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Radio K 2
Pharaoh Overlord - Lunar Jetman album cover

Pharaoh Overlord

Lunar Jetman, 2012

8.0 / 10

Sweet jesus did this record ever hit my stereo at just the right time because Lunar Jetman is making its third consecutive journey on my turntable as we speak (after ...

Various Artists - Circle & Mamiffer - Enharmonic Intervals (for Paschen Organ) album cover

Various Artists

Circle & Mamiffer - Enharmonic Intervals (for Paschen Organ), 2013

8.0 / 10

Try to imagine that two of the most interesting experimental acts out there not only decided to collaborate for a full album, they also wanted to do that in a ...

Mamiffer - Statu Nascendi album cover


Statu Nascendi, 2014

8.2 / 10

Even though Mamiffer started off as a studio project of Faith Coloccia, throughout the years it has blossomed into something much more. The atmospheric experimental band of the former mastermind ...

Daniel Menche & Mamiffer - Crater album cover

Daniel Menche & Mamiffer

Crater, 2015

8.0 / 10

In 2014 Mamiffer, the project of Faith Coloccia, released Statu Nascendi, which was described as a transitional album, leading to the next full-length the band would eventually release. Statu Nascendi ...

Oakeater  - Aquarius album cover


Aquarius, 2015

8.0 / 10

Oakeater is a Chicago outfit formed in the mid '00s. I must admit I was not familiar with their work before I saw that the band would be releasing their ...

Thalassa - Bonds of Prosperity album cover


Bonds of Prosperity, 2017

8.0 / 10

Formless and endless. When dealing with drone music, these are two elements you need to take into consideration. With a deep understanding and experience of the genre and experimental music, ...

Daniel Menche - Sleeper album cover

Daniel Menche

Sleeper, 2017

7.5 / 10

With a career spanning for almost three decades, Daniel Menche is a distinguished experimental artist. Implementing abstract themes within a minimal setting, applying noise to build an asphyxiating environment, his ...

Nordra - Nordra album cover


Nordra, 2017

8.0 / 10

Hailing from Seattle Washington, Monika Khot produces music under the Nordra moniker and is now releasing her self-titled debut album. Coming out from SIGE records, her record encompass a diverse ...

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