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After touring for 2 years in support of their debut album, Aim & Ignite, the power-pop trip, Fun, are getting ready to put out another. However, the band took some time to make it out to perform at Coachella before headlining a few shows in California. Scene Point Blank had a chance to sit with keyboardist, Andrew Dost, to get the details on Fun’s upcoming sophomore effort, as well as his solo endeavors.

Scene Point Blank: So, you just got back from Coachella—how was that?

Andrew Dost: It was awesome!

Scene Point Blank: Did you have a good response?

Andrew Dost: Yeah! The crowd was cool, and we played pretty early in the day. We played at 2:30, so considering that early hour on the final day of the festival—the crowd was awesome!

Scene Point Blank: You guys got there the night before right?

Andrew Dost: We got there the night before, yeah.

Scene Point Blank: Did you see Arcade Fire?

Andrew Dost: We did—awesome—and Mumford & Sons, and—I don’t know who else we saw that first day, but pretty much every show we saw was incredible.

Scene Point Blank: Yeah, I was watching—‘cause they were streaming the whole festival and Arcade Fire were just—

Andrew Dost: Oh cool! Yeah, they were really—

Scene Point Blank: They had all those lights and everything. Those balls that were falling down.

Andrew Dost: It was crazy.

Scene Point Blank: So, how has the writing been going on the new album?


Andrew Dost: Really well. We’ve actually finished most of the record already. It’s pretty thrilling to just like—it went fast! The last one, we spent two or three months on. This one was just a few weeks, so it’s nice to just do it—and move—and keep going—and not think too much about it because we did the thinking before we got into the studio, and now we’re just doing. Last time was more overanalyzing—overcritiquing—and this time it was more like a gut feeling kind of a process, which suits us really well.

Scene Point Blank: How many songs do you have so far?

Andrew Dost: I think we finished nine? We finished eight—have a healthy start on number nine, and then we’re gonna do a little more once we get back to New York.

Scene Point Blank: Is “What the Fuck?” going to be on there?

Andrew Dost: We don’t know.

Scene Point Blank: Don’t know?

Andrew Dost: Yeah, we’re not sure.

Scene Point Blank: How does the writing process usually go for Fun?

Andrew Dost: It really varies. This one, Nate had a lot of ideas before hand that he brought to Jack and I that we fleshed out with music. Last record was a little different. This one—for a few songs—I had a little piano thing that I gave to Nate that he wrote around, so it varies. I would say, usually, Nate has a pretty healthy start.

Scene Point Blank: Ok. How does writing for Fun compare to Anathallo?

Andrew Dost: It’s a lot different. We used to all get in a room with Anathallo and just go nuts—and analyze every little part. It was a very long process which was cool. It was a blast! I loved it! I definitely learned a lot about songwriting, but with Fun it’s more—I would say—you know, it’s hard to say that Anathallo writing wasn’t based on inspiration, because I think a lot of that stuff is—and was—very inspired, but there was a lot more critiquing rather than feeling—for better or for worse. Not that we don’t critique what we do, but I guess when you’ve got seven songwriters there’s more dialogue than three. With the three of us in a room there’s just a lot less people to be throwing ideas into it. It’s just a little quicker.

Scene Point Blank: Can we expect to see—or hear—Steven McDonald come back as producer?

Andrew Dost: No, Steve’s not on this one unfortunately.

Scene Point Blank: What about Roger [Manning]? Is he going to do any arrangements?

Andrew Dost: No, Roger’s not involved either.

Scene Point Blank: So, it’s all you three this time?

Andrew Dost: Well, and our new producer.

Scene Point Blank: What about your solo stuff? You released Columbus. Are you going to do anything else?

Andrew Dost: Yeah! I’ve got an album that I finished over last summer, and there have just been some issues with mixing. You know, and we’ve been so preoccupied with Fun that I haven’t been able to put too much time into—it’s done! It’s just waiting to come out.

Scene Point Blank: Is that going to be on Paper + Plastick too?

Andrew Dost: Yeah.

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Words by Aaron H on June 5, 2011, 4:55 a.m.

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Posted by Aaron H on June 5, 2011, 4:55 a.m.

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