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Win Us Over

Volcom (2008) Michael

ASG – Win Us Over cover artwork
ASG – Win Us Over — Volcom, 2008

ASG stands for Amplification for Self Gratification. The name is rather fitting for this North Carolina rock group. On Win Us Over, their third full-length, the band delivers equal parts stoner metal dirge, guitar-rock speed, and punk attitude.

As with most bands of this genre, it is the guitars that take center stage. Bands like ASG are about rocking out, and they certainly succeed in that manner. Cuts like "Right Death Before" and "Low End Insight" are filled with slick riffs and pounding drums, providing the perfect soundtrack for any rock and roll shenanigans. For the most part ASG sticks to this formula, though they do tone it down on a few cuts - "Coffee Depression Sunshine" is one of the most spot-on slower tunes.

Bottom-line, fans of Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu, The Sword, Seemless, and Scissorfight will no doubt find something to enjoy here. While it may not be the best thing to hit the rock world, it's certainly got its fair share of pure rock fury.

6.5 / 10Michael • March 12, 2008

ASG – Win Us Over cover artwork
ASG – Win Us Over — Volcom, 2008

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