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KFAI - Roar of the Underground
Tigers Jaw - Spirit Desire album cover

Tigers Jaw

Spirit Desire, 2009

8.5 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Scranton, PA’s Tigers Jaw has really captivated listeners since releasing their second full-length album last year. Sure, they released their first full-length two years prior, a release that A LOT ...

Signals Midwest - Latitudes & Longitudes album cover

Signals Midwest

Latitudes & Longitudes, 2011

8.5 / 10

Placing the band Signals Midwest into a genre is a difficult task; their latest release Longitudes and Latitudes is a beautiful mesh of melodic interludes, upbeat pop punk and gritty ...

State Lines - Self Titled album cover

State Lines

Self Titled, 2012

8.0 / 10

Hailing from Long Island, NY, State Lines come from a long list of notable punk bands who call the area home. They have been quick in establishing themselves as a ...

Wavelets - Athaletics album cover


Athaletics, 2012

8.3 / 10

The term emo is an overused and wrongly purposed adjective in today’s music culture, often used to describe overbearing metalcore. To this young writer “emo” music comes from bands of ...

Red Collar - Welcome Home album cover

Red Collar

Welcome Home, 2012

7.0 / 10

From the get-go, Welcome Home establishes Red Collar’s infectious brand of up-tempo rock and roll with tenacity and a working-class spirit. Known for their energetic live show that blurs the ...

Signals Midwest - Light On The Lake album cover

Signals Midwest

Light On The Lake, 2013

7.5 / 10

I’ve sat on this review for a while, waiting for that easy-to-describe-it moment to hit me. With Signals Midwest, I don’t know if that’s going to happen. The Cleveland band ...

Direct Effect - Sunburn album cover

Direct Effect

Sunburn, 2014

8.1 / 10

With roots in Orlando, Florida but now touching down in Philadelphia, members of hardcore outfit Direct Effect have presumably fallen victim to the general awfulness that is otherwise known as traveling up ...

Mannequin Pussy  - Gypsy Pervert album cover

Mannequin Pussy

Gypsy Pervert, 2014

9.0 / 10

It’s kind of remarkable how vaguely similar the debut album by Philadelphia’s Mannequin Pussy is to that of another of 2014’s breakout artists, Perfect Pussy. Both these similarly-named, female-fronted bands ...

See Through Dresses - End of Days EP album cover

See Through Dresses

End of Days EP, 2015

6.5 / 10
200 Words Or Less

See Through Dresses' sound is lathered in squealing, wailing guitars that melt and sway in the sludge of the rawest depths of grunge. The frazzled cocoon that is "Everyman" is ...

Strange Relations - Going Out EP album cover

Strange Relations

Going Out EP, 2016

7.0 / 10

Admittedly, I’m a little leery of a press kit that features more band photos than songs. Then again, this is an EP, so it’s probably me yakking about something inconsequential ...

Wild Pink - Yolk in the Fur album cover

Wild Pink

Yolk in the Fur, 2018

8.5 / 10

Any band's second album is cause for concern. It can go two ways - a retread of the first, a brand new direction, or something entirely forgettable. Yolk in the Fur is ...

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