News Videos Video Premiere - "Elba" by Mount Forel

Video Premiere - "Elba" by Mount Forel

Video Premiere - "Elba" by Mount Forel

Judging from statistics I hear from time to time, it appears as if the general public’s knowledge of geography is, how shall I say, not so hot nowadays, but the world and its many interesting places seem to be of particular interest to London-based rock band Mount Forel. The band, named after a landmark in Greenland, titles most of its tracks after locations, and each of its four members hail from a different corner of the globe, with the U.K., U.S., New Zealand and Japan all being represented.

Mount Forel is currently prepping for the release of their debut album, Small Worlds, and we’ve here got the video premiere for “Elba,” a song whose title refers to the largest island in Italy’s Tuscan Archipelago.

Singer and guitarist Ross Thompson had this to say about the location and the inspiration it provided:

“I took the footage used at the start of the “Elba” video myself - it‘s the island of beautiful sunsets in my view. I’ve been there a few times with my wife and also friends who come from there spiritually. It's full of history and beauty with every beach, every vista and every cove being unique and beautiful, just like the sun sets. Elba is a unique place and fitted perfectly with the song.”

I really like the closing segment of this track, and since I don’t think most of us would refuse a vacation these days, check out the “Elba” video below and see if it takes you on a brief journey somewhere else. Small Worlds is out April 30th and can be preordered here.

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