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ScenePointBlank re-design

Posted Feb. 13, 2004, 12:39 a.m. in Site News by Matt

Welcome to the new, improved, faster, better, feature-packed and all round rockin' design of your favorite voice in the online music world. It's been a crappy few months for us what with server changes, site downtime, staff quitting before they'd even begun work, and problems restricting this new design until now. But we're past all of that now, and ready to kick your collective asses once more.

But what do you, our beloved readers, want from the site? Thanks to new features you can now respond to what were formerly rhetorical questions, using the comment feature. Sign up now, and the first 10 applicants will receive a special prize [n00dz of Zed ;)]. Also, we're working on linking site signups with forum ones, so you can join both with one friendly form.

Why should you register? We can mail you with site news before anyone else will get to hear it, you can download exclusive mp3s, and in future we have plans for more members-only stuff you know you all need. So join up, comment away, and post on the forum. enjoy the site's new SUPER COOL structure, and above all, compliment me (Matt) on all my hard work on the site, by commenting on this shit. thankyou.

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