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Whiskey & Co. - Whiskey & Co. album cover

Whiskey & Co.

Whiskey & Co., 2003

7.0 / 10

Do you enjoy the taste of cheap beer? Do you pronounce the words creek as "crick" and hollow as "holler"? Have you ever gone "cow-tipping"? If you answered yes to ...

Defiance, Ohio - The Great Depression album cover

Defiance, Ohio

The Great Depression, 2006

8.8 / 10

In 2004, Defiance, Ohio released Share What Ya' Got. While I really enjoyed the record, I often found that the production quality was very weak and it definitely hampered the ...

Armalite - Armalite album cover


Armalite, 2006

8.0 / 10

I have never been a huge fan of Atom Goren's past projects. Whether it was his sloppy but albeit fun pop-punk outfit, Fracture, whom existed in the early 90's, or ...

The Draft - Stop Wastin' My Time/Up All Night album cover

The Draft

Stop Wastin' My Time/Up All Night, 2007

8.0 / 10
200 Words Or Less

As much as I have been disappointed with most of The Draft's output I really like this two song platter. "Stop Wastin' My Time" recalls mid-period Hot Water Music mixed ...

The Ergs! / Grabass Charlestons - Split album cover

The Ergs! / Grabass Charlestons

Split, 2007

9.2 / 10
200 Words Or Less

The Ergs have suddenly become everyone’s favorite pop-punk and with good reason. They contribute two songs of fun catchy songs about girls that will no doubtingly be stuck in your ...

J Church - The Horror of Life album cover

J Church

The Horror of Life, 2007

8.4 / 10

With the passing of Lance Hahn, the fragile punk continuum lost one of its all-time greats. Smart, critical, and relentlessly prolific, Hahn’s work provided a formidable example of what could ...

Defiance, Ohio - The Fear, The Fear, The Fear album cover

Defiance, Ohio

The Fear, The Fear, The Fear, 2007

7.9 / 10

Defiance, Ohio are somewhat of a punk rock abnormality, having released a slew of records in a short amount of time, yet still maintaining the same lineup and same ethics, ...

Planes Mistaken for Stars - We Ride to Fight: The First Four Years album cover

Planes Mistaken for Stars

We Ride to Fight: The First Four Years, 2008

7.6 / 10

One might be hard pressed to envision a band that seems to exemplify a road warrior type touring ethic than that of the hard working group, Planes Mistaken for Stars. ...

Hot Water Music - Till the Wheels Fall Off album cover

Hot Water Music

Till the Wheels Fall Off, 2008

8.0 / 10

People who find this band excellent or entertaining have an intimate love affair with them and their blue collar, dirt under the fingernails, dyed in the wool punk rock. It ...

The Tim Version - Decline of the Southern Gentleman album cover

The Tim Version

Decline of the Southern Gentleman, 2008

8.8 / 10

At The Fest last fall I saw a lot of bands, most of which I had a previous idea of what they were about beforehand. One band I didn’t know, ...

Off With Their Heads - From the Bottom album cover

Off With Their Heads

From the Bottom, 2008

8.8 / 10

Remember when the Dropkick Murphy’s were good, when they were still a bunch of drunken rabble-rousers instead of highbrow hooligans cashing in on the idea that if you give any ...

Bridge and Tunnel - East/West album cover

Bridge and Tunnel

East/West, 2008

8.5 / 10

If there has ever been a band that you would expect to be on No Idea Records that doesn't feature any bands that were ever on the No Idea roster ...

North Lincoln - Midwestern Blood album cover

North Lincoln

Midwestern Blood, 2009

6.8 / 10

Most bands that are signed to No Idea Records have a sound that's usually expected from them. That, of course, being raw punk rock with gruff vocals and catchy melodies. ...

Dear Landlord - Dream Homes album cover

Dear Landlord

Dream Homes, 2009

9.0 / 10

Too much hype is something that can kill a band in the end of things because there's a good chance that said band never lives up to it and ends ...

Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves - Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves album cover

Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves

Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves, 2009

7.5 / 10

Over the course of a period of time, Chris Wollard (of Hot Water Music, The Draft, Blacktop Cadence, and Rumbleseat fame) and a gaggle of friends (George Rebelo of Hot ...

The Bomb - Speed is Everything album cover

The Bomb

Speed is Everything, 2009

6.8 / 10

Considering how much I’ve heard about the Naked Raygun reunion, you’d think there would be more buzz regarding The Bomb. Speed is Everything is the Jeff Pezzati led group’s first ...

Defiance, Ohio - Midwestern Minutes album cover

Defiance, Ohio

Midwestern Minutes, 2010

7.0 / 10

Midwestern Minutes is the fourth full-length from Defiance, Ohio. The band has crafted a sound that draws from Americana and Plan-It-X-style DIY pop punk. The instrumentation of the six-piece adds ...

The Measure [SA] - Notes album cover

The Measure [SA]

Notes, 2010

8.0 / 10

A recent SPB interview with Lauren Measure found that the band has released 18 pieces of wax so far in their career—yet Notes is only their second official full-length in ...

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