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Scene Point Blank: Are there any specific influences for the new album that weren’t apart of Aim & Ignite?

Andrew Dost: Yes…but we haven’t told anybody anything yet.

Scene Point Blank: Aww, come on!


Andrew Dost: But yes, I will say that it sounds a lot different.

Scene Point Blank: Any kind of hints or anything?

Andrew Dost: No—well, you’ll hear a song tonight that’s sort of a hint I guess.

Scene Point Blank: Which one? I heard them outside. I heard you soundchecking.

Andrew Dost: Ok, yeah, we’re gonna play one tonight called, “We Are Young.”

Scene Point Blank: You have a tour with Panic! At the Disco coming up. How do you expect the response to be for that tour?

Andrew Dost: I think really good, because I think our fans—their fans and our fans probably listen to the same type of music.

Scene Point Blank: Yeah, I think it’s gonna mesh well.

Andrew Dost: I think so. We sound sort of similar. I mean there are some obvious differences, but we’re both sort of theatrical. We both have some—maybe—Beatle-y tendencies. Those guys are awesome. We made a song with them, and they are just the greatest dudes.

Scene Point Blank: You made a song with them?

Andrew Dost: We did, yeah.

Scene Point Blank: Is that out somewhere?

Andrew Dost: Not yet.

Scene Point Blank: Not yet? Where’s it gonna be?

Andrew Dost: Uh, I don’t know.

Scene Point Blank: How do you think it’ll compare with the Paramore tour? How was the response to that?

Andrew Dost: That was a little different, because—I mean it was great, but also that was like 4,000 to 7,000 people every night. This one is a lot smaller, so that—I think—helps us. We can interact a little bit more. We’re just not used to playing in front of an arena full of people. Especially—I mean, Paramore’s fans are very devoted to them. They were open minded and very kind to us, but I think Panic! fans will be even more so.

Scene Point Blank: That tour was big stadiums wasn’t it?

Andrew Dost: Yeah, and in the UK it was like—there was one that was like 20,000 people. It was insane. (Laughter) I’m used to playing coffee shops and stuff, so for me specifically I didn’t know how to process it all—kind of crazy.


Scene Point Blank: Ok. Well, that’s all I’ve got for you, so I’ll let you get prepped for the show.

Andrew Dost: Cool! Awesome!

Scene Point Blank: Are there any rituals you do before a show to get pumped?

Andrew Dost: Nothing specific. I like to just make sure I’ve gone to the bathroom.


Andrew Dost: Because, you know it’s a bummer to have to pee while you’re in the middle of a set.

Scene Point Blank: Has that ever happened?

Andrew Dost: All the time! It’s like every night!


Andrew Dost: Other than that, not really. I just like to get everybody together and just talk about the show. We don’t always do that, but it’s nice when we do. Get everybody on the same page and everybody centered. You know—together. It’s hard to play when you’re not feeling real connected to the people you’re going to sing with, so it’s nice to connect for a few minutes.

Scene Point Blank: Alright, thank you! Any words for the fans?

Andrew Dost: Thanks! Thanks for listening, and we are really proud of this next record. We can’t wait for everybody to hear it.

Scene Point Blank: This year? Is it going to be out this year?

Andrew Dost: Yeah.

Scene Point Blank: Alright, good! Thank you.

Andrew Dost: Thank you.

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Words by Aaron H on June 5, 2011, 4:55 a.m.

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Posted by Aaron H on June 5, 2011, 4:55 a.m.

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