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Originally founded back in 2002 as a side project of Antaeus, Aosoth were reinvented in 2006 and have been terrorizing the metal audience since. IV: An Arrow In The Heart is the band’s newest release and BST (who has been handling most of the instruments since 2006) found the time to answer our questions.

Scene Point Blank: Hi guys. First of all thanks for finding the time to do this interview. It is really appreciated. Would you like to introduce the band and give us some information on your background?

BST: Hails. Aosoth was created in 2002 as a side-project of Antaeus, and originally was composed only of people who also played in Antaeus actually. They released a couple things and the project was on hold, until MkM offered to join me and take care of writing and producing music for that project in 2006. Since then we’ve recorded four albums, the last of which was released in April 2013.

aosoth1.jpgScene Point Blank: IV: An Arrow In Heart, in my opinion, is the most complete album you have released up to date. Do you see it as the natural progression of your music? Also would you say that it is your most diverse and varied release as a band?

BST: I do feel the evolution was natural, and maybe we had fewer artistic boundaries on that one, which would explain why it feels more diverse. As the band evolves we’re brought to experiment more with things, textures, and facettes of the music...We’re less and less bound to a musical genre and [instead] focusing on creating the most dark and hurtful music possible.

Scene Point Blank: Musically you thrive under all the different moments of the album. Whether it is fast or slow, aggressive or ritualistic, you manage to deliver excellent results. Do you find it difficult to move between these different phases or does it come effortlessly?

BST: Our creative process always works as a session of automatic writing, and usually the songs simply unfold themselves. It needs to be spontaneous, so in that regard, it is quite easy. I just put myself in a state when I’m able to let things within me through the music.

Scene Point Blank: The album was released a couple of months ago. What is the overall feedback you have received? Looking back are you happy yourselves with the end result?

BST: We’re very glad with that album: how it sounds and everything around it, the visual aspects etc. We received very positive feedback from both the media and the listeners so far, nothing to complain about there!

Scene Point Blank: You have a healthy amount of low end in this album, which is quite surprising for a black metal record, separating you from the rest of the herd. Can you give us some information regarding the production of the album? Where was it recorded, mixed, and mastered? Who was the engineer/producer?

BST: I took care of recording, mixing, and mastering the album at my home studio. We did chose to allow a certain amount of space for the bass to be as present as possible, as I always get frustrated with all those bands where the bass is but an additional distorted guitar blended in the mix. I think many great black metal records lack a decent bass sound.

Scene Point Blank: You also released a music video for “Ritual Marks of Penitence.” It looks seriously disturbing, so well done on that aspect. Can you elaborate a bit further on the concept of the short film?

BST: There are different possible interpretations, but I guess a good way to sum it up would be to describe one’s travel towards death. Souls of the chosen, claimed...

"I always get frustrated with all those bands where the bass is but an additional distorted guitar blended in the mix. I think many great black metal records lack a decent bass sound."

Scene Point Blank: Tying in with the previous question, could you go into further detail on your lyrical concepts as a band? If I remember correctly you have a connection to the Order of Nine Angles. Do you want to go into further details on this and is it something you draw inspiration from?

BST: Chants and texts of the O9A were the basis of our lyrics in the early releases. Now they have a more personal touch and it’s hard to really explain them. One might find them on a sheet, in brail, with the LP version of the album...For those who can truly see…

Scene Point Blank:: When it comes to the songwriting process how does it work on Aosoth? I guess that it must come naturally since you have been together in your current incarnation since 2006, apart from bassist INRVI who joined the band permanently in 2010.

BST: I write all the music, and MKM writes all the lyrics. INRVI adds his own touch on some parts, which we work on during the recording together. That’s pretty much it: a very simple process, where each individual has a clear role.

Scene Point Blank: Who is the artist you used for the album cover? I found it the perfect visualization for Aosoth’s music.

BST His name is Benjamin Vierling and he’s an extremely talented artist, we’re very honored to have been able to use one of his paintings for our record.


Scene Point Blank: IV: An Arrow in Heart is the third album that you released under Agonia Records. How is it working with these guys?

BST: Not bad at all, the conditions they offer us are the best we could hope for at the moment. Promotion work is really effective. Nothing to complain about.

Scene Point Blank: I do not think it crossed your mind that I would not ask the following question: what is going on with Antaeus? The band has been silent since 2006, apart from the split album with Katharsis. Is the band still going or are you on a hiatus of sorts?

BST: Antaeus has been reactivated for a few live performances, with a different line-up. I am a part of it as a session live guitar player, so is INRVI on bass. As far as new music goes, it’s not my place to say much about it. If it has to happen, it will, but I would not expect anything anytime soon.

Scene Point Blank: You are part of the French black metal scene that has spawned some unbelievable artists, like Deathspell Omega and Blut Aus Nord. Are there any new bands you would recommend from that scene?

BST: There are a few bands we respect, yes: Temple Of Baal, Hell Militia, Necroblood, Vorkreist, Daethorn, [and] Ritualization.

Scene Point Blank: Do you have any future gigs planned?

BST: We’ll be playing somewhere in France in September, and at Black Flames of Blasphemy in Helsinki in November. We have other offers being discussed as we speak.


Words by Spyros Stasis on April 21, 2014, 3:09 p.m.

Photos by Somnyum

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Posted by Spyros Stasis on April 21, 2014, 3:09 p.m.

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