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Scene Point Blank's Favorites: The Year So Far (July 2021)

Music • July 6, 2021

The less said about 2021 so far the better, right? We won't rehash the political chaos, the ongoing climate crisis, the billionaire space race and, of course, the C-word (Covid-19 – what were you thinking?). Instead, we'll focus on the music. Here are a set of lists by our staff which sum up the best albums released this year so far. There's a mix of stuff in here so dig in and check out the things you've missed, and read our reviews of the best ones. Let us know what incredible records we've missed, but in the mean time, check out our favorite albums of 2021 thus far. Aaron's Top 5 of 2021 So Far 1 Olivia Rodrigo Sour (Geffen) "How do you do fellow kids?" Yeah, it's probably not "punk" to highlight a pop album, but Olivia Rodrigo's Sour deserves it. You're fooling yourself though if you don't hear a little Bikini Kill in opening track, "Brutal," or missing the influence Paramore had over hit single, "Good 4 U." Sour has its bits of pop-punk, but doesn't stray far from the Singer-Songwriter tree harboring Phoebe Bridgers or Lucy Dacus. She's just a bit more Pop about it. - Aaron H 2 AFI Bodies (Rise) This band is 11 albums into their career and are still finding ways to surprise. Now, I admit, I'm a little biased when it comes to new AFI albums. As a whole, Bodies feels a little disjointed as it jumps from Post-Hardcore to New Wave … Read more

Scatenato Ma Non Troppo #3

Regular Columns / Scatenato Ma Non Troppo • June 22, 2021

At the midpoint of 2021, a year which has thus far brought both hopeful and more troubling signs for humanity, … Read more

Guest List: Father's Day Edition (Adam Carson)

Music • June 7, 2021

Welcome to the latest installment of our new feature, The Guest List! We're flipping the script on our "Set List" … Read more

Get In The Van Dummy, We're Going Surfing!

Regular Columns / Running on Nothing • June 7, 2021

I was in a band called The Lippies. I say "was" because we just broke up. Again. Hahahahaha! When we … Read more

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Proud Parents

At Home With
Independent (2021)

At Home With Proud Parents caught me a little off guard, right from the start. While the debut showcased a variety of influences, this one is even more toned back and chill, in contrast to some members’ other work with The Hussy. The opening track on this sophomore album, “Cellophane” is more of a folk-punk or cowpunk vibe with some warbled vocals, an acoustic … Read more

Hangman’s Hymnal

Small News Travels Fast in a Bad Town
Snappy Little Numbers (2020)

Hangman’s Hymnal is a nice addition to the Snappy Little Numbers roster and every bit as archaic as the title suggests. With a Wild West vibe pervading the songs, they manage to evoke mental images of them holding court in a saloon to perform their seasoned murder folk to a bunch of buzzed delinquents as part of a debaucherous hootenanny … Read more

Jiffy Marx

She’s My Witch / Warning Sign
Snappy Little Numbers (2020)

Jiffy Marx' She’s My Witch / Warning Sign 7″ does not only look like a 45er from the late seventies, but sonically delivers exactly that, i.e. two snappy lil’ pop punk numbers with the band firing on all cylinders. A snappy, fun 7” recorded in a bit more than a day, and sonically an homage and celebration the jangly pop punk … Read more


Back To The City
White Russian Records (2021)

Somehow it seems to me that Travoltas released Until We Hit The Shore only last year or perhaps the year before. But nooooo, it’s been four years already. That record is still on heavy rotation here, especially when the weather is sunny and the temperature is high (but not too hot). So I was so happy to hear a new EP by … Read more

Additional album reviews


Neon Waste, Static Shock Records (2021)

Rough and tough d-beat, oi-influenced punk with a boot on the cover. If you follow the scene you probably already have a sense of what Bootlicker sounds like based on … Read more

Stella Research Committee

A Proposed Method for Determining Sanding Fitness
Independent (2021)

Labels like Amphetamine Reptile and Skin Graft Records and the “now wave” and noise rock avalanche they launched has served as an immense source of inspiration for a myriad of … Read more

The Dumpies

Drunk Dial #8
Drunk Dial Records (2021)

A quick word on the Drunk Dial series. Basically, the label asks bands to get intoxicated, then record an original a-side and a cover b-side.On #8, we get The Dumpies, … Read more


Don’t Worry About It
Snappy Little Numbers (2020)

It’s fantastic to still see label holding up the torch when it comes to being dedicated to the fine art of the analogue format, partly because of its sonic superiority, … Read more

Inhumanity Vortex

Reverse Engineering
Independent (2020)

Inhumanity Vortex started life in Poland in 2008 as the project of Tomasz Dziekoński and has slowly evolved over time into a sort of cyber tech-death metal band that has … Read more

Various Artists

Ink Bomb - No Breakfast Goodbye - split
Horn & Hoof Records/Dental Records/Concrete Head Entertainment (2021)

Two Dutch punk groups decided to join forces. 2020 saw their dreams of playing live go up in smoke. What to do instead? Write new music! Both bands bring three … Read more

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SPB premiere: "Corpse Pose" by TEKE::TEKE

Posted in Videos on July 28, 2021

Throughout 2021, Kill Rock Stars is celebrating 30 years of releasing independent music with a series of cover songs from the label's extensive catalog. It's sold as a subscription and each week a new song comes out. This week, we're lucky to debut a new song exclusively at SPB a … Read more

SPB exclusive: Can This Be It?? 4-band split stream

Posted in Records on July 1, 2021

There is no single way to make music, or to release it for that matter. At Scene Point Blank we feature a new record (nearly) each month, but some are … Read more

New Thrice Album Is On The Horizon

Posted in Records on July 26, 2021

Thrice will release their new album, Horizons/East, through Epitaph Records on September 17th for digital platforms and October 8th for physical. You can stream their new single, "Scavengers" HERE. The … Read more

Howlin' Banana's summer sampler 2021

Posted in MP3s on July 26, 2021

French label Howlin' Banana recently shared its 8th annual summer sampler, a free collection of singles, b-sides, and previously unreleased tracks and demos from the label's roster. The name-your-price download … Read more

Tin Can Collective Live In The Living Room

Posted in Videos on July 26, 2021

Following the July 16 release of their fourth full-length, Axiomatic Alarm Clock, The Tin Can Collective ha scheduled a "Live In The Living Room" recorded concert for streaming via their … Read more

Expanded Ruminations of Conor Oberst

Posted in Records on July 25, 2021

As of Friday July 23, an expanded edition of Conor Oberst’s Ruminations is now available on all formats via Nonesuch Records. The record, originally released in 2016 as Oberst's first solo … Read more

Actors' Acts of Worship

Posted in Records on July 25, 2021

Actors will return on Oct. 1 with a new album called Acts Of Worship, releasing via Artoffact Records. The Vancouver-based band has shared a single called "Only Lonely" now to … Read more

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