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The Tomb Within EP
Peaceville (2010)

Autopsy are a band of legacy as one of the original death metal bands. Sure they had left for awhile to do other bands and whatever else. Now they return with a barnburner of an EP. Truly nothing has really changed for this band. They are still incredibly heavy have their noted gurgling death vocal style and strong leads. Certain … Read more

Barren Earth

The Curse Of The Red River
Peaceville (2010)

Barren Earth is like an ex-members of who's who. Sporting members from Swallow The Sun, Amorphis, and Moonsorrow among others. The band is veritable Swedish metal powerhouse. The band makes the most of the sum of their parts. Cultivating parts of melancholic metal of Swallow The Sun and the metal with Swedish folk touches of Amorphis. They songs have a … Read more

Barren Earth

The Devil's Resolve
Peaceville (2012)

If there’s anything I love, it’s some fucking metal. And if there’s any band out there that can deliver some fucking metal with astonishing consistency, it’s Finnish power/folk sextet Barren Earth. In that respect, their latest album, 2012’s The Devil’s Resolve, does not disappoint.Like their previous release, there is a clear folk influence at work on their music, but its … Read more


Unblessing the Purity
Peaceville (2008)

With this being a side project for everybody involved, it isn't strange that members have come and gone with great frequency since the band's inception. Bloodbath however, is a seriously good band consisting of established musicians from Opeth and Katatonia indulging in their love of old school death metal. Unblessing the Purity is a four-track EP offering up fierce old … Read more

Cradle Of Filth

Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa
Peaceville (2011)

Most people already have a clear opinion of Cradle Of Filth. Generally speaking the band are rather polarizing and have done little over time to change that fact. While some opinions may be unfounded, the band also do much to make the most of their fanbase. The band plays a very dramatized style of what could almost be called Orchestral … Read more


Arctic Thunder
Peaceville (2016)

Darkthrone may have been around for nigh on thirty years, but it hasn’t stopped the Norwegian duo from consistently releasing music and constantly changing up their sound to keep them from living too much in the past. Beginning on a more death metal style, before moving on to black metal (and helping to create the whole second wave of black … Read more


Peaceville (2007)

Those who know, love, and used to love this genuinely cult Norwegian band will probably know what to expect from their latest disc. Darkthrone have decided to take further musical steps away from the genre they will always be considered legends of and deliberately make all the puritan black metal fans furious. I'm not going to say that they decided … Read more


The Underground Resistance
Peaceville (2013)

There's not a whole hell of a lot to be said about Darkthrone that is not already legend. Having survived the Norwegian Black Metal Scene relatively unscathed - both the chaos of the early 90's and all the cliches of the subsequent years, they are, with the exception of maybe Mayhem, the last band standing in the ashes of the … Read more


A Umbra Omega
Peaceville (2015)

It always takes a while for Dodheimsgard (DHG) to release a new album, but it is also always worth the wait. The experimental alchemists from Norway started off their career back in the mid ‘90s when the second wave of black metal bands was starting to come together. The core of the band back then with the release of their … Read more


City Burials
Peaceville (2020)

Katatonia are one of the most well loved and revered bands of today and while the wait for new music since The Fall of Hearts in 2016 has been a little longer than the usual cycle for the Swedish band – they announced a hiatus after this record was released - they have not been resting in that time, rather they have … Read more


Dead End Kings
Peaceville (2012)

Sweden’s Katatonia have been a constant presence in the realm of blackened doom/death metal since the bands inception way back in the very early 90s, and whilst a modicum of that era is still present in the group’s sound of today, Katatonia are now a fully fledged depressive rock entity. Whilst this depressive tendency ebbs and flows throughout much of … Read more


The Fall of Hearts
Peaceville (2016)

Katatonia’s evolution over their twenty five year career has been one that’s taken in doom, death metal, gothic soundscapes and progressive beats, but more than anything, a deeply felt emotional tie to the music has been found within. Whenever they’ve been moving through difficult moments as a band - with members leaving during last few years – their music hasn’t … Read more


Det Svarte Juv
Peaceville (2019)

Mork encapsulate the sound of True Norwegian Black Metal from the opening strains of “Mørkeleggelse” to the closing punches of “Det Svarte Juv” and this one-person band from the homeland of cold, harsh black metal is paying homage with their music yet dragging it screaming into the modern era of blackened music. The raw elements are swirling chaos, raw vocals, … Read more

My Dying Bride

A Map Of All Our Failures
Peaceville (2012)

My Dying Bride is over 20 years old. While most bands that would exist for this amount of time would notably mature in sound and style, it may be hard to convince people of that in regards to MDB. I say this because, stylistically, the band have always trudged through murky, doomy waters. This, in turn, did more to make … Read more