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Here's a band from Southern California that I'm not familiar with, and for the style they play I find that odd. There hasn’t been any mention of them on messageboards or any bulletins on Myspace about them being "good dudes" who are "backed hard." It says on the one sheet that Every Second Counts tours but they have probably never been out of California so maybe they are OC's big secret. Who knows? I'm just confounded that there's a melodic hardcore band out there that I, yes me, have not been notified of. Melodic hardcore is my bread and butter, my modus operandi. If Jeopardy had a category about melodic hardcore I'd be so quick on the trigger Trebek's head would spin.

So I started to get worried, maybe I haven't heard of Every Second Count because maybe they suck. Maybe, (I know that this might come as big surprise for a lot of people in the music business) the one sheet was filled with fluffy nothingness comparing Every Seconds Count to bands they really don't sound like just move some units. Shocking, I know. Or, Every Second Counts isn't a band comprised of "good dudes" that are "backed hard;" maybe they snap puppies neck's on stages and drink the blood. Maybe they don't hold doors open for senior citizens. However, by lurking their Myspace they come off as legit people that are into hardcore for the right reasons and people seem to like them. How demonic could they be?

The only thing left to do is listen to the album. Musically, Every Second Counts sounds like Sinking Ships with their rapid galloping hardcore complete with sing-along parts and guitars that are ripe with melodic riffs that could possibly have you humming them on the way to the bank. Sometimes, I hear some Thrice-like guitar wankery and some screams in the background that could lead Every Second Counts to the Warped Tour. Thankfully they keep it more on the hardcore side of things as opposed to making me want to write them off as next mall-core act. Lyrically, Every Second Counts has your basic, "We are all fucked, but we are all in this together" vibe going on. They also touch on a few political issues. Believe it or not all the lyrics have explanations after them. It's been awhile since I've seen a band do that.

Every Second Counts also likes to use some trip hop type interludes between tracks that give you a moment to chill in the atmosphere before returned their tuneful hardcore attack. It's a nice touch that sets this band apart from the piles of intro/mosh part/big epic ending albums I hear throughout the year. Also Every Second Counts gets some big ups by telling everyone to listen to Faded Grey. Damn right! Everyone should listen to that band.

I am pleasantly surprised with Every Second Counts. Sure their sound is familiar to these ears but well appreciated because it’s done right. Each song on this album has its own personality with varying degrees of catchiness and enough different parts and pieces that make this eponymous debut a decent listen. Although, I'm not completely blown away here, I'm sure this CD will find its way back into my stereo from time to time. This was a fun listen and right up my alley. It's always good to hear more bands playing a style of music you truly enjoy. The more the merrier. Good listen, backed hard.

8.7 / 10Jason
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8.7 / 10

8.7 / 10

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