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Fake Names

Fake Names
Epitaph (2020)

Fake Names formed when two long-time friends decided to play music together at home, with no plans for it to grow into an actual group. But after Brian Baker (Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, Bad Religion) and Michael Hampton (S.O.A., Embrace, One Last Wish) put the pen to paper, they changed their mind and recruited a band. They’d attended elementary school with bassist Johnny Temple … Read more

Frank Turner

England Keep My Bones
Epitaph (2011)

Despite being on tour, almost constantly, for the past couple of years, once again the affable folk-punk troubadour has found the time to release a new album. This, the fourth solo effort from the ex-Million Dead front man, is quite possibly his most polished work yet as he slowly works towards a sound that fully combines both his folk and … Read more

Frank Turner

Poetry of the Deed
Epitaph (2009)

There are a slew of musicians who take the role of singer-songwriter after the break up of their former bands. At times this can showcase the talent that drove the bands to their success, or alternately show the need for collaboration to flesh out their ideas into worthwhile songs. Frank Turner fronted the mildly successful post-hardcore act Million Dead before … Read more


Orchestra of Wolves (Reissue)
Epitaph (2007)

The word "fucking" appears on Orchestra of Wolves forty-nine times. Let me break it down for you: there's thirty-nine "fucking"s on the full-length and ten on the two bonus tracks for a grand total of forty-nine. That's not including variants such as "fuck", "fucked", etc. I counted every time it appears in the lyrics (there's an extra in one song … Read more


Patent Pending
Epitaph (2006)

Imagine the following scenario: After getting out of work, undoubtedly somewhere shitty such as an office position or a retail job at the mall that, despite the "amazing" discount you claim to get, sucks beyond human comprehension, you arrive at the club that resides just out of the heart of the city closest to you. You hand your ticket to … Read more

Joyce Manor

Never Hungover Again
Epitaph (2014)

This one took a while to stand out, which I didn’t expect given the accolades Joyce Manor has been ringing up with their three releases. Never Hungover Again is my first listen to the band and I can’t say I understand the hype. While they do their style well, it doesn’t jump ahead of the pack, with the predominant power … Read more

Motion City Soundtrack

Even if it Kills Me
Epitaph (2007)

If you're like me, the state of Minnesota is automatically associated with one of two things: 1) Mall of America and 2) Fargo. One is awesome because it has rollercoasters in it while the other single-handedly made me scared to ever visit the states of North Dakota and Minnesota for fear of ending up in a wood-chipper. Motion City Soundtrack … Read more

Motion City Soundtrack

I Am the Movie
Epitaph (2003)

OK, picture the following: Reggie & the Full Effect are traveling east in a train going from California at 120 MPH. Third Eye Blind are traveling west in a train that is headed west from New York at 80 MPH. When will they hit? I'm sorry, but I don't know the answer to that. However, I can tell you that … Read more

New Found Glory

Not Without a Fight
Epitaph (2009)

Over their twelve years together as a band New Found Glory has pretty much encountered it all. They started at the beginning on a fledgling indie label just playing shows wherever they could and enjoying the fact that they got to play music. Then came the glory and the fame, the major label deal and the huge touring opportunities. This … Read more

Off With Their Heads

Epitaph (2013)

Maybe it’s because I caught Off With Their Heads live recently and maybe it’s because on Home, their third official full-length, the theme is something that songwriter Ryan Young has been hinting at all along. Either way, the songs here are familiar and powerful and they continue to deliver in a similar vein as to the rest of their output, following … Read more

Off With Their Heads

In Desolation
Epitaph (2010)

Off With Their Heads have built a reasonable fanbase within the fest related punk scene. This is due to certain consistency in their style, without being all the same all the time. Gruff vocals, bass heavy songs, and depressing lyrics all have their place in this. So one had to expect a backlash of sorts when, after a series of … Read more


Failed States
Epitaph (2012)

Unless you’ve only just been introduced to Canadian punk music from the past quarter century, you've already come to expect a few things from a new Propagandhi record. There are no pre-release jitters, no faint thoughts tugging at the forefront of your consciousness that maybe this’ll be the one to disappoint. Time and time again, the Winnipeg-based quartet have delivered. … Read more

Raised Fist

From the North
Epitaph (2015)

From The North is Raised Fist’s first release since 2009’s Veil of Ignorance, and is a continuation of the style and sound honed on that album. Veil of Ignorance was a ridiculously catchy album, and a repetitive guilty pleasure for this reviewer. The reason I could not fully get behind Veil of Ignorance, despite not being able to stop listening … Read more


Honor Is All We Know
Epitaph (2014)

For years I was the biggest Rancid fan. The first record I didn’t buy on its release date was B-Sides & C-Sides, and that’s because I already had the songs. I was an unapologetic completest. As the post-2000 records have been coming, I became an apologetic completest. I bought the double album version of Let the Dominoes Fall and spun … Read more

Sage Francis

Human the Death Dance
Epitaph (2007)

After 2005's A Healthy Distrust Sage Francis cemented himself as one of hip-hop's biggest heroes as well as one of it's most despised figures. Francis seemingly blurred the line between mainstream and the world of underground mix tapes, coming out as a possible savior of hip-hop, the opposite of rappers Nas blasted on Hip-Hop is Dead. While A Healthy Distrust … Read more

Set Your Goals

This Will Be the Death of Us
Epitaph (2009)

Set Your Goals follows up their debut album, Mutiny!, with yet another fusion of pop punk and scarce hardcore elements. For those of you unfamiliar with Mutiny!, let me sum it up for you in a few brief sentences. It was light and fun. It was catchy at times. Yeah, I kind of dug it, but it got pretty textbook … Read more

Some Girls

Heaven's Pregnant Teens
Epitaph (2006)

Some Girls is an enigmatic conglomerate of musicians that produce incredibly grating and challenging pieces of music. Considering the pedigree of this band, expectations for its output have consistently run high. Seriously, what would a listener expect from a band comprised of members of Unbroken, Swing Kids, The Locust, American Nightmare (Give Up the Ghost), and more? Most would probably … Read more

The Draft

In a Million Pieces
Epitaph (2006)

What happens when you are part of an established, kind of well-known (definitely well-known in all manner of independent music circles) band and one of your fellow members decides to take a break? Well, in this case, you start a "new" band and immediately begin writing an album. This is exactly what The Draft is…Hot Water Music minus Chuck Ragan … Read more