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Scene Point Blank: You founded 31G records, which now represents some of the biggest names in modern rock music (Blood Brothers, Ex Models, Some Girls). To what do you ascribe this success?

JP: Honestly, I don't consider myself successful on any level. Three One G, Some Girls, The Locust all are parts of my life and what I have devoted most of who I am to being a creative component. But not only do each component (the label, or bands that I play in) consist of others whom I consider family, but we are all artists, or activists to some extent. We are people who have really gone to the extent of creating something that is not financially viable. Granted, we are all in the public eye, we are surrounded by people who are creative and who are some of the most impressive and progressive human beings. But the amount of time, money and energy that has been put into these aspects does not out weigh any sort of "career" that most people at an older age sort of devote their life to. Also I'm not sure that we are really part of "modern rock". Musical terms are so bastardized and really make no sense to me.

Scene Point Blank: You staged a fake wedding in Hawaii with (Locust drummer) Gabe Serbian. You also made an appearance on the Jerry Springer show. What were those about?

JP: It was just bullshitting really. That is the one thing that I learned from my dad before he was killed. Bullshitting through life is really the only way to make your mark. So I bullshitted.

Scene Point Blank: The Locust does not play Clear Channel venues, a potentially risky career move. What prompted this decision?

JP: I guess it's pretty risky actually. As a matter a fact, it has hurt us financially on many tours and still does. But the fact that Clear Channel represents the Christian Right-Wing conservative side of human culture and the fact that it's a multi conglomerate corporation whom is really taking a shit on music and art in general is reason enough for us to avoid any ties to it. It's getting worse too. There are ties to "Live Nation" from what I can gather and they just purchased House of Blues too. So monopolizing seems to be the official route of Clear Channel. Even more of a sign of why we prefer to avoid this media avenue is Clear Channels use by the Bush administration in the last two rigged elections as a major electoral component and how it lends to the obvious fascist aspect that has reared its ugly head on the political spectrum.

Scene Point Blank: You guys make Locust compacts, modeled after cocaine mirrors. Do you feel it's irresponsible to sell these to your younger fans?

JP: I'm not sure what you are taking about. I have never done cocaine and we never modeled any sort of merchandising product or idea after cocaine mirrors. However we did have vanity mirrors. In case you were not aware, they could be used for a variety of things such as make-up application, picking food out of your teeth, popping zits, fixing your bangs, etc. About the second part of your question, we are not responsible for anyone besides ourselves. We are a band and in no way are we a babysitting service.

Scene Point Blank: What do you have to say about the state of independent music right now?

JP: Nothing.

Interview: Kaveh

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Words by Kaveh on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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Posted by Kaveh on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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