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Since the "grunge revolution" of the early 90's critics, promoters, journalists, and fans alike have been looking for a music scene to redefine rock and roll in the same way that the city of Seattle did. Over the years there have been various it bands coming from the undergrounds of places like New York, Montreal, Los Angeles, and even Omaha. With each of these bands we're promised the same cliches; a new voice for our generation, a sound completely unique, or music that will change the way we think about music. Along with the initial it bands comes a list of surrogates from the same area who are given equal praise and admiration. The general concept is simple: find a town with a thriving indie/alternative rock scene, find the flagship band, two months later find all the flagship bands friends, and dub this town the next Seattle.

The press has finally come full circle; looking back to upper west coast to find their new sound and the next media darlings. For those of you unfamiliar with Pretty Girls Make Graves they're a band made up of bits and pieces from some of the most prominent names to come out the Seattle scene. (Murder City Devils, Bee Hive Vaults, Death Wish Kids, Kill Sadie) The 2002 release of "Good Health", their debut EP, was adored by critics and had various websites and magazines whispering that this was the band to look out for. Their follow up release "The New Romance" again caused a fuss and made quite afew lists for best album of the 2003.

With the band just out of the studio excitement and buzz for Pretty Girls has started to pick up again. Recently Scene Point Blank was given the opportunity to sit down with the newest member Leona to discuss the new LP, PGMG's sound, and various other topics that came out in the busy streets of Toronto.

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Words by Graham Isador on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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Posted by Graham Isador on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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