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SPB premiere: "Corpse Pose" by TEKE::TEKE

Posted in Videos on July 28, 2021

Throughout 2021, Kill Rock Stars is celebrating 30 years of releasing independent music with a series of cover songs from the label's extensive catalog. It's sold as a subscription and each week a new song comes out.

This week, we're lucky to debut a new song exclusively at SPB a day ahead of time, along with some deeper insight from the label and artist.

It all started by asking KRS to partake in our One Question Interview series, with label founder Slim Moon:

SPB: Which of the anniversary covers, so far, has surprised you the most – either in song choice or in how the covering artists reimagined the original (or replicated its magic)?

Moon: It isn’t out yet but TEKE::TEKE’s cover of Unwound’s “Corpse Pose” is a revelation -- I swear they are somehow channeling Los Lobos, and ending up sounding Post Rock, in a very good way.

The song is available everywhere tomorrow, but check out the video now:

Cover songs always come with a  story, and TEKE::TEKE guitarist Serge Nakauchi Pelletier gives further depth:

Every time I think of Unwound, it’s hard for me to hide the excitement I have for this band. I discovered them a bit on the late, with their album "Repetition" and saw them for the first time when they were touring (alongside Blonde Redhead) in ’96. The show was absolutely memorable and I feel very lucky to have been in attendance. That night I understood the true meaning of "Power Trio". I also witnessed the most original and genius guitar work in rock music since hearing Voïvod for the first time, 5 years prior. Justin’s intricate chords and melodies sit so perfectly with the intelligence, creativity and power of the rhythm section (rest in peace Vern Rumsey, that bass sound, still influential to this day). The way the trio complimented each other so beautifully is what struck me most. "Corpse Pose’"particularly stayed with me that night and is arguably their most iconic song -- It has one of my top-10 favorite guitar lines of all-time! Especially in that ‘bridge’ part.

It was both exciting and challenging as a 7-piece band to think of a new way to approach this song. We knew the best version was already out there, Unwound’s that is, so it made more sense to us to take it someplace else completely and try to make it more of our own, while respecting the important signature elements of the song (bass line, certain drum patterns, guitar chords…). It was a fun experiment but most of all an incredible honour to have the opportunity to revisit this classic from a band that had such an impact on me as a musician.

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"Corpse Pose" originally appears on Unwound's Repetition, released in 1996.

Stay tuned for an upcoming SPB feature on the label's anniversary and history.

SPB exclusive: Can This Be It?? 4-band split stream

Posted in Records on July 1, 2021

There is no single way to make music, or to release it for that matter. At Scene Point Blank we feature a new record (nearly) each month, but some are full-lengths of new material, some are EPs, some collect old material, and some are compilations. There are so many ways … Read more

Tom Purves remix

Posted in Bands on July 31, 2021

Multi-instrumentalist Tom Purves has announced a new Rum Sunset remix, coming digitally on August 6. The musician, formerly in Doppelganger, previously released an EP titled Defiance in Youth. The upcoming (re)release goes in a new direction, applying more polish rather than a DIY sound. “The EP was a culmination of … Read more

Sasami covers Daniel Johnston

Posted in Bands on July 31, 2021

Sasami, the project driven by Los Angeles-based Sasmi Ashworth, has covered "Sorry Entertainer," originally by Daniel Johnston, as a preview of what's in store on her unofficially announced second album. It follows a handful of previous singles through 2020 and 2021. Sasami wil later be touring the US in support … Read more

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Ten years of Nefarious Industries

Posted in Labels on July 31, 2021

Nefarious Industries record label has announced a limited edition 10th anniversary edition of A Fucking Elephant/El Drugstore split CD, plus a free 74-track label sampler, to celebrate ten years of business and music. In that span, the label has over 80 releases from more than 50 artists since it's first … Read more

Brian Cook Left a Note with an Apology

Posted in Records on July 31, 2021

Brian Cook, known for his work with Russian Circles, SUMAC, and others, has recorded a singer-songwriter solo album under the moniker of Torment & Glory called We Left a Note with an Apology, scheduled for released on August 27 through Sargent House.   As the press release explains: The seed … Read more

A Sweet Teeth mini-album

Posted in Records on July 31, 2021

Swedish band Sweet Teeth has released a new short-play 7-song record called Acid Rain, offering a straight-forward punkified alt-rock that keeps things short and to the point. Forty-seven second opening track "Shattered Glass Face" kicks this off: The album is available via Lövely Records on digital and one-sided 12" vinyl. Sweet … Read more

Mehenet returns

Posted in Records on July 31, 2021

September 10, 2021 will bring the world a new album from New Orleans-based black metal band Mehenet. The new offering is titled Ng'ambu and releases via Gilead Media on digital, cd, and vinyl platforms. Of course, we won't make you wait two 6 more weeks for a teaser. The band shared … Read more

Bokassa's latest track

Posted in Records on July 31, 2021

Napalm Records shared a new single form the upcoming Bokassa record this week. The video is called "Burn It All (P.T.S.D.E.A.D.)” and is embedded below. It appears on Molotov Rocktail, which releases on Sept. 3, and is the band's third full-length, a follow-up to Crimson Riders (2019). A power trio from Trondheim, Norway, … Read more

Ada Lea now on Saddle Creek

Posted in Records on July 31, 2021

Montreal artist Ada Lea has joined forces with indie label Saddle Creek for a new record set for release on September 24. The new album has the verbose title of one hand on the steering wheel the other sewing a garden and is her second full-length of pop/folk songs rooted in heartful … Read more

Succumb's second

Posted in Records on July 31, 2021

Succumb, from San Francisco, CA and playing modern death metal, returns for round 2 on Sept 24 with the release of their sophomore record, XXI, via The Flenser. The title is a reference to The World, the final tarot card in Major Arcana and follows-up 2017's debut. Enjoy the blistering … Read more

Dave Hause recruits help for Blood Harmony

Posted in Records on July 31, 2021

Philadelphia-rooted singer-songwriter Dave Hause has announced a new full-length album to come soon, Blood Harmony. Hause, primarily a solo musician these days, recorded the album with an array of talented musicians whose resumes include work with The E Street Band, Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson, Sheryl Crow, Brandi Carlile, The Highwomen, … Read more

The Gluts sing "Love Me Do Again"

Posted in Records on July 31, 2021

Playing punky rock inspired by the classics, Milan, Italy's The Gluts has announced an upcoming record called Ungrateful Heart, which releases Oct. 8 via Fuzz Club Records. The band has shifted gears on the new record, with a more punk and hardcore-rooted sound when compared to the noise elements of previous … Read more

Emo-punk from Kitner to come

Posted in Records on July 31, 2021

Based in Boston, MA and formed over a mutual love of The Get Up Kids, emo-punk band Kitner is prepping the release of their debut album on October 1. The new record, titled Shake the Spins will come courtesy of Relief Map Records.  The 5-piece band formed six years ago but, … Read more

The Webstirs self-titled, sixth album

Posted in Records on July 31, 2021

Formed in 1994 in Chicago, indie-pop group The Webstirs will release their sixth album, a self-titled record recorded by their longtime producer Matt Allison (Lawrence Arms/Alkaline Trio). The current lineup features founders Preston Pisellini and Mark Winkler, plus Jordan Kozer, Gregg Juhlin, and Doug Bobenhouse. Gregg. The band has shared "For … Read more

Fotocrime 3

Posted in Records on July 31, 2021

Fotocrime will release its third record, titled Heart of Crime, next month on August 27. The new record is Ryan Patterson's third full-length for the project in which Patterson sings, writes, and plays various instruments that falls somewhere between post-punk and electronic music. Check out the single "Delicate Prey" below. … Read more

Thrice Release Video For "Scavengers"

Posted in Videos on July 29, 2021

You can check out the video for Thrice's latest single, "Scavengers" after the jump. The track comes from their upcoming album, Horizons/East -- available September 17th (Digital) and October 8th (Physical) via Epitaph Records. Directed by DJay Brawner, the video transports viewers to a different world; one of mystery and … Read more

It's All Over For Sad Park

Posted in Bands on July 29, 2021

Sad Park have announced their new album, It's All Over. The record will be out on September 24th via Lauren Records. Pre-orders are available now for vinyl or cassettes, but in the meantime, you can check out the video for their new single, "Nothing Ever," after the jump. Read more … Read more

New Thrice Album Is On The Horizon

Posted in Records on July 26, 2021

Thrice will release their new album, Horizons/East, through Epitaph Records on September 17th for digital platforms and October 8th for physical. You can stream their new single, "Scavengers" HERE. The record was recorded and self-produced by the band at their own New Grass Studio and mixed by Scott Evans. The … Read more

Howlin' Banana's summer sampler 2021

Posted in MP3s on July 26, 2021

French label Howlin' Banana recently shared its 8th annual summer sampler, a free collection of singles, b-sides, and previously unreleased tracks and demos from the label's roster. The name-your-price download includes songs by Johnny Mafia, Pop Crimes, Tapeworms, Eggs, Gloria, and more.    Read more full track listing: 1. Johnny … Read more