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1QI: Iron Reagan, Fake Problems, Herra Terra, Raging Nathans

1QI: Iron Reagan, Fake Problems, Herra Terra, Raging Nathans

One of our features here at Scene Point Blank is our semi-daily quickie Q&A: One Question Interviews. Follow us at facebook or twitter and we'll post one interview every Monday-Thursday. Well, sometimes we miss a day, but it will be four each week regardless.

After our social media followers get the first word, we'll later post a wrap-up here at the site and archive 'em here. This week check out Q&As with Iron Reagan, Fake Problems, Herra Terra and Raging Nathans.

Tony Foresta (Iron Reagan)
SPB: What is your favorite 1990s artist?
Tony: I was going to say Avail but it turns out that they actually started in ‘87. Did not know that! Haha.
So I'm going to have to go with Spazz. They opened so many doors for me musically with all the splits they did as well their smart yet funny lyrics. It really changed my perspective toward fast and brutal music back then and encouraged me to get into more heavy and crazier stuff as opposed to the more straight forward punk I was listening to at the time. A year and some change after discovering them and listening to them religiously we found out that Spazz was doing a full U.S. tour. It was like the fucking Beatles were coming to me and my friends. We were so excited. My first band was lucky enough to play the Virginia Beach show (also on the bill was His Hero is Gone and Suppression!) and afterwards we ended up following them up the East Coast like they were the fucking Greatful Dead. So many good memories from that time. 
Chris Farren (Fake Problems)
SPB: What makes a good host when you sleep on a stranger’s floor?
Chris: I'll preface this by saying anyone who asks or lets a band stay at their house is a very kind and gracious soul, and we appreciate it immensely. We've been saved numerous times from costly hotel rooms and Walmart parking lots.
That said, there are a few things I ask about when looking for the ideal place to stay. For me, first and foremost is, "Are you having a party?" A lot of people are really excited to have a band stay over, and they want so desperately to show them a good time. This is great! But after a show, around 1am, most of us just want to sleep. I can't even count how many times I've been laying in a sleeping bag in the middle of someone's dining room as eight dudes stand over me drunkenly having the same conversation about the ethics of "selling out." This leads to me never sleeping that night and inevitably getting crazy sick for a week. 
Next up is general comfort: how many couches/beds/carpeted floor space is there? Hardwood floors are very beautiful but they are also very painful to sleep on.
Last but not least is wifi, baby. I'm sorry but I am basically at your house to ignore everything around me and find a few moments of peace within months of spending 100% of my time with other people.
Oh, one more thing: the place you want to take us for breakfast that is 10 minutes away? It's 45 minutes away and we are going to be late for our show now.
Herra Terra
SPB: What's the most interesting thing that has happened to the band this summer, any show horror stories or has it all been good so far?
Herra Terra: On a weekend tour in Providence RI, our manager Marcus was helping us load the van on the side of the road. The side door was open and he was standing in front of it. We could hear a car speeding up the road but didn't really think anything of it, so we went about our biz. For whatever reason, he moved a few feet over to reach into the back seat. No later than 3 seconds after he moved, the car slammed into the door he had just been standing in front of, literally caving the whole thing in and slamming it against the van. The driver decided to keep driving, leaving us with a mutilated van, but fortunately no one was hurt. Had Marcus not moved, we would without a doubt be telling a much different story. Luckily the venue had cameras and the bar manager recognized his car. Turns out he was a drummer in a local band so we managed to track him down a few weeks later. Moral of the story: drunk drummers never win.
Josh (Raging Nathans/Rad Girlfriend Records)
SPB: If you had your choice, what band would you love to tour with?
Josh: I think if we could pick to go on tour with one band it would probably be Iron Chic right now. I get along really well with all of those dudes and they are a ton of fun to hang out with. Plus, they are a band that I would love to watch every night. It's important to have fun on tour but I think it's equally important to surround yourself with people who inspire you. Those guys are really doing their thing.

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New Foxygen soon

Posted Sept. 1, 2014, 9:40 a.m.
New Foxygen soon

Angel Ceballos

Foxygen will release a new album, ...And Star Power, on Oct. 14 on Jagjaguway Records. The band will also be touring North American in support.

A new song, "How Can You Really" premiered online:

01. Star Power Airlines
02. How Can You Really
03. Coulda Been My Love
04. Cosmic Vibrations
05. You & I
06. Star Power I: Overture
07. Star Power II: Star Power Nite
08. Star Power III: What Are We Good For
09. Star Power IV: Ooh Ooh
10. I Don't Have Anything/The Gate
11. Mattress Warehouse
12. 666
13. Flowers
14. Wally's Farm
15. Cannibal Holocaust
16. Hot Summer
17. Cold Winter/Freedom
18. Can't Contextualize My Mind
19. Brooklyn Police Station
20. The Game
21. Freedom II
22. Talk
23. Everyone Needs Love
24. Hang
Wed. Sep. 24 - Phoenix, AZ @ Crescent Ballroom w/ Dub Thompson
Thu. Sep. 25 - Santa Fe, NM @ Skylight w/ Dub Thompson
Sat. Sep. 27 - Dallas, TX @ INDEX Festival
Sun. Sep. 28 - Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald's Upstairs w/ Dub Thompson
Mon. Sep. 29 - New Orleans, LA @ One Eyed Jacks w/ Dub Thompson
Wed. Oct. 1 - Atlanta, GA @ The Loft w/ Dub Thompson
Thu. Oct. 2 - Nashville, TN @ Exit/IN w/ Dub Thompson
Fri. Oct. 3 - Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel w/ Dub Thompson
Sat. Oct. 4 - Charlottesville, VA @ Jefferson Theater w/ Dub Thompson
Sun. Oct. 5 - Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club w/ Dub Thompson
Wed. Oct. 8 - Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg w/ Dub Thompson
Thu. Oct. 9 - New York, NY @ Webster Hall
Fri. Oct. 10 - Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer w/ Dub Thompson
Sat. Oct. 11 - Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club w/ Dub Thompson
Sun. Oct. 12 - Montreal, QC @ Le National w/ Dub Thompson, Heat
Tue. Oct. 14 - Toronto, ON @ The Mod Club w/ Dub Thompson
Wed. Oct. 15 - Pontiac, MI @ Crofoot Ballroom w/ Dub Thompson
Thu. Oct. 16 - Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall w/ Dub Thompson
Fri. Oct. 17 - Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall w/ Dub Thompson
Sat. Oct. 18 - Minneapolis, MN @ Fine Line Music Cafe w/ Dub Thompson
Mon. Oct. 20 - Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater w/ Dub Thompson
Tue. Oct. 21 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge w/ Dub Thompson
Wed. Oct. 29 - Brighton, UK @ Komedia
Thu. Oct. 30 - Manchester, UK @ Ruby Lounge
Fri. Oct. 31 - London, UK @ Village Underground
Sat. Nov. 1 - Paris, FR @ Pitchfork Music Festival Paris
Mon. Nov. 3 - Brussels, BE @ Botanique
Tue. Nov. 4 - Amsterdam, NE @ Tolhuistuin
Wed. Nov. 5 - Berlin, DE @ Frannz
Thu. Nov. 6 - Copenhagen, DK @ Pumpehuset
Sun. Nov. 9 - Austin, TX @ Fun Fun Fun Fest

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Bands Black Map debut on the way (Far, Crosses, The Trophy Fire)

Posted Aug. 31, 2014, 8:11 a.m.

Black Map debut on the way (Far, Crosses, The Trophy Fire)

Jen Cash

Black Map, a band comprised of Mark Engles (Far/†††, Chris Robyn. and Ben Flanagan (The Trophy Fire), will released their debut album …And We Explode on Oct. 28 via Minus Head Records. The band has ...

Bands Lemuria updates

Posted Aug. 30, 2014, 10:21 a.m.

Lemuria updates

Lemuria has announced the recording of a 7" with Mark Ryan (Mind Spiders, The Marked Men, more), to be released as part of the Turnstile Comix series from Silver Sprocket. The 7" will include a ...

Bands The King Khan & BBQ Show to become Bad News Boys

Posted Aug. 28, 2014, 7:46 a.m.

The King Khan & BBQ Show to become Bad News Boys

Matias Corral

Now on tour with The Black Lips, The King Khan and BBQ Show will soon be performing and releasing under the name Bad News Boys, which was their original name back in 2003. A record ...

Profane Existence - skyscraper

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Bands News from Cowards

Posted Aug. 24, 2014, 11:11 a.m. in Bands by Loren

Cowards, the sludge/doom band from Paris, has announced that their debut Shooting Blanks & Pills will be reissued on vinyl in Canada. The record first ...

11/07/2014 La Instants Chavirés - Montreuil, France
11/08/2014 La Scène Michelet - Nantes, France
11/09/2014 Mondo Bizaro - Rennes, France

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Bands Drive Like Jehu reunion

Posted Aug. 23, 2014, 10:26 p.m. in Bands by Loren

Idioteq is reporting a free show in San Diego later this month from Drive By Jehu. The show will take place on Aug. 31 at ...

Bands 1QI: Jason Lupeituu, Noisem, Cloud Rat, Shonen Knife

Posted Aug. 18, 2014, 2 p.m. in Bands by Cheryl Prime

1QI: Jason Lupeituu, Noisem, Cloud Rat, Shonen Knife

One of our features here at Scene Point Blank is our semi-daily quickie Q&A: One Question Interviews. Follow us at facebook or twitter and ...

Jason Lupeituu (Sound engineer, vibe tech, aspiring cook)
SPB: What is the hardest part about a life on the road? What is the best part?
Jason: The hardest part of being on the road is missing and being away from your family, friends, and most important your significant other, and most often things taken for granted are as well the most missed, such as your own bed, your bathroom facilities, and your own kitchen. Cooking your own food with loved ones and savoring a home cooked meal is a priceless thing. Nothing compares to that.   
The best part of life on the road is having a solid network of friends and roadie family all over the world. The thought of being able to go to Melbourne, AU and hit up a buddy and get a flat while at the best coffee house in Australia makes the world that much more smaller and amazing at the same time.   
But that cup of coffee in the morning sitting in your own living room is just as awesome.   
SPB: Who is your favorite band to see live?
Harley Phillips: Ilsa never fails to impress me, They're of those bands that, if I could, I would go to every one of their shows--which isn't that farfetched of an idea. Also, Repulsion: one of my favorite bands on record and live.
Sebastian Phillips: Carcass killed it night after night, Definitely one of the best bands I've seen live.
Rorik (Cloud Rat)
SPB: What characteristics make a good host when you crash on a stranger’s floor?
Rorik: Hmmmmmm.... Well, that depends on my mood and how many gigs I've played in the past 24 hours and how much driving has been done. 
1. SWIMMING POOL.Kidding.Host: Respectful. Good-natured. Kind. Nice to talk to. Not a complete maniac (unless I'm looking to party, in that case, the loonier the better). Pleasant, but not overbearing/super chatty. Someone who asks if people are tired or up for hanging out.
The best host has work off and has vegan food for everyone and is funny and cool and has neat friends and an awesome movie/record/book/comic/game collection and let's everyone get comfy in their house wherever/however. HAHA. All of that is great, but the bitter reality is that people gotta work. People got lives and bills and shit going on and can't house a bunch of whiney band babies forever. 
In a tired/sleepy mood: I'm pretty generally easy to please when on the road. Floor is fine. Couch is fine. Bed is LUXURY. Clean drinking water. Shower (clean towels is a super plus. It's interesting how many people don't seem to keep clean towels around...). Food is always very much appreciated but I don't expect it. I don't expect anything, in fact, other than respect, kindness and courtesy.
I like clean, quiet houses. But not too quiet, maybe a fan blowing or something like that. And for the love of Lucifer, if the only space to sleep is in the living room/kitchen, and people are actually trying to sleep, don't stay up in the kitchen/living room blasting grindcore, smoking cigarettes, whatever. SO NOT COOL. God, I've totally been guilty of this before though. Shame on me! Sorry folks.
Party mood: First, make sure there is a space where people who don't want to party can sleep quietly/comfortably. If so, fuck it. Let's have all the fun. 
I've hosted many bands (some real fuckin’ pricks, most lovely good folks), and stayed at many people's homes. The best thing I can say for real though: the number one rule is the golden rule. Treat others how you would want to be treated. That's it. Just be fuckin' cool, right?
Naoko (Shonen Knife)
SPB: What is your favorite Ramones song?
Naoko: It’s impossible to choose one song. I like all Ramones songs.

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Bands Locrian finishes recording

Posted Aug. 17, 2014, 8:51 p.m. in Bands by Loren

Locrian finishes recording

Locrian has finished recording a new album that is scheduled to hit stores in 2015. The record was produced by Greg Norman at Electrical Audio ...

Bands Quintron & Miss Pussycat updates

Posted Aug. 17, 2014, 3:18 p.m. in Bands by Loren

Quintron & Miss Pussycat updates

Swamp-tech dupo Quintron & Miss Pussycat will be touring again this fall in addition to releasing a new full-length records. They will be joined on various ...

Tour Dates:
Sep 4 - Knoxville, TN- Pilot Light
Sep 6 - Lafayette, GA- Cherokee Farm
Nov 2 - New Orleans, LA- Voodoo Festival at City Park
Nov 7 - Memphis, TN- Hi Tone !
Nov 8 - St. Louis, MI -- -- -- Firebird *
Nov 9 - Lawrence, KS- Replay Lounge *
Nov 10 - Iowa City, IA- The Mill *
Nov 11 - St. Paul, MN- Turf Club *
Nov 12 - Milwaukee, WI- Cactus Club *
Nov 14 - Chicago, IL- Hideout *
Nov 15 - Ann Arbor, MI- Blind Pig
Nov 16 - Cleveland, OH- Beachland Tavern
Nov 18 - Buffalo, NY- Buffalo Iron Works
Nov 19 - Toronto, ON- Horseshoe Tavern
Nov 20 - Ottawa, ON- House of Targ
Nov 21 - Montreal, qc - Il Motore
Nov 22 - Winooski, VT - Monkey House
Nov 23 - Portland, ME-The Space Gallery
Nov 25 - Allston, MA- Great Scott
Nov 29 - Brooklyn, NY- Baby's All Right
Dec 1 - Asheville, NC- Double Crown
Dec 2 - Durham, NC- The Pinhook
Dec 3- Savannah, GA- Dollhouse Studios & Productions
Dec 4 - Tallahassee, FL- Club Downunder (FSU)
Dec 8 - Orlando, FL- Will's Pub #
Dec 9 - Jacksonville, FL- Underbelly #
* w/ Babes
! w/ Manatees
# w/ White Mystery

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Bands New Found Glory news

Posted Aug. 14, 2014, 7:40 a.m. in Bands by Loren

New Found Glory news

The new New Found Glory, Resurrection, will be released this Oct. 7 on Hopeless Records with pre-orders now open. In addition, the band is scheduled ...

Resurrection Track listing:1. Selfless2. Resurrection (Featuring Scott Vogel of Terror)3. The Worst Person4. Ready and Willing5. One More Round6. Vicious Love7. Persistent8. Stories Of A Different Kind9. Degenerate10. Angel11. Stubborn (Featuring Anthony Raneri of Bayside)12. Living Hell13. On My Own (Featuring Brendan Yates of Turnstile)
Upcoming Tour Dates:Aug. 31 Fashion Meets Music Festival Columbus, OHSep 6 Riot Fest Toronto, ONSep 14 Riot Fest Chicago, ILSep 19 Riot Fest Denver, COOct 3 House of Blues San Diego, CAOct 4 House of Blues Los Angeles, CAOct 5 Marquee Theatre Tempe, AZOct 7 Emo’s Austin, TXOct 9 Orpheum Tampa, FLOct 10 House of Blues Orlando, FLOct 11 Revolution Ft. Lauderdale, FLOct 12 Masquerade Atlanta, GAOct 14 Rams Head Live Baltimore, MDOct 15 Theatre of Living Arts Philadelphia, PAOct 16 House of Blues Boston, MAOct 17 Toad’s Place New Haven, CTOct 18 Starland Ballroom Sayreville, NJOct 19 Best Buy Theater New York, NYOct 21 Town Ballroom Buffalo, NYOct 22 Altar Bar Pittsburgh, PAOct 23 House of Blues Cleveland, OHOct 24 Majestic Theatre Detroit, MIOct 26 The Ready Room St Louis, MOOct 28 Bourbon Theater Lincoln, NEOct 30 Sunshine Theater Albuquerque, NMOct 31 Hard Rock Live Las Vegas, NVNov 1 House of Blues Anaheim, CANov 2 Ace of Spades Sacramento, CANov 4 Showbox Seattle, WANov 5 Hawthrone Theater Portland, ORNov 7 Regency Ballroom San Francisco, CANov 8 The Catalyst Santa Cruz, CA
Pop Punk’s Not Dead Tour UK*w/ The Story So Far, State Champs, Candy Hearts & Only RivalsNov 12 Academy DublinNov 13 Limelight Belfast*Nov 15 Institute Birmingham*Nov 16 O2 Academy Newcastle*Nov 17 ABC Glasgow*Nov 18 Rock City Nottingham*Nov 20 O2 Academy Liverpool*Nov 21 Academy 1 Manchester*Nov 22 O2 Academy Leeds*Nov 23 Solus Cardiff*Nov 25 O2 Academy 1 Bristol*Nov 26 Pyramid Portsmouth*Nov 28 Forum London*Nov 29 Forum LondonNov 30 Divan du Monde ParisDec 1 Trix Hall BelgiumDec 2 Tivoli Utrecht, HollandDec 3 Knust Hamburg, GermanyDec 4 Luxor Cologne, GermanyDec 6 Magazzini Generali Milan

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Bands 1QI: Big Action Records, Roaming Herds of Buffalo, Dads, Ma Jolie

Posted Aug. 12, 2014, 5:09 p.m. in Bands by Cheryl Prime

1QI: Big Action Records, Roaming Herds of Buffalo, Dads, Ma Jolie

One of our features here at Scene Point Blank is our semi-daily quickie Q&A: One Question Interviews. Follow us at facebook or twitter and ...

Jason Zabby (Big Action Records, Loud Nerves)
SPB: How has the increasingly digitalization of music changed your listening habits? 
Jason: Digitalized music, especially streams, have helped me discover tons of new music. I get lost on Bandcamp for hours, just clicking my way through band after band. With that said, all of this band surfing has lined my record collection with some real gems! The best part is that I can listen to these gems anywhere, instead of only in front of my turn table. 
Scott (Roaming Herds of Buffalo)
SPB: How did you decide to include the comic with your new CD?
Scott: There are a few reasons why we decided to include a comic with the CD. First of all, we love the artist, Darin Shuler. You can see more of Darin's work here: The guy is out of control. Second of all, the songs are tiny little science-fiction stories and we thought it would be cool if they were illustrated. And the third reason is that rolled up comic books feel a lot better stuffed into a pocket than jewel cases, which if you've ever left a show with jewel cases stuffed into your pockets, you'll know what we're talking about.
John Bradley (Dads)
SPB: What do you tend to listen to in the van the most? 
John: Honestly in the van, at least while I'm driving, we talk more than listen to music. We'll hear music every night and don't get as much time to talk and relax so we use the van to do that!
Jeff (Ma Jolie)
SPB: What’s the secret to a successful tour?
It all depends on your intentions with touring in general. If it's your career/job/profession, a lot of factors are involved with making a successful tour. Yes, full-time musicians need to make money in order to pay their bills, live in a home/apartment, and maybe even have to be able to support their family. I can only really give advice with Ma Jolie being a part-time touring band.
All of us have extensive jobs at home. The biggest thing is not trying to lose money. If we come home breaking even, I'm happy. If we come home with a little bit of extra money, we're also happy. The secret to a solid tour is just being in constant, open communication with the promoters/venues. Find promoters that you trust and know will do the best they can. Make it clear what you are looking for in terms of the ticket prices for the shows, knowing what the expenses for the venue [are] so you know what you might potentially make from the door. Route your tour so that the drives are not too crazy long, especially for smaller bands. Get involved and find good local bands in the area that you want to play with. PROMOTE YOUR TOUR! Do what you can. Make posters and send to the venues, hype it up on social media, try to get people in these cities to help promote for you in their town. Be active and do all that you can. If everyone helps out (promoter, bands, labels, etc.) then it means promotion is coming from all angles and it could help make your shows better. You have no control as to who shows up but you do have control on how much effort you put into spreading the word. There are a million reasons why people can't come to your show (especially in the summers). 
Also, visit the actual cities you are in. Don't just go right to the venue and sit around. You aren't experiencing anything that you should be. Get off the internet on your phone and go to the local parks, beaches, libraries. I know money can be tight on tour but sightseeing, for the most part, is a FREE thing to do.

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