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Only Boundaries

This is the second EP in as many years from this young band. While they are overwhelmingly young, they are not without experience. Touting members of the recently deceased War Pigs and The Erection Kids - who despite a silly name are best known for a really great split EP with Title Fight. The best part of this is knowing that one truly couldn't prepare oneself for what this band plays. Following suit with a select few bands these days, Balance and Composure play 90's style emo. They carry a strong emphasis on tension and release with melodic singing. Where they differ from most is a well studied use of dual vocals. Instead of relying on unnecessary screaming, whining, crap breakdowns, or any number of other tired genre sticking points used to death in the last ten years or so, they focus on lyrics. While the lyrics are not going to rival Leonard Cohen for his awards any time soon, they more than convey the message that is intended.

The EP is long for this style (four songs in twenty minutes) but it makes great use of the time. Each song builds on a strong melody which is then used to propel the song forward with heavier than normal bass lines and above average drumming. The instruments weave in and out to create a strong web for the vocals to lie in within the mix. Every song carries a distinct build and break along with great catchy melodies.

There are only a few complaints one could have about this release. While the songs are structured amazingly well and flow in decent fashion, they are long for this style. What could have been and amazing EP gets saddled with some extra time seemingly wasting some great moments to to continue building on an already great song. The packaging could be better; the liner are printed on the back of the LP sleeve. This means there is no extra artwork on the inside, nothing but what's necessary is given. But thankfully the vinyl release does come with a CD (always a plus in my book).

Overall, this EP should make quite a stir and makes the most of it's time. What this shows the listener is a very strong band on the cusp of something big. This band could be the next Thrice or Brand New. They all carry a strong sense of musicianship and structure while creating interesting songs overall. The only thing that can hold Balance and Composure from the next level now is themselves.

8.4 / 10Jon E.
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No Sleep


8.4 / 10

8.4 / 10

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