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Young Love EP

All Teeth came out in 2009 with a full length that got mass praise amongst the hardcore press. Unfortunately it did not yield the fanbase they may deserve. So in the meantime they have moved to Panic Records, a label with a reputation for putting out solid releases. This label change seems to have done some good for them, allowing them to spread their creative wings a bit more within the confines of hardcore.
The record touts guest appearances from California hardcore luminaries including members of Sabertooth Zombie, Ceremony, and Comadre. This record takes little additions and uses them to coalesce into a strong whole. Beginning with a spoken word piece from Cody of the aforementioned Sabertooth Zombie things only get more interesting from there. While most bands would be content to follow the formula that helped them get rave reviews All Teeth stream more experimental qualities into their songs than ever. This is not to say that they've fell into electronics and melodic singing. Instead, the band resorts to using feedback and intelligent use of noise to bridge tracks and themes together. This allows for an ep that feels like a suitable record as opposed to a stopgap release. If you have missed out on All Teeths' brand of heavy melodic hardcore before now would be the time to give them a bit of your time.

7.9 / 10Jon E.
Radio K 2
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7.9 / 10

7.9 / 10

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