Blog Search/Play/Repeat - July

Search/Play/Repeat - July

Posted Aug. 3, 2020, 4:44 p.m. by Aaron H

KFAI - Undead

July: Hype Stickers

Boy, I'm getting these things up later and later. Thanks for checking out what I listened to for this installment of Search/Play/Repeat. A lot of 2020 releases in this month's playlist. Some of which that have been a long time coming. There isn't really a "theme" for this month. I just did some bouncing around. One of my new favorite bands are The 1865 which I happened upon last month. While continuing to listen to their album, Don't Tread on We, I found myself perusing the "Fans Also Like" tab of their I dunno, is it considered a "page?" Anyway, the first two bands that popped up were The Muslims and Pleasure Venom. The latter falls on the heavier side of Post-Punk, while The Muslims are raw Punk. The Muslims released their new album, Gentrifried Chicken, back in April its perfect for anyone looking for fast-paced Punk, but the album harbors some catchy Garage-Rock tunes as well.  "Sura Sura" is a great track, and probably one of my favorites of the year. There's also a witty rendition of Blink 182's, "What's My Age Again?" that's titled "Blink 9-11 (What's My Race Again?)" that I also suggest checking out.

July was loaded with notable new releases. A few of them from veteran Punk bands. Strike Anywhere released their new EP, Nightmares of the West. Their first new music in 11 years, and it sounds like they picked up right where they left off. Pop-Punkers, Broadway Calls, released Sad in the City which is their first new album in 7 years, and The Lawrence Arms returned after 6 years with Skeleton Coast. One of the albums I was most excited for was the sophomore record from The Beths, Jump Rope Gazers, and it did not disappoint. It's a more mellow record compared to their debut, Future Me Hates Me, but the Power-Pop and catchy melodies they're known for are there.

The surprise release of the month was Blaqk Audio's Beneath the Black Palm (Side A). Well, okay, it was actually Taylor Swift's folklore, but I haven't checked it out yet. Blaqk Audio released a new album just last year, but they're back with another album due to release at the end of August. The duo were kind enough to release the first half for fans to enjoy until then. Marilyn Manson announced a new album as well and dropped his new single, "We Are Chaos." Admittedly, I haven't really heard anything Manson has done in like two decades, so I have no idea if this has been the direction he's been heading in, but I like it. The music video was pretty on brand for Manson though. Weird choppy imagery complete with a baby playing with a mobile of singing Marilyn Mansons.

That's some of the new music I listened to. Some non-2020 releases made it into rotation as well. I checked out The Roots' Things Fall Apart. A couple weeks after listening to the album, Malick B. died. Another night, a friend and I were pulling a "remember that band" with I Am Ghost. Curiostiy got the best of me and I looked up what the lead singer was up too and saw he has a new band called My Immortal Enemy. It sounds like I Am Ghost if I Am Ghost had continued on, which is probably good for fans of I Am Ghost.

And with that, I'll be bringing July's S/P/R to a close. Thanks for listening! We're reaching the middle of Summer so stay cool. Hunker down next to the A/C and listen to some music and try to find something you haven't listened to before.


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KFAI - Root Of All Evil


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