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Music: Scene Point Blank's Favorites: The Year So Far (July 2019)

Tension on the North Korean border. Conflicts with Iran. Brexit hovering like the sword of Damocles over Europe. Who knows if we'll even see the ... read more

Music: Dark Mofo Festival 2019

In its seventh year, it should by now be firmly established that the annual Dark Mofo Festival is hard to rival when it comes to ... read more

Regular Columns: Meeting Moose (Howardian)

Scene Point Blank’s latest column is more than a column about life as a musician. Yes, it is that, but we’re also debuting two new ... read more

Interviews: Dear Boy

"This sounds made up, so I apologise, but it’s totally not," says Dear Boy frontman and lyricist Ben Grey when explaining the inspiration behind the ... read more

Regular Columns: Hip-Hop vs Punk

Hmmm, anti-authoritarian views and addressing social concerns and issues related to the government and public affairs? Tick! DIY ethic? Tick! Attire that deliberately deviates from ... read more

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SPB exclusive: Crushing - Slug

SPB exclusive: Crushing - Slug

Scene Point Blank's featured July stream is the new Slug by Crushing. Crushing is a solo-ish project by Jay Cavalier of Brighton, also known for drumming with Personal Best.

Give it a listen and keep reading, as Cavalier explains the method behind the madness.

In his own words, the inspiration to Slug, Cavalier explains, is:

I started toying with the idea of a concept EP in the summer of 2017. The idea of writing and developing a character through song appealed to me because I've always found it hard to write lyrics about anything and having that focus really helped. Once the EP was written I still had a lot of ideas and fleshed it out into a full album. By February 2018 the story had grown into an unwieldy 16-odd tracks, a mix of interpretive instrumentals, character speeches and pop songs (including a fake live karaoke Daniel Johnston cover). Over the following year I tweaked and boiled down the story and music incessantly until it became the 9 songs it is now. The hardest thing about self-producing is the lack of deadline. I had a seemingly infinite amount of time to tweak and write new ideas, and soon the project started to take its toll.

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Bands Cro-Mags are back

Posted July 7, 2019, 5:21 p.m.

Cro-Mags are back

Cro-Mags, fronted by bassist Harley Flanagan, have a new single coming via Victory Records -- it's the first new music in 20 years from the hardcore pioneers. Titled Don't Give In, the 3-song EP will be available on limited press vinyl on August 2.

"I had a lot of inspiration writing these songs; I experienced a lot of loss-- the loss of friends, by suicide, cancer, depression, mortality and ultimately the beauty of life; and the need to fight for it, for every breathe,” Harley Flanagan said in a recent interview with Revolver. “We all fight our battles, and they are different, but none of us are unique in the fact that we have to fight, and often alone. In that way we all have something in common.

“I feel like I crashed and burned enough times and managed to rise back up. But that is life; you have to fight for what you want, and you also have to know how temporary it all is. This is a lot of what inspired these songs."

Besides Flanagan, the new materia features Gabby Abularach (Gil Evans Orchestra and also played on Cro-Mags’ Alpha Omega and Near Death Experience, Rocky George (formerly of Suicidal Tendencies and Fishbone and on Revenge, and Gary "GMan" Sullivan (the B-52's, Berny Worrel of Parliament Funkadelic, TM Stevens.

The band plays three dates with the Misfits in September and will head to Europe this fall.

Records New UV-TV

Posted July 7, 2019, 3:01 p.m.


UV-TV - Happy

Deranged Records will release a new LP on July 19, HAPPY. The band just revealed a track with the same title here.

Formed in 2015 in Gainesville, FL, HAPPY, is the group's second album.

Records New Frank Turner in August

Posted July 7, 2019, 2:47 p.m.

New Frank Turner in August

Frank Turner - No Man's Land

Frank Turner, who performs tonight at King Tuts in Glasgow, has a new album on the way. On August 16, Turner will release his eighth solo album, titled No Man's Land.

More than an album title, Turner recorded the record with producer Catherine Marks and a group of female musicians to help support its theme of overlooked women. "These stories should have been told already," Turner says in summary of the record. It will have an accompanying podcast series, "Tales From No Man's Land" giving further depth. "And I suspect if they were men they would be better known."

Turner address potential negative reaction to the concept as well: "It's not telling anyone what to do or how to live or how to be," he adds. "If there was a crowded field of people writing songs about Princess Kassiani then I would see the argument for me bowing out, but there isn't...No-one else is writing these songs right now. That's why I want to share these stories."

The album will release on Xtra Mile Recordings/Polydor Records.

Records Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back

Posted July 7, 2019, 2:27 p.m.

Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back

photo by Loren Green

The Body and Uniform have announced a new collaborative record between the two bands. Titled Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back, it will release on August 16 on Sacred Bones.

The album title comes from a Bruce Springsteen lyric, with many more literary influences seeping into the collective project.

Listen to "Penance" from the record here:

Bands Redd Kross share another new song

Posted July 7, 2019, 1:57 p.m.

Redd Kross share another new song

photo by Julian Fort

With the new album Beyond the Door set to release on August 23 (Merge Records), Redd Kross have premiered a second track from the upcoming record, "What's A Boy To Do?" embedded after the jump.

The band previously released "Beyond the Door," which can be found at YouTube.

The band will also embark on a US tour with the Melvins this fall, with bassist Steven McDonald and Melvins' drummer Dale Crover each pulling double-duty for both bands while on the road.

Records New action from Subhumans UK

Posted July 7, 2019, 1:25 p.m.

New action from Subhumans UK

Subhumans - Crisis Point

The long-running Subhumans (UK) are back with a new LP, Crisis Point, on September 13 on Pirates Press Records.

Active from 1980-1985 and then reunited in the 2000s, the band last released Internal Riot in 2007 on their own Bluurg Records.

"Sorry about the decade wait for something new, we don't get to practice much! Anyways, it's a stormer, with ten new songs about terror/pollution/mind control...and similar reflections on a world in crisis," frontman Dick Lucas says of the new record.

The band is known for its polical lyrcis, and the anarcho-punk UK scene of the 1980s.

Bands Deaf Club announced EP, debuts video

Posted July 7, 2019, 12:58 p.m.

Deaf Club announced EP, debuts video

Featuring members of The Locust, Run With The Hunted, Fissue, Weak Flesh, and ACxDC, Deaf Club has unleashed a video tor the song "Bright Side Of Death" from a soon to come EP, courtesy of Three One G Records.

Comprised of Justin Pearson (The Locust, Dead Cross, Planet B), Brian Amalfitano (ACxDC), Scott Osment (Weak Flesh), Jason Klein (Run With The Hunted), and Leo Ulfelder (Fissure) the band plays blastbeat hardcore with pauses, effects, and elements of crust, thrash, and grind tossed in.

Records Multicult's Simultaneity Now announced

Posted July 1, 2019, 9:42 p.m.

Multicult's Simultaneity Now announced

photo by Ben Price

Baltimore, MD's angular Multicult will release its fifth album, Simultaneity Now, on August 2 on Learning Curve Records.

Check out the song "Grieflex" below, plus tour dates for when the band sets off across the US, including dates with Super Thief and Tongue Party.

Records New Mean Jeans, "Party Line"

Posted July 1, 2019, 9:02 p.m.

New Mean Jeans, "Party Line"

photo by Jose Corona Jr

Mean Jeans have unleased a new single called "Party Line" as a teaser of their upcoming new album titled Gigantic Sike.

Gigantic Sike features 11 new songs in total and releases on August 30 on Fat Wreck Chords. Give a listen to the single after the bump.

"These songs are fun and fast, but at their core, they're about the bleak existence of a party boy," guitarist/vocalist Billy Jeans says, offering insight about the new material. "All of my favorite Mean Jeans songs have an element of sadness, cynicism, or darkness to them. They're dumb, but there's honesty in the lyrics."

Gigantic Sike will be the band's fourth full-length release.

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