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Pass The Mic: Record Labels and Artists on 2008

Words: Michael • October 16, 2010


Capillary Action (Jonathan Pfeffer)

What are your top five albums that were released in 2008?

  1. Pattern is Movement - All Together
  2. Extra Life - Secular Works
  3. Heathers - What's Your Damage?
  4. Zs - The Hard EP
  5. Skeletons - Money

What band did you discover in 2008 (can be a brand new band or an older band) that had an impact on your life? What made them significant?

My girlfriend and I accidentally wandered into this art space show in Seattle and came upon this ridiculously amazing Irish duo called Heathers. Two sisters - one sings while the other plays guitar and sings - shredding through the most potent, catchy, anthemic bite-sized tunes I've heard in a good long while. Heathers reminded me how elegant aggression could be.

How will you remember 2008? (In terms of music)

Aside from our new record, I'll always remember 2008 as the year of Pattern is Movement's "All Together." Chris and Andrew somehow manage to take The Roots, Ravel, and the goddamn Sound of Music and spin those disparate influences into weird, masterfully crafted songs. I do not understand why more people aren't raving about this record! It packs more hooks and other assorted deliciousness into 30 minutes than all the records Pitchfork hyped this year COMBINED. I didn't hear a single new record that could touch "All Together" this year (though Extra Life's new one came damn close - props, Charlie!).

Vinyl record sales saw a significant increase this year while hard copy sales continued to dwindle. Is this a return to the glory days for vinyl or just a phase? Explain.

Maybe all the vinyl geeks' little brothers started getting into record collecting this year?

What was the most memorable moment for you in 2008? (Can be in terms of anything)

It's a tie between surviving a car crash and being asked to sign a girl's tits at one of our shows while organizing our tour expense Excel spreadsheet.

What can we look forward to from you in 2009?

Lots of touring and hopefully a new record.

What three records are you looking forward to most in 2009?

Hi Red Center's new album!

Homepage: http://www.capillaryaction.net

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