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Music: 2014: A Year In Review

It's time for our final retrospective look at 2014 – this time we're covering all the stuff we missed from last year, whether it's the ... read more

Music: Scene Point Blank's Favorites: Year End (2014)

It's been another strong year for music in 2014 just gone – we've seen comebacks, unexpected debuts, strong follow-ups and soon-to-be classics from old and ... read more

Music: Pass The Mic: Record Labels on 2014

Every year we pause in our relentless quest to document the best music coming out of the punk, hardcore and indie scene and ask those ... read more

Music: Pass The Mic: Artists on 2014

Since 2006 we've aimed to make our year-end roundups feature not just our thoughts on the best records of the past twelve months, but the ... read more

Interviews: To Write Love On Her Arms

Lagwagon were one the first bands that got me into punk rock. Their tracks were my favourite on the Fat Wreck Chords comps, and In ... read more

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We're giving away copies of All Downhill From Here

We're giving away copies of All Downhill From Here

The cover for 'All Downhill From Here'

Like what you see at Scene Point Blank? Last year we released our first collective book to commemorate some of our finest memories. It's also available in print-on-demand format, for those who love a good physical copy.

To celebrate one year on the market, we're giving away 3 e-copies. Winners will be selected at random on Feb. 1.

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Tours Faith No More in the USA

Posted Jan. 26, 2015, 12:51 p.m.

Faith No More in the USA

Margaret Banda

The reunited Faith No More has anounced a North American tour--their first dates on the continent since 2010.

The band has a new album coming in May, and a single titled Superhero will be available as a limited edition 7" on March 17 (digital release on March 31).

Additional dates for Japan, Australia, and Europe are listed below. Faith No More last released Album of the Year in 1997.

Music News Fat Mike's musical theatre: Home Street Home

Posted Jan. 26, 2015, 12:46 p.m.

Fat Mike's musical theatre: Home Street Home

Fat Mike of NOFX and Fat Wreck Chords has announced a concept album titled Home Street Home, which will precede a full-stage production of the album.

The musical is built around the tale of runaway teenagers finding acceptance in the counterculture. Other musicians involved include the rest of NOFX, Frank Turner, Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio), Tony Award winner Lena Hall (Hedwig and the Angry Inch), Stacey Dee (Bad Cop/Bad Cop), the late Tony Sly (No Use For A Name), and Karina Denike (Dancehall Crashers). Members of Descendents, Lagwagon, Old Man Markley, Mad Caddies, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, The Aggrolites, The Living End, The Real McKenzies, and RKL also play on many of the tracks.  

The record releases on Feb. 10 and live performances takes place at the Eugene O’Neill Theater workshop in San Francisco, starting on Feb. 20.

Shows The Gaslight Anthem to headline Skate and Surf Festival

Posted Jan. 26, 2015, 10:03 a.m.

The Gaslight Anthem to headline Skate and Surf Festival

Loren Green

On May 16-17, The Gaslight Anthem will headline this year's Skate and Surf Festival in Asbury Park, NJ, alongisde other acts such as a reuinted Poison the Well, mewithyou, From Autum to Ashes, Dropkick Murphys, Small Brown Bike, and many more.

A full line-up is included below.

Records Parquet Courts to release Live At Third Man Records album

Posted Jan. 26, 2015, 9:59 a.m.

Parquet Courts to release Live At Third Man Records album

Parquet Courts have annouced plans to release a live LP as part of Third Man Records' Live At Third Man series. Recorded in Third Man's Blue Room when the band played there last June, the 11 track album features a variety of songs from 2014's Sunbathing Animals and 2013's Tally All The Things That You Broke EP.

Slated for release on March 3, Parquet Courts: Live At Third Man Records will be available for preorder from February from the Third Man Records store. The tracklist is after the jump.

Labels Our Lady updates

Posted Jan. 26, 2015, 9:18 a.m.

Our Lady updates

Springfield, IL act Our Lady have announced signing with Mayfly Records, aiming for a summer full-length with the label.

The band is also touring this winter with Aviator (dates below).

Bands Barren Womb touring with Grizzlor

Posted Jan. 26, 2015, 8:55 a.m.

Barren Womb touring with Grizzlor

Coinciding with their new split 7", Barren Womb (Trondheim, NO) and Grizzlor (CT), will be touring the US East Coast together this spring.

The split 7" will be released by Riotous Outburst Records.

Labels Outlet joins Glory Kid

Posted Jan. 25, 2015, 9:55 a.m.

Outlet joins Glory Kid

Glory Kid Records has added Idaho Falls quintet Outlet to their roster and will release the band's Memento Mori album, a Latin title translating to "remember (that you have) to die."

The record will release this spring in both physical and digital format.

Shows Mair1 line-up

Posted Jan. 24, 2015, 12:35 p.m.

Mair1  line-up

Mair1 2015, a festival taking place June 26-27 in Flugplatz, GER, has announced the first set of names for the event, including Agnostic Front and Terror.

The festival focuses on hardcore, punk, and metal and will include over 25 bands from Germany, the US, Great Britain, and Australia. A full listing of bands announced thus far is included after the jump.

Bands 1QI: Ampere, Plow United, Recreant, United Teachers of Music

Posted Jan. 24, 2015, 9:39 a.m.

1QI: Ampere, Plow United, Recreant, United Teachers of Music

Welcome to our almost daily quickie Q&A feature: One Question Interviews. Follow us at facebook or twitter and we'll post one interview every Monday-Thursday. Okay, sometimes we miss a day, but it will be four each week.

After our social media followers get the first word, we post a wrap up here at the site and archive 'em here. This week check out Q&As with Ampere/Kindling, Plow United, Recreant, and United Teachers of Music.

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Radio K 2
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Honor Is All We Know

5.1 / 10 Rancid - Honor Is All We Know album cover

For years I was the biggest Rancid fan. The first record I didn’t buy on its release date was B-Sides & C-Sides, and that’s because I already had the songs. I was an unapologetic completest. As the post-2000 records have been coming, I became an apologetic completest. I bought the double album version of Let the Dominoes Fall and spun it a fair amount that first month…but rarely since.When October 2014 came with promise of the new Honor Is All ...

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Clockwork Orange County: The Rise of West Coast Punk Rock

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Negative Everything

 Pharaoh - Negative Everything album cover

Pharaoh’s debut full-length, Negative Everything, is an absolutely crushing release. The New Jersey three-piece play a blend of doom, sludge, hardcore, and crust that is generally slow, sometimes fast, never ...


Weeping Rat


Weeping Rat - Tar album cover

Tar has been an insane surprise for me. Even though the album was released back in December, I did not notice Weeping Rat until Handmade Birds announced that they were ...



...And Starpower

Foxygen - ...And Starpower album cover

Since the first time I heard the dewy-eyed lyric, “I caught you sipping milkshakes in the parlor of the hotel,” I’ve been somewhat smitten with the psychedelic princes behind Foxygen’s ...


Foo Fighters

Sonic Highways

Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways album cover

With their newest release, Sonic Highways, we aptly find Foo Fighters at an apparent crossroads and no longer content to write and record music in a traditional fashion. Sonic Highways ...


The Brokedowns

Life Is a Breeze

The Brokedowns - Life Is a Breeze album cover

The Brokedowns have come a long way. That’s not to say they were torchbearers of suckitude earlier, but early reviews of the band were festivals of namedropping and comparisons to ...


The Dead Milkmen

Pretty Music for Pretty People

The Dead Milkmen - Pretty Music for Pretty People album cover

The Dead Milkmen were always an idea band. A band who sparkled or fizzled depending on that idea, with some songs brilliant and others that made you dream they’d invent ...



Icarus EP

DRLNG - Icarus EP album cover
200 Words Or Less

The tight and bright 2014 Icarus EP marks the debut of the indie pop quartet that originally recorded as Plumerai under their new name of DRLNG. Despite the group’s billing ...


Hiss Tracts

Shortwave Nights

Hiss Tracts - Shortwave Nights album cover

It’s not so surprising that 2014’s Shortwave Nights, the debut album from Canadian duo Hiss Tracts, sounds similar not only to Godspeed You! Black Emperor music of the late ‘90s ...


Bad Kisser

Bate Kush

Bad Kisser - Bate Kush album cover

Bate Kush, the second short release from a side-project of drone and ambient musician Foie Gras known as Bad Kisser, presents the listener with a conundrum. The EP has eight ...

Radio K 2

Mayhem & Watain - Black Metal Warfare in Calgary

Posted by Jon E.
Jan. 26, 2015, 11:53 p.m.

While it may be a bit grandiose to title a tour "Black Metal Warfare" or really any kind of warfare after witnessing a show on the tour in question it ... read more

Nick Lowe with Los Straitjackets, Cactus Blossoms

Posted by Scott Wilkinson
Dec. 29, 2014, 7:55 a.m.

 It seems as though we are in a period of time where we read of a famous musician dying almost daily, this tour was supposed to have Ian McLagan in ... read more

Nick Cave @ State Theatre

Posted by Multiple
Dec. 15, 2014, 5:26 p.m.

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds State Theatre Sydney, AUS December 11, 2014   "All that has dark sounds has duende, that mysterious power that everyone feels but no philosopher ... read more

Run The Jewels & Ratking @ The Fine Line

Posted by Nathan G. O'Brien
Nov. 22, 2014, 11:31 a.m.

Run The Jewels, Ratking The Fine Line Music Café Minneapolis, MN November 20, 2014 Earlier this week I attended an artist’s talk/writer’s workshop-type thing here in Minneapolis. Kevin Bowe, who’s ... read more


Win a copy of our eBook!

Posted Jan. 6, 2015, 6:05 p.m.

Nearly one year we unveiled All Downhill From Here, a collection of some of Scene Point Blank's favorites along with intros. It's a look back at our history and an exploration about why Scene Point Blank is. Now, to celebrate the book's anniversary, we're giving away 3 e-copies. To enter, simply ... more information

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