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SPB exclusive: Old Ghosts - Crow

SPB exclusive: Old Ghosts - Crow

Old Ghosts - Crow

Our featured stream this month comes courtesy of State Of Mind Recordings and Old Ghosts, who share the brand new full length, Crow. Fueled by anger with an underlying sense of hope, Crow is the second full-length from the Buffalo, NY-based group.

In a recent interview with No Echo, vocalist Derek explains:

I think most of the songs end up being questions about how we treat the world, each other, and ourselves. Are we able to change our ways? Can we get past regrets and imperfections? Will we fight for the marginalized or just stand by? 

Pre-orders are available from State Of Mind now. Check out the record here:

In addition to the full-length, Old Ghosts also released a split with Bystander earlier this year.
Crow is available on LP and CD in the USA and Canada, and also on LP and cassette for fans in Europe.

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SPB Premiere - "The Time Past" by Han Gan

SPB Premiere - "The Time Past" by Han Gan

Based in the Capital metro of Washington, D.C., three-piece Han Gan returns with The Time Past EP, a follow-up to 2018 full-length The City of Magnificent Intentions. This group, made up of veteran players from the hardcore and punk scene, matches their hard-hitting instrumental parts with thought-provoking lyrics reflecting the crazy world we find ourselves in in 2020.

Commenting on the album, the band says: "The music and the first draft of the lyrics for The Time Past were written a few months before the COVID-19 outbreak and the murder of George Floyd, but what we had written portended to us a major shift. A lot of people could feel something was coming, and The Time Past is our document of that feeling."

Recorded and mixed remotely, the album drops tomorrow, July 1st, with all proceeds from streaming, digital sales, and physical copies (limited-edition cassette and compact discs) going to the Community Justice Exchange’s emergency response fund supporting BLM protesters and immigrant detainees. Check out the premiere of the album's title track below, and consider supporting this release and the worthy cause it benefits.

The Time Past by Han Gan

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Labels A new Bloodshot comp

Posted July 4, 2020, 11:34 a.m.

A new Bloodshot comp

Another new Friday digital release, this time a 17-track compilation of rarities from Bloodshot Records and artists from their roster. Titled Pandemophenia, the collection features rare songs by Murder By Death, Laura Jane Grace & the ...

Records Bindrune Recordings comp for equality

Posted July 4, 2020, 10:48 a.m.

Bindrune Recordings comp for equality

photo by Loren Green

Bindrune Recordings has a new compilation out, as of yesterday, featuring material from Woe, Fall of Rauros, Cloud Rat, Panopticon, Krallics, and more. The extreme music collection is titled Overgrow to Overthrow and is available ...

Records Coaches Son releases EP

Posted July 4, 2020, 9:48 a.m.

Coaches Son releases EP

Coach's Son - Close Encounters of the Worst Kind

Jetsam-Flotsam shared a brand new 3-song EP from Coach's Son today. Titled Close Encounters of the Worst Kind, the EP is the band's first new matieril since the I Don't Know Much ...

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Records This Will Destroy You rarities

Posted July 4, 2020, 9:18 a.m. in Records by Loren

This Will Destroy You rarities

photo by Veronika Reinert

This Will Destroy You has released another volume of rarities as the band shares its demos, unreleased tracks, variations on material, and more. Variations & Rarities ...

Check it out at bandcamp.
Variations & Rarities: 2004-2019 Vol. II Track Listing:
1. Villa Del Refugio (Study)2. They Move on Tracks Of Never-Ending Light (Concept)3. Rejected Football (Score)4. The Mighty Rio Grande (Concept)5. Memory Ranking6. Threads (Demo)

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Labels New SIGE releases on bandcamp

Posted July 4, 2020, 8:59 a.m. in Labels by Loren

New SIGE releases on bandcamp

With another "Bandcamp Friday" complete and a lot of charitable releases hitting the digital platform, SIGE Records shared news of several new items on the ...

Benefiting these organizations:
Black Led Community Investment Fund (BLM Seattle), Protect Native Elders, Loveland Therapy Fund for Black Girls and Women, Adabi Healing Shelter, Elijah McClain Benefit Fund, National Bail Fund Network, Souls Grown Deep, Pro Arts Oakland, Womanist Working Collective Philadelphia, and Freedom for Immigrantsâ €

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Records September brings a Deafkids/Petbrick collaboration

Posted July 3, 2020, 10:31 a.m. in Records by Loren

September brings a Deafkids/Petbrick collaboration

On Sept. 4, a collaborative record between Brazil's Deafkids and UK's Petbrick hits the streets. Fittingly titled Deafbrick, it features 10 total tracks ...

Deafbrick Track Listing:
1. Primeval I2. Força Bruta3. Sweat-Drenched Wreck4. The Menace Of The Dark Polar Night5. Máquina Obssessivo-Compulsiva6. O Antropoceno7. Mega-Ritual8. Hyperkinetic Mass Disorder9. Free Speech For The Dumb10. Primeval II
Pictured: Deafkids

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Records Engine Kid remastered version

Posted July 3, 2020, 9:21 a.m. in Records by Loren

Engine Kid remastered version

photo by Loren Green

Southern Lord has released digital, fully remastered versions of both Engine Kid full-lengths: Bear Catching Fish and Angel Wings via bandcampe with proceeds to benefit ...

Records Culture Abuse: Good Shit, Bad Shit, Who Gives a Shit?!

Posted July 2, 2020, 5:16 p.m. in Records by Loren

Culture Abuse: Good Shit, Bad Shit, Who Gives a Shit?!

photo by Barbara Georges

A collection of unreleased emos, covers, and live recordings will be released later this month by Culture Abuse. The 29-song compilation has the endearing title ...

Good Shit, Bad Shit, Who Gives a Shit?! Track Listing:
1. Bee Kind To The Bugs (Live at Moth Club, London 2019)2. Goo (Field Recording, Ferry from Denmark to Sweden 2019)3. Problems (Sex Pistols Cover, Dr. Martens Cassette 2018)4. Submission (Sex Pistols Cover, Dr. Martens Cassette 2018)5. Rock Steady (“California Speedball” Demo, Amsterdam 2017)6. Chinatown (Live at LDB Fest, Louisville 2019)7. Police On My Back (The Equals Cover, Los Angeles 2018)8. Bee Kind To The Bugs (Instrumental Home Recording by David, 2017)9. Bay Dream (Live at LDB Fest, Louisville 2019)10. Turn It Off (Peach Alternate Version, 2016)11. Chinatown (Peach Alternate Version, 2016)12. Heavy Love (w/ Juan Gabe - Peach Alternate Version, 2016)13. Should I Stay or Should I Go (The Clash Cover - Live at the Moth Club, London 2019)14. Tre Cool (“Dave’s Not Here” Demo, Amsterdam 2017)15. Calm E (Live at For The Children, LA 2019)16. For You To Know (“California Speedball” Home Recording by David, 2017)17. Dream On + So Busted (Live at LDB Fest, Louisville 2019)18. Bee Kind To The Bugs (Bay Dream Demo, Amsterdam 2017)19. Bluebird On My Shoulder (Bay Dream Demo, Amsterdam 2017)20. Rats In The Walls + Weed Break + Dip (Live at LDB Fest, Louisville 2019)21. Flintstones (“Dozy” Demo, Amsterdam 2017)22. What Do I Get (Buzzcocks Cover - Live at Kung Fu Necktie, Philly 2019)23. Bluebird On My Shoulder (Home Recording by David, 2017)24. Rats In The Walls (Bay Dream Demo by David + Nick, Oakland 2016)25. Helpless (Neil Young Cover by the Stainer, SF 2020)26. After Hours (Velvet Underground Cover by Nick, Oakland 2020)27. Clay Pigeons (Blaze Foley Cover by Jake Woodruff + David, San Antonio 2019)28. Feels So Weird (“Bay Dream” Home Recording by David, 2017)29. Jealous (Cover by Jake Woodruff, 2016)

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Records Live PUP record (Friday only)

Posted July 1, 2020, 7:49 p.m. in Records by Loren

Live PUP record (Friday only)

PUP - Live at the Electric Ballroom

As part of Bandcamp's ongoing charitable Fridays, PUP will release a live album called Live at the Electric Ballroom, to be sold only on ...

PUP - Live at The Electric Ballroom Track list:
1. Morbid Stuff
2. Kids
3. My Life Is Over And I Couldn't Be Happier
4. Back Against The Wall
5. Free At Last
6. Dark Days
7. Scorpion Hill
8. Reservoir
9. Family Patterns
10. Full Blown Meltdown
11. If This Tour Doesn't Kill You, I Will + DVP

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Splits The end of INTRCPTR

Posted July 1, 2020, 7:18 p.m. in Splits by Loren

The end of INTRCPTR

photo by Diona Mavis

Los Angeles duo INTRCPTR, comprised of guitarist Ben Carr (5ive) and drummer Larry Herweg (Pelican) shared a new video this week to announce the group ...

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