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Jason Schwartzman is in a number of my favorite movies. He was the self righteous student lead in Rushmore, the soul searching environmental activist in I <3 Huckabees, and the likeable meth user in Spun. He also played drums for the now defunct Phantom Planet, best known for what is arguably the greatest theme song of all time: The OC’s “California.” To put it lightly, the man has indie cred. While I’ve tried to divorce myself from the singer to do a proper review of his album Davy, the task has proved impossible. Schwartzman, who plays nearly every instrument on the disc, has created a record that almost exactly embodies what you’d expect of him given the aforementioned track record. The second release under the Coconut Records moniker, Davy is pure indie rock fun, though not as solid as its predecessor Nighttiming. The single “Microphone” would fit well in some sort of quirky Wes Anderson montage, and solidifies that Schwartzman is able to hold his own on record as well as film…unlike a certain other movie star with beginnings in low budget films. Still, if you’re reading this Scarlet, call me.

6.7 / 10Graham
Punk Rock Bowling
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Young Baby


6.7 / 10

6.7 / 10

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