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Remain in Memory: The Last Show

Good Riddance has always been just another one of those "Fat" bands that started in the early 90's and put out album after album well into the next decade. I never was into Good Riddance past their first album God and Country and really haven't paid them any attention since Dave Wagenschutz stopped drumming for them. Anyway, Good Riddance decides to finally call it quits (hint hint: No Use for a Name) and as a parting gift to their fans they released a live album of their last show.

As far as punk live albums go, Remain in Memory: The Last Show is recorded very well. Everything is loud, clear, and crisp. Good Riddance goes through thirty-one songs from their seven full-lengths and various EPs. The crowd seems to be into it and you can almost see the crowd surfing. I'm sure May 27th, 2007 was a broasis of a night at whatever venue Remain in Memory: The Last Show took place at. Like many of early Fat Wreck Chords’ bands, Good Riddance was political but always seemed to attract the board shorts, goat-tee, and puca necklace crowd. Not really the band's fault as I can imagine that Santa Cruz has their status quo filled of bleach blonde dudes with a long board in one hand and beer in the another.

Anyhow, thirty-one songs are a bit much to plow through, especially when you aren't a fan of the band. And at a smidge over seventy-eight minutes, it is way too long for any band to play, unless your name is Slayer or maybe Kiss. Remain in Memory: The Last Show is a bit grandiose for a punk band especially when a lot of songs sound a lot alike. You've heard the sound before, super slick sounding fast guitar parts over drums that sound like a toy drumming monkey on crack. The vocals are clean with a bit of snarl to them to keep it punk.

The highlights are few and far between for me; they play my favorite song "United Cigar" and Cinder Block from Tilt makes an appearance on "A Credit to His Gender." After that these songs blended together in Fat (ho-ha) typical punk rock mess. Nevertheless, if you are fan of Good Riddance you probably already own this and wish you were at the show. And if that makes you content and these songs fill you full of nostalgia as you sing along in your room, they more power to you, superfan.

5.7 / 10Jason
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5.7 / 10

5.7 / 10

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