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KFAI - Roar of the Underground
Ghost Buffalo - Ghost Buffalo album cover

Ghost Buffalo

Ghost Buffalo, 2006

6.5 / 10

Ghost Buffalo is an alt-country-ish band from Colorado. They lean more to the "alt" side of that genre as they don't really use (at least on this record) lap pedal ...

The Takers - Curse of a Drunk album cover

The Takers

Curse of a Drunk, 2008

8.5 / 10
200 Words Or Less

The Takers are the newest signing to Suburban Home Records and their growing stable of alt-country, folk, bluegrass and basically just all around roots artists. The Takers hail from Gainesville, ...

Tim Barry - Manchester album cover

Tim Barry

Manchester, 2008

8.0 / 10

Manchester is the latest album by Avail frontman Tim Barry. Barry has always had a very distinctive voice. Not just vocally, but lyrically and thematically. So as he offers up ...

Joey Cape - Bridge album cover

Joey Cape

Bridge, 2008

6.5 / 10

Where does the aging punk-rocker go when his band’s presence in the scene has all but evaporated, releasing new material only when the mortgage has to be paid or a ...

Austin Lucas - Somebody Loves You album cover

Austin Lucas

Somebody Loves You, 2009

6.8 / 10

When O Brother, Where Art Thou sold over seven million copies, you knew that people were listening and that the soundtrack would have an influence on future music. Where you ...

Mike Hale - Lives Like Mine album cover

Mike Hale

Lives Like Mine, 2009

8.0 / 10

In the Red frontman Mike Hale recently made the decision to be a musician full-time and he's been very busy at work considering that his solo record, Lives Like Mine, ...

Drag the River - Bad at Breaking Up album cover

Drag the River

Bad at Breaking Up, 2009

7.0 / 10

“I know I’m not the easiest lover,” Drag the River admits in “Jeff Black Song.” That honest and simple line over a minimal acoustic track tells you as much as ...

In the Red - Volume 2 album cover

In the Red

Volume 2, 2009

4.5 / 10

California's In the Red always fell under the radar to me until I decided to listen to vocalist/guitarist, Mike Hale's latest solo album, Lives Like Mine. I really liked this ...

Useless I.D. - The Lost Broken Bones album cover

Useless I.D.

The Lost Broken Bones, 2009

6.0 / 10
200 Words Or Less

The Lost Broken Bones is the first release on Suburban Home for this four-piece from Israel. This is my first exposure to this band, but they have been together for ...

Jon Snodgrass - Visitor's Band album cover

Jon Snodgrass

Visitor's Band, 2009

8.0 / 10

Jon Snodgrass used a sling a guitar in Armchair Martian and Drag the River but decided to go with the singer-songwriter route and dropped Visitor's Band on us in 2009. ...

Stereotyperider - Songs in the Keys of F & U album cover


Songs in the Keys of F & U, 2009

8.7 / 10

I've had a long-standing career of completely ignoring Stereotyperider even though friends have made valiant attempts to reassure me that I would like this band. I kept hearing whispers of ...

Yesterday's Ring - Diamonds in the Ditch album cover

Yesterday's Ring

Diamonds in the Ditch, 2009

7.1 / 10

Some folks they tell me: "You just can’t play country / You’re a stupid young punk and you’re from Montreal” / But I’ll still make you cry with that song. ...

The Takers - Taker Easy album cover

The Takers

Taker Easy, 2009

8.0 / 10

The Takers are the latest entry in the country revival coming out of the punk scene over the last few years. What sets The Takers apart from most of these ...

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