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A Day in Black and White/Black Castle - Split album cover

A Day in Black and White/Black Castle

Split, 2004

6.9 / 10

Splits are ideally awesome, with two bands combining their sounds for one album. Often times though it ends up that one side has a great band while the other has ...

Legs Up / My War - Split album cover

Legs Up / My War

Split, 2004

5.0 / 10

Split releases are a breed that can be difficult to review. Do I review each band's portion separately, or do I give the entire release one score? It's a tough ...

With Resistance / Twenty Inch Burial - Split album cover

With Resistance / Twenty Inch Burial

Split, 2004

6.5 / 10

Though both bands play their own variations of metalcore, this split release is an unlikely partnering. While With Resistance hail from New Jersey, Twenty Inch Burial call Portugal home. Despite ...

Instilled - Unfinished Business album cover


Unfinished Business, 2004

8.0 / 10

The city of Atlanta is known for its output of southern fried rap and hip hop MC's like Outkast, Ludacris, and Jermaine Dupri. But there is more to the city ...

Dead Hearts - Dead Hearts album cover

Dead Hearts

Dead Hearts, 2004

5.5 / 10

The melding of hardcore and rock-n-roll seems to be quite the rave as of late. So when you have a sudden influx of bands taking aim at a new look ...

This is Hell - This is Hell album cover

This is Hell

This is Hell, 2005

8.4 / 10

This Is Hell was unavoidable in 2004. Whether it was This Is Hell's demo that quickly sold out, their rabid touring or people uttering, "This is hell..." after President Bush ...

Daggermouth - Turf Wars album cover


Turf Wars, 2007

8.8 / 10

Daggermouth's 2005 release, Stallone was a really solid record. For me, the band came along at a time when no new bands were really catching on with me. I was ...

Broadway Calls - Broadway Calls album cover

Broadway Calls

Broadway Calls, 2007

6.3 / 10

The term "pop-punk" has been really batted around in 2007. It has been used describe every band from Set Your Goals (wrong) to The Ergs (right) and now we have ...

Counting the Days / Hollywood - Split album cover

Counting the Days / Hollywood

Split, 2008

6.0 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Counting the Days is back with two new tracks following an LP release in 2006. These songs are very much in line with their previous ventures. They mix melodic hardcore ...

Decades - Numbered album cover


Numbered, 2008

7.5 / 10

Ah yes, Texas hardcore. In spite of the recent loss of many of its key bands, the various scenes within Texas continue to strike back with more young and promising ...

Old Ghosts - Crow album cover

Old Ghosts

Crow, 2020

7.0 / 10

These last few weeks I've started to notice that the creases in my forehead are deepening. It's a subtle change to my face, but it's progressively becoming more noticeable. My ...

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