: What's everybody's name and what do you do?

Greg: I'm Greg Adams. I sing.

Zoe: Zoe and I play keyboards.

Andy: Andy and I play guitar.

Paul: Paul, drums.

Jeff: I'm Jeff. I play bass.

SPB: When you say "We're The Red Light Sting", who exactly are you talking about?

*silence then laughter*

Greg: What?

SPB: Is it just you guys, or is it more a collective group of people?

Zoe: No, it's just us.

Greg: We're The Red Light Sting. You're not The Red Light Sting! *points to Zed*

Andy: No one else'

Greg: You're not The Red Light Sting either! *points to video camera*

Paul: We are!

SPB: When is your new full length coming out?

Andy: We're recording it right when we get back from this tour. We're recording like August and September or something. I don't know. I'm not going to set a date. But maybe'

Zoe: Probably like the winter.

Paul: Hopefully this year

Zoe: Maybe December.

Greg and Andy: Maybe earlier next year.

SPB: Do you have a name for it yet?

Zoe: No.

Andy: Not yet.

Zoe: Well we probably have like twelve names for it.

Andy: We'll consult our list.

SPB: How is it going to sound compared to previous records?

Zoe: We don't really know.

Andy: Longer.

Greg: Drastically different.

SPB: In any way?

Zoe: We played some of the new songs tonight.

Paul: Euro disco pop.

Zoe: I don't think they were, uh'

Jeff: They're not that different.

Andy: Actually, we rehashed the same song over and over again.

Greg: That song is also "Stairway to Heaven"

SPB: Nice, I've heard about that song.

Andy: Ten versions of stairway to heaven.

SPB: Will the song titles be more provocative?

Andy: Some will, some are less, I think we decided.

Zoe: Our labels told us we had to quit the wacky bit.

Andy: Our label is mad at us.

Zoe: So we kinda have to mellow everything out a bit.

SPB: The sister's being sluts and tampons is too much?

Zoe: Too much.

Andy: Well we have a couple of good ones though, lined up. We won't ruin the surprise, but'

Greg: But if they're too racy my mom's gonna keep thinking that they're about my family. She was really angry. She was like "Your sister is not a slut Greg."

Zoe: My mom likes "I Wouldn't Touch You With A Tampon." She thinks that's a good one.

SPB: How are your families reacting?

Andy: My family stopped paying attention a while ago.


Andy: My mom's going to be so sad when she reads that.


SPB: How has the change in bass players affected your song writing process/style?

Zoe: It's put it on hold sometimes.

Andy: The actual song writing, hmmm, that's a good question'

Greg: I don't think it's entirely true, Jeff is a different kind of bass player than the other two, so he definitely adds his own flavor to it.

Andy: Yeah, they all have their own flavor.

Zoe: Ketchup, mustard'

Jeff: And vanilla *triumphant fist rises upwards* Or banana bread.

SPB: How has the decriminalization of marijuana affected your song writing process?


Zoe: That's a good question.

SPB: It's legal in Canada now?

Zoe: Not quite.

Greg: Not really.

Jeff: You can carry it, and you'll get a fine if you get caught with carrying it, but you don't get a criminal record. I imagine.

SPB: Has this affected you at all?

Zoe: Not me personally.

Andy: Except for the fact that the Amsterdam Caf' is right next door to our practice space.

Greg: Is that in reference to what we said we last night?

SPB: Oh, no?

Zoe: What did we say?

Andy: Oh yeah, the legalize it thing.

Greg: "This one's about legalizing it." I was actually talking about dog racing.


SPB: Is that legal in Canada yet?

Greg: Not yet.

Andy: Not yet god damn it! Soon.

SPB: Will all the money from your next record be going towards that?

Andy: Towards dog racing?

Zoe: It could be.

Greg: Dog racing and pot?

Andy: That could be our next album name.

Andy and Greg: Dog racing and pot.

Greg: Dog racing in pots.

Andy: Dogs racing in pots.

Zoe: Let him ask the next question.

SPB: You guys can keep on going, its fun.

Zoe: You're going to transcribe all that?

SPB: Yeah, I have a lot of time.

Paul: Dog, racing, and pot.

Andy: Dog, racing and pots, oh my.

SPB: You guys seem to tour California more than any other state in the US, what about California is so attractive to you?

Zoe: Sexy, sexy bodies.

Greg: California girls.

Andy: First of all our record label is from California, LA, it helps that we can go to Mikey's house and eat all his food.

Zoe: You never eat his food.

Greg: I don't think he's ever had food in his house.

Zoe: It's cause we live on the west coast, so it just makes sense. It's easier than driving across the country.

Paul: It's nice here.

Zoe: It's good weather.

Andy: We like it. We like it a lot.

Zoe: We get a good response from the crowd.

Andy: You don't have to drive too far to get to the next place.

Zoe: You can play a lot of cities.

Andy: You can tour for a couple of weeks in California.

Greg: Not like that shitty ass Oregon.

Andy: Let's play Portland and Eugene, then what? Then what!

SPB: What's been the highlight of the tour so far?

Greg: Dogs and bears.

Zoe: I'd disagree.

Paul: "I lick balls."

Andy: Oh yeah, the "I lick balls."

Zoe: The dogs and bears wasn't my highlight.

Greg: We just had a lot of fun.

Zoe: Yeah, we had a lot of fun with The Cinema Eye. It's only been'this is our fourth show. We spent a lot of time driving.

Andy: The spent first two days in the van.

Zoe: Playing Gilman was a lot of fun last night. That was probably my highlight.

Andy: But seriously, there was this car load of teenage girls that drove by.

Jeff: But seriously.

Zoe: But seriously.

Andy: This is very serious. I was driving'no I was in shotgun.

Zoe: I was driving.

Andy: There was this girl, there were four'How old were they?

Zoe: Sixteen.

Andy: This girl puts, she's in the backseat, she puts up this piece of paper that says, "I lick balls." At first she kinda'

Zoe: She hesitated.

Andy: Then she saw Zoe was driving, then put it down. Then thought about it again. Then she put it up. And we're like "Oh you lick balls, that's rad."

Zoe: That's exactly what he said.

Andy: Then I took our atlas, and I write with a big pen, "Prove it." Then we drove by them and I put it up. Then they drove by us and put up a sign that said "I lick meatballs." We couldn't catch up to them again.

Paul: Then the girl that was driving, she had a ponytail, she started swinging her head around, her ponytail is whipping around like a helicopter. Meanwhile she's swerving all over the highway.

Andy: We almost saw all of them die.

SPB: Is sixteen legal in Canada?

Greg: Different provinces have different things with that.

Zoe: Next question.

SPB: What's been a lowlight?

Zoe: Driving the first day.

Greg: Dogs and bears.

Zoe: We almost didn't make it across the border.

Andy: Oh, that sucked.

SPB: What was the red light?

Zoe: Huh?

SPB: The highlight, the lowlight, the red light. Actually that's pretty bad, sorry.

Zoe: It's ok.

Greg: It's a good one, but I don't know how to answer it.

Zoe: I think the red light would have been the traffic from Portland. From Seattle and Portland.

Paul: Stop. Stop. Stop.

Andy: I see the red light more as a sexy light.

Zoe: Then the red light was at Rachel's house last night.

SPB: What happened?

Jeff: Lots of flashing.

SPB: Photography flashing or breasts?

Zoe: Somebody tried to do Greg. There was flashing. There was wine.

Andy: I woke up mid penetration.

Zoe: He doesn't remember what happened.

Andy: We went through a lubricated journey through time.

Zoe: That all happened at Rachel's house.

SPB: Have you had any major border problems?

Zoe: We almost didn't make it this time.

Jeff: They actually told us we couldn't pass this time. Then moustache hat started stroking his moustache.

Zoe: Then I gave him a little'

Andy: Wink wink.

Greg: I flashed him my ankles.

Andy: Then he was like this'*Covers face in hands. Sighs. Hands slide down face.* "I'm gonna let you go." It was scary.

Jeff: The sucker took our word for it that we weren't going to play any shows. We told him we were going to play a free show for a radio.

Andy: But apparently we thought we could get away with it if we said we weren't going to get paid, it would be ok. But apparently, even if you aren't getting paid, the venue is making money from drinks. So you still need a work permit if you are playing for free at a bar.

Zoe: Do you know how mad the border would be if they found out we made $29 tonight?

Andy: $29 of your country's money!

Zoe: Us Canadians stole $29 from your country.

Andy: We're going back to Canada and spending it on Canadian goods. You'll never see that money again.

Zoe: We're going to spend that $29 on maple syrup.

Andy: And polar bears. They're a buck each for us. Polar dogs.

Paul: You can buy 10 polar dogs.

SPB: Where do you get these polar dogs, at a general store?

Greg: Yeah, they just keep them in the freezer, next to the peas and carrots.

Jeff: Dehydrated.

Zoe: Dehydrated?

Andy: Just add water, and POOF!

Greg: Polar dogs, rawr.

SPB: How has The Cinema Eye been for touring buddies?

Zoe: Pretty shitty.

Andy: Pretty much dicks.

Greg: I don't think they've loaded our equipment at all.

Andy: Nope, they haven't given us any money. That's the problem.

SPB: Did you guys meet the Cinema Eye through your label [Sound Virus]?

Zoe: Yeah, we met them for the first time at the Sound Virus/Hand Held Heart showcase.

SPB: How was that?

Andy: Well, they didn't give us money.

Paul: Were were kind of like, 'What? what are you doing here?'

Jeff: And then Paul got really drunk and started to dance. So we realized they're good people.

Greg: Not this Paul, that Paul.

Jeff: I wish he was drunk right now and dancing.

Andy: It was loony, I've never seen anything like it. Remarkable, it was remarkable.

SPB: Do you guys have any plans for touring the east coast of the US?

Andy: We'll probably go everywhere once our new record comes out.

SPB: If you guys had to come up with an album name right now, what would it be?

Jeff: 'The Red Light Sting is blozer, is fucking great'' Two separate things.

Greg: I don't buy it

Zoe: "Lets menstruate"

Andy: 'The Red Light Sting' is' goin' bonkers'

SPB: And what would the seventh track on this album be?

Andy: Well, we have new songs already

Zoe: 'Knock Yourself Crazy' No'

Greg: 'Us Kinda Girls with Tassels On Their Dresses' That's number seven.

SPB: Your songs have many different parts to them, how do you create transitions and tie them all together?

Zoe: Paul gets out his chalkboard'

Andy: I say generally we kinda take the parts and put them go, 'Okay this song is going to have these parts and are going to go in this order' And then we play it and figure out how to go from one to another. That's more of the bigger part of the song writing; putting the transitions where we have them. Tailoring the song if you will'

SPB: Are there any good bands in the BC area that the kids here need to check out?

Greg: There's several thousand groups.

Andy: Radio Berlin

Paul: Three Inches Of Blood

Andy: A Luna Red

Greg: Lets not say our own bands

Andy: We're all in like 10 bands' I feel like I'm missing an important one, hold on' Oh' Nickleback.

Greg: Oh, I got one' Sarah McLachlan

SPB: And last, what are you goals as a band, in the near future, far future?

Andy: To take over the planet, I guess

Zoe: I think we just want to keep writing songs, keep playing.

Paul: Make sure those damn dirty apes don't take over.

Zoe: Go on tour. We don't look to far in the future. We're kinda like, right now, just doing this tour, going home, finish writing our record, record the record then tour for the record.

Greg: Enjoying ourselves

Andy: Yeah, not doing anything we don't want to do and not not doing anything we do wanna do.

SPB: Any last words?

Zoe: Thanks for doing the interview.

Paul: What? You going to kill us now?

SPB: Depends on what you say'

Andy: My last words: 'You better kill me before I kill you'

Zoe: Woah...

Paul: My last words are, 'Do I feel lucky, punk?'

Greg: That's too artsy-fartsy

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