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Interviews: Vegas

Digital Affairs Neurotic is the new release from VVEGAS, who tend to write and release music often, and whose sole purpose is to continue releasing ... read more

Regular Columns: Only Death Is Real #1

There’s so much music released, whether physically or digitally, that keeping up with what’s going on becomes almost like a full-time job. There’s only so ... read more

Music: Scene Point Blank's Favorites: The Year So Far (July 2018)

We're halfway through the year. When did that happen? Luckily for you, SPB's expert staff are on hand to guide you through the records you ... read more

Regular Columns: The Anxiety of Influence

In February 1996 late novelist David Foster Wallace released a modern masterpiece, Infinite Jest, uncovering a wellspring of contemporary criticism and psychological diagnosis. Granted his ... read more

Music: Graspop Metal Meeting 2018 (Friday)

The task of summing up a well-organized European festival is large enough, especially since I dislike festivals to begin with. So I’ll leave you with ... read more

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SPB exclusive: Discardography 2011-2013 by Warm Needles

SPB exclusive: Discardography 2011-2013 by Warm Needles

Warm Needles - Discardography 2011-2013

Out on August 1, Scene Point Blank is pleased to team up once again with Tour Van Records to share a full stream of the new Discardography 2011-2013 from Warm Needles. Originally released by the band as a tour CDR in 2014, it’s now been remastered for vinyl by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering (Chicago, IL).

The record compiles several 7-inches, splits, and songs from compilations into one 12-song package with artwork compiled of recycled dollar bin LPs using special decals, making each package one of a kind.

Check it out below:

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MP3s Summer Salt are "Speaking Sonar" on New Track

Posted Aug. 20, 2018, 1:29 p.m.

Summer Salt are "Speaking Sonar" on New Track

Summer Salt have released their new track, "Speaking Sonar." The track comes from their upcoming album, Happy Camper -- available September 28th via Epitaph. Check out the track after the jump.

Records Street Sects Announce Sophomore Album

Posted Aug. 20, 2018, 1:20 p.m.

Street Sects Announce Sophomore Album

Street Sects have announced they will be releasing their new album, Kicking the Mule, on October 26th via The Flenser. You can check out their new track, "In For a World of Hurt," after the jump.

Tours Bayside Announce Acoustic Tour

Posted Aug. 20, 2018, 1:04 p.m.

Bayside Announce Acoustic Tour

Bayside will be hitting the road this Fall/Winter with Golds to support their upcoming acoustic album, Acoustic Volume 2. The tour will be the first to feature full band acoustic renditions of their set. Dates after the jump.

Bands Mercy Union (members of The Gaslight Anthem + The Scandals)

Posted Aug. 18, 2018, 3:34 p.m.

Mercy Union (members of The Gaslight Anthem + The Scandals)

photo by Greg Pallante

Members of The Gaslight Anthem and The Scandals have teamed up on a new project known as Mercy Union. The band will release their debut album, The Quarry, on Oct. 19 on Mt. Crushmore record label. It was recorded at Little Eden in Asbury Park, NJ with Pete Steinkopf of The Bouncing Souls.

Specifically, the group consists of Jared Hart of The Scandals and Benny Horowitz of The Gaslight Anthem, plus Rocky Catanese, and Nick Jorgensen. Listen to "Chips and Vics" below.

Records Larry and His Flask to return with This Remedy

Posted Aug. 18, 2018, 2:04 p.m.

Larry and His Flask to return with This Remedy

photo by Ben Morse

Larry and His Flask return with their first album in five years, the new This Remedy, scheduled for release on Oct. 12 on Xtra Mile Recordings. The last released By the Lamplight in 2013.

To mark the new 12-song record, the band will hit the road starting on Oct. 13 in Boise, ID.


Tours New Atmosphere song, US tour announcement

Posted Aug. 18, 2018, 1:31 p.m.

New Atmosphere song, US tour announcement

photo by Dan Monick

Atmosphere are prepping fans for an upcoming US tour with a new song (strem it below) titled "Make It All Better Again." The tour includes stops at Red Rocks in Colorado and Riot Fest in Chicago.

Records New Thou full-length

Posted Aug. 18, 2018, 1:02 p.m.

Following the release of Rhea Sylvia this summer, Thou will unveil a brand new full-length named Magus at the end of the month -- August 31 on Sacred Bones.

Watch a video for the new song "The Changeling Prince" here:

Records Third album from Savak

Posted Aug. 18, 2018, 12:31 p.m.

Third album from Savak

photo by Reuben Radding

Brooklyn-based Savak has announced the upcoming release of its third album, Beg Your Pardon on Ernest Jenning Record Co. The band notably features members of The Obits, Holy Fuck, and The Cops. In addition to the new record, they'll also play select dates this fall in support of bands Hot Snakes, The Gotobeds and The Scientists. 

The band last released Cut-Ups in 2017.

Bands Low Spirits release unique single bundle

Posted Aug. 18, 2018, 12:02 p.m.

Low Spirits, a dro of Vinnie Fiorello (Less Than Jake) and JM Lansdowne who play "dark Americana" have released a unique single package. Purchase of the digital single also includes a 6x6 signed and numbered embossed digital print of any ghost art of your choosing, and 6x6 handwritten lyrics.

The project explores themes of broken families, addictions, and lost connections.

"A Father's Forgiveness Song" can be heard here:

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Mouth Sounds #2699

7.7 / 10 Vacation - Mouth Sounds #2699 album cover

For running with the DIY punk scene, Vacation are surprisingly diverse (not to mention prolific). The band’s latest is the 12-song Mouth Sounds #2699 and its 26-minute span delivers the band’s general sound of fuzzed out garage-punk bangers, but within that general sound they deliver crunchy grunge riffs, pop melodies, and flat out noisy bursts, all within a short-song framework that rarely tops 3-minutes per song. Nothing on Mouth Sounds #2699 sounds the same, yet it all sounds like Vacation.What does all that mean?The ...

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Rhea Sylvia

Thou - Rhea Sylvia album cover

Thou, in this particular rendition, throw down great song thud after thud, right on the table, while permeating a delicate scent through their carefully constructed EP, Rhea Sylvia. Each song is ...


Jack of None

The Tattle Tale Heart

Jack of None - The Tattle Tale Heart album cover

Playfully naughty lyrics might have been the first thing I noticed about Jack of None's The Tattle Tale Heart EP, but there's more to this record created by three Filipino-born siblings, A.G., ...


The Plurals


The Plurals - Swish album cover

The Plurals are a heavy indie rock band from Lansing, Michigan. Their latest album, Swish, was released on GTG Records, a record label the band created when they started putting out ...



Northern Chaos Gods

Immortal - Northern Chaos Gods album cover

Immortal’s career hasn't been the smoothest of rides their ninth full length comes after a protracted and tense battle with founding member Abbath, who finally left the band in 2015 ...


The Brokedowns

Sick of Space

The Brokedowns - Sick of Space album cover

When I stop and look at the discogs, The Brokedowns have been doing what they do for a long time now. What is that, exactly? Well, it’s Midwestern punk that’s ...


Superhero Status

Escape The Herd EP

Superhero Status - Escape The Herd EP album cover

This EP is voted best album of 2018 by half of the band according to the sticker on the CD. That should tell you something about the band we are ...


Wild Pink

Yolk in the Fur

Wild Pink - Yolk in the Fur album cover

Any band's second album is cause for concern. It can go two ways - a retread of the first, a brand new direction, or something entirely forgettable. Yolk in the Fur is ...



Family Witchcraft Attack

Pariuh  - Family Witchcraft Attack album cover

I'm not sure what exactly I expected going into an album titled Family Witchcraft Attack, but I wound up being pleasantly surprised by the type of sound exhibited by Miami-based Pariuh on ...



Attempts at Speech

Duvel - Attempts at Speech album cover

Welcome to Duvel’s childlike fantasy, their ruminations inspired by Norwegian life. The bleak echoing of whatever neurosis such a wonderfully Scandinavian culture produces, other than seasonal depression and too much equality, ...



Beautiful Ruin

Converge - Beautiful Ruin album cover

Converge—Nietzsche’s pissed off nephew, Rilke’s furious friend—achieves a glimmering consummation in a mishmash of fourness (which, in numerology, symbolizes spiritual wholeness). They went from thrash titans to sonic gods; now ...

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Rembrandt's Roughness by Nicola Suthor

Posted by T
Aug. 19, 2018, 11:09 a.m.

Rembrandt's Roughness Nicola Suthor Princeton University Press   Ah, roughness. It was not only Benoit Mandelbrot who discovered that there is at least some roughness everywhere. Now, focussing merely on ... read more

High Adventures in the Great Outdoors - Part 4

Posted by T
Aug. 18, 2018, 3:16 p.m.

High Adventures in the Great Outdoors Performance Enhancing Gear, Digestive Health and Moisturisation Alight, are you firmly in touch with your feminine side? Gird your loins, alpha males – this ... read more

Jean-Jacques Rousseau - Political Writings

Posted by T
Aug. 17, 2018, 7:54 p.m.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau Fundamental Political Writings Broadview Press   A philosopher – both in the realms of politics as well as morality and psychology. The influence Rousseau has exerted cannot possibly ... read more

Spirit of the Wild - Wild Turkey Pop-up

Posted by T
Aug. 16, 2018, 8:18 p.m.

Spirit of the Wild - Wild Turkey Pop-up Sydney, Australia There are pop-ups abound. There is hardly a multi-national brand that has not at least dabbled in providing an experience ... read more

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