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In a time of calculated metal and blistering hardcore punk, it's nice to know that The Adored can come out of nowhere and replenish our vials of elixir. What makes their sound so refreshing is that while being catchy and poppy, there is a definite backbone that not only keeps things ill but also enables the placement of a template that can allow naked boys and girls to jump up and down without the fear of falling. That sentence was unnecessarily long; my intention was for you to get excited about this band, to start licking your fingers in anticipation of the opportunity to turn a virtual page in this riveting interview. Although this was conducted over the e-mail, please don't be discouraged, as what lay before you is just many answers as lay questions. So without further ado, I present...THE INTERVIEW! and some mp3s at the bottom to salivate your hearing glands.

ScenePointBlank: What does your name mean? Where does it come from?

The Adored: You won't be asking us this question in 6 months, so you can decide for yourself OR we could give you a verbose but meaningless explanation.

ScenePointBlank: As an emerging band that for the most part is just starting out, what are your plans and predictions for the future of The Adored?

The Adored: We're focusing on having more and more pictures of us taken. We predict we will succeed.

ScenePointBlank: What separates you from the wave of fun-pop/indie-dance bands?

The Adored: Talent, Longevity, Experience and Charm. We're separate from those other New York bands the same way oil and water separate and the same way Libraries have a separate section for reference books.

ScenePointBlank: Why is The Adored my new favorite band?

The Adored: In sports (such as horse racing, or boxing) the competitor that is judged most likely to win is the favorite. Let's just say we stand highest in the betting. Now go re-evaluate your old favorite band.

ScenePointBlank: How did you guys meet up?

The Adored: Ryan and Nat met in a VFW hall in King City, CA. They were both involved in the local punk rock scene and in bands. Max and Drew are from New England and met halfway through college on a European trip and moved to LA a year later... at which point they joined up with Nat and Ryan mostly because of the striking similarities in one another's appearance.

ScenePointBlank: Any touring plans?

The Adored: We'll be playing a few nights in New York City this spring at a variety of elite disco-hothouses. Next.

ScenePointBlank: You're a pop band more or less, which for the most part carries connotations of a lack of substance and message, are there any messages in which you carry?

The Adored: The message we carry is that Pop music can, in fact, contain substance and message.

ScenePointBlank: Where do you get the ideas for your cool hair and costumes?

The Adored: From the ballet.

ScenePointBlank: How did your new year's eve show go?

The Adored: It was a night of sexual and social excess that we will never forget. The kind of stuff Urban Legends are made of. Nat, however, doesn't remember a thing.

ScenePointBlank: How have crowd reactions been?

The Adored: See above.

ScenePointBlank: What exactly is an adorgasm?

The Adored: Check www.rocktheadored.com for show dates. Thanks for asking.

ScenePointBlank: Some of your members used to be in Carry On, is ex-Carry On a label you are trying to stray from or embrace?

The Adored: Ryan and Nat are looking to the future. Max and Drew have no idea what you're talking about. Also, according to FAA regulations, you are only allowed one piece of carry on which must fit in the storage area above you or underneath the seat in front of you.

ScenePointBlank: Why the jump from Carry On (punk/hardcore) type music to The Adored (pop)?

The Adored: Ryan and Nat got too impatient and mastered the language. We'll never be quite that young again. Also, less tough guys, more pretty girls.

ScenePointBlank: Bluntly Ryan, there are stories that you snorted coke off of a girl's ass at a party, what are your thoughts on this?

Ryan Adored: That's totally not true. It was a ring of PCP off a guy's nipple.

Interview conducted over E-mail by Zed

Website: http://www.rocktheadored.com

The Adored Mp3s:

Catch Your Breath

All Around

Sex is in Fashion

TV Riot



Words by Zed on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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Posted by Zed on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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