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Scene Point Blank: 2007 Relaunch & Reader Survey

Posted July 8, 2007, 4:57 p.m. in Site News by Matt

It's the great pleasure of the SPB staff to present the brand new look for your favorite webzine. It's been some time coming,
but hopefully it was worth the wait. We've been really excited about bringing it to you and hopefully you'll be equally so when it
comes to exploring all the new features.

Matt has detailed all of the new features in his blog (a new feature in itself!), which you can check out right here.
There's tons of new stuff to check out so just click around and figure it out for yourself. If you're curious about the production of the new site,
the unused designs, logo ideas and other concepts, you can also check out a short film of the process which is in Matt's blog in the above link.

Our biggest asset as a webzine is of course, you, our wonderful reader, so what better way to reward us for that completely sincere compliment by
taking the SPB 2007 Reader Survey? Seriously though, as a webzine, our goal is to serve our audience and provide the kind
of things that you want to see. While we pride ourselves on our critical faculties and intellectual insight, we're not mind-readers and can't always
predict our readers. Take a few minutes to fill in the survey (that's all it'll take) and we'd be really grateful. It'll give us an idea of what you
like, what you dislike, and what you want to see more of. Oh, and if you state that your favourite staffer is Matt, you'll win something cool.

Enjoy the new site, check out the new features, give us your feedback, and if you do run into anything weird, " Errors!!">email Matt and let us know. Thanks!

- the SPB Team

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