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Interviews: Dave Hause

Scene Point Blank: First off, I just wanted to know what the inspiration was behind releasing all of these different EPs on different labels?

Dave: I just simply wanted to get the songs onto tape the way they sound when I do them live. So Pete and I went back into the studio to re-record them.

Scene Point Blank: I guess I mean why the separate labels?

Dave: Oh, right, the different labels. I realized I had a bunch of friends who had record labels that wanted to work together and I was in a position where I could do it.

Scene Point Blank: Was there a list going on in your head that you had to cut a few labels off?

Dave: Yeah.

dh_1.jpgScene Point Blank: What made you decide on the final ones that made the cut?

Dave: Part of it was who wanted to work together, part of it was just, well, there were multiple reasons but we ended up with a great batch and it was really fun and I’m just psyched that it’s come to fruition.

Scene Point Blank: I know there’s five that have been released so far, or on the verge of release. Are you planning on doing that with each of the songs on the full-length?

Dave: All 10 are on a 7”. Each song on the full-length is on a 7”, everything has been re-recorded.

Scene Point Blank: With the larger focus of you doing the solo stuff and touring, what is the state of The Loved Ones at this point?

Dave: It’s up in the air. We’ll see, I’m focusing on my solo stuff now.

Scene Point Blank: I know you were on Fat Wreck Chords. Are you still part of that deal?

Dave: We’re out of contract but they want to make a new record.

Scene Point Blank: What happened that you have been picked to decide the Bouncing Souls’ set list tonight?

Dave: We were teasing about how they were going to make a second set list: “What are you going to do?” And they said, “Why don’t you write it? You’re the best set list writer in the west.” It was me and the roadie, DJ. And they were like, “Nobody knows the band better than you two, in terms of the set every night. Why don’t you just write it?”

Scene Point Blank: Did you throw any curveballs in there?

Dave: A couple, yeah we did.

Scene Point Blank: A couple that they’re all going to look at and say, “What the hell?"

Dave: Yeah, totally.

Scene Point Blank: You’ve done a couple of covers for these EPs. Is there a criteria you work on to pick which songs you cover or are they any you look towards that you’d like to cover?

Dave: I always like doing covers, it just depends on the vibe. I’m always busy with it. Today I played at a radio station down the street and played a Richard Thompson cover and I’ve done a Dear Landlord cover. I like to keep it all over the map. If there’s a good song I like to give my try of it.

Scene Point Blank: After this tour—it’s pretty long—where do you go?

Dave: I go right to Gaslight [Anthem] in Europe. Then I’ve got a couple weeks off and I do the Australian Revival Tour.

Scene Point Blank: Are there any plans to record a new full-length?

Dave: Yes, I’ll be going to the studio right after Australia.

Scene Point Blank: Who are you doing the Australian Revival Tour with?

Dave: I can’t tell you that yet, it hasn’t been announced. [Laughs.]

Scene Point Blank: How is it touring with The Souls and Luther? Seems like touring with friends…

Dave: It’s fun. Every minute, good friends. I haven’t done any business.

Scene Point Blank: That’s a hell of a tour! I think that’s all the time we’ll take from you. Thank you.

Dave: Thanks! I’ll be back again soon!


Words by the SPB team on Oct. 19, 2013, 7:23 p.m.

Questions: Jon E & Keenan.

Dave photos by Markus Unger and Stefan van Bremen.

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Dave Hause

Posted on Oct. 19, 2013, 7:23 p.m.

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