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The Anticonscience

Reclusa has joined the ranks of the crucial blaze releases and take little time to make their intentions known. While the group released a few short run cassettes this is their first big project. Their style matches seamlessly to the labels' general modus operandi revelling in a strained and disturbed combination of noise, industrial and black metal. The press release mentions everything from drone to Godflesh even then little can be done to really prepare one for what is to come upon pushing play on the record.

Opening with otherworldly groans matched with a truly doomy backdrop involving slowly building guitars and powerful yet understated drums work the opener "-98.6F" plays its role as a great opener introducing much of what the group has become adept at in their short time. This doom laden introduction drops into an almost ambient drone with an undulating tone mimicking a slight siren The track then builds back into a more metallic version of itself using martial soundscapes and first wave style black metal riffing to force the listener back into the fray. So to open the band uses a version of everything they do in one track mash it together and manage to make it work.

Throughout the recording the band uses this "trick" to calm the listener into safety before pulling them back into the Stygian abyss they create with the metallic side. This all make for a disturbing and impenetrable listen, particularly for a casual listener. For those willing to stay through the duration you become comforted by the drones and become capable of following the train of thought the group works upon. This is somehow aided by the production which manages to take a lo fi aesthetic and give it some clarity. So while the metallic parts seem more dirty and nasty the electronic parts feel slightly more clear. This is not to say there are any problems in the fidelity of the recording at all. The volume stays the same throughout and that volume is LOUD. This production choice becomes integral to the atmosphere of the album as the grime almost comes out of the speakers throughout the songs.

Much like the rest of the Crucial Blaze releases this is nigh impenetrable and still somehow better for it. The vocals are indecipherable but completely in their element and wholly disturbing one more step in helping the band truly achieve an overall style. If you are a fan of the aforementioned Godflesh and wonder what they would sound like in the here and now employing a black metal influence and different vocals this should be your cup of tea. To the any other fans of metal, noise, industrial and anything in between you should be able to find something rather enjoyable within the course of this record.

7.8 / 10Jon E.
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The Anticonscience
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7.8 / 10

7.8 / 10

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