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KFAI - Roar of the Underground
Benton Falls - Guilt Beats Hate album cover

Benton Falls

Guilt Beats Hate, 2002

7.4 / 10

Thanks to Cursive, every band on the planet has to try to out-honest each other in their lyrics. Call it the fallout of their neutron bomb of a record, if ...

Brandtson - Death and Taxes album cover


Death and Taxes, 2003

6.0 / 10
Multiple Authors

Brandtson has always been a guilty pleasure type band. I have the Letterbox and Dial In Sounds CDs and listen to them from time to time. When I got the ...

Brandtson - Death and Taxes album cover


Death and Taxes, 2003

2.0 / 10
Multiple Authors

Part of me says it's not Brandtson's fault. They formed way back in 1996, and as such, are quite possibly the last of these so-called "emo" bands left that hasn't ...

Latterman - ...We are Still Alive album cover


...We are Still Alive, 2006

8.0 / 10

I haven't paid much attention to anything that Deep Elm has put out since Emo Diaries Volume #5. I always thought this label's marketing of the term "emo" was cheeky ...

Sounds Like Violence - With Blood on My Hands album cover

Sounds Like Violence

With Blood on My Hands, 2007

4.0 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Alternative Press called Sweden’s Sounds Like Violence "post-grunge." I don't know what the fuck post-grunge is supposed to sound like, but apparently it's catchy pop-punk "recommended for fans of: My ...

Desoto Jones - Aurora album cover

Desoto Jones

Aurora, 2007

2.0 / 10

Before I even really get into this review, I just need to let everyone out there in Scene Point Blank-land know that this album actually contains the lyric "You are ...

Dartz! - This is My Ship album cover


This is My Ship, 2007

5.3 / 10

From what I can tell, Dartz! is the U.K.'s shot at Q and Not U. However, their British accents, along with more of a Bloc Party feel, lessen the gap ...

Ride Your Bike - Bad News from the Bar album cover

Ride Your Bike

Bad News from the Bar, 2008

2.0 / 10

Bad News from the Bar serves as a soundtrack for a screenplay that Ride Your Bike member Mike Getches wrote. In the supposed movie which I shall entitle Emo Schlock ...

Moving Mountains - Pneuma album cover

Moving Mountains

Pneuma, 2008

6.1 / 10

Let me get this out in the open right off the bat; I wanted to hear this because the band's name is similar to a great album by The Casket ...

Nathan Xander - The Fear album cover

Nathan Xander

The Fear, 2009

6.4 / 10

Every once in awhile you try out an album and it becomes a happy accident. These albums become special to you because you just took a chance and found something ...

Ryan Mallot & Kelly Thomas - Self Titled album cover

Ryan Mallot & Kelly Thomas

Self Titled, 2009

8.3 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Deep Elm has, over the past few years, been relying more on their internet presence rather than being a label that releases records in a physical manner. While this is ...

The Keystone Kids - Things Get Shaky album cover

The Keystone Kids

Things Get Shaky, 2012

7.0 / 10

Half of The Keystone Kids is half of Slingshot Dakota, while the other half is Ryan O'Donnell of Yo Man Go, and that was enough to hook and reel me ...

Papermoons - No Love album cover


No Love, 2013

7.8 / 10

The press blurb that accompanies Texas-based indie folk duo Papermoons' sophomore album No Love claims that "the idea that you can say a whole lot more without screaming or shouting" is solidified ...

Moonlit Sailor - We Come From Exploding Stars album cover

Moonlit Sailor

We Come From Exploding Stars, 2014

7.5 / 10

A post-rock review is always a challenge. If you think it’s tough to capture the attention of an audience and carry them on your journey, musically, for 45 minutes without ...

Kid You Not - Never A Dull Movement album cover

Kid You Not

Never A Dull Movement, 2017

7.1 / 10

Kid You Not has some pretty clear influences behind their melodic pop-punk sound. With semi-coarse vocals that lead to big sing-along choruses, Iron Chic and Red City Radio shine through. It’s not really shining ...

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