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KFAI - Undead
The Distillers - Coral Fang album cover

The Distillers

Coral Fang, 2003

6.4 / 10

I hate the Distillers a lot less than I'd like to proclaim.....or do I? I'll admit, on each of the Distillers' previous works, I could find a song or two ...

The Von Bondies - Pawn Shoppe Heart album cover

The Von Bondies

Pawn Shoppe Heart, 2004

8.5 / 10

Prior to listening to Pawn Shoppe Heart, my exposure to The Von Bondies had been rather lacking, and the only reason I was even slightly familiar with their name was ...

Head Automatica - Decadence album cover

Head Automatica

Decadence, 2004

8.4 / 10

It was merely a few years ago that I, a young teenage boy, was sitting in my bedroom watching the Howard Stern show on E!. On this particular episode, as ...

Green Day - American Idiot album cover

Green Day

American Idiot, 2004

6.5 / 10
Multiple Authors

If you know anything about Green Day, it's no big secret that they're Who fans (see: Sweet Children EP - Track 4 - "My Generation"). On top of that, you ...

Green Day - American Idiot album cover

Green Day

American Idiot, 2004

7.0 / 10
Multiple Authors

Like too many of their musical peers, Green Day, the longtime bay area punk/pop heroes, have thrown down their challenge to the American government with their bluntly titled seventh album. ...

New Order - Waiting for the Sirens' Call album cover

New Order

Waiting for the Sirens' Call, 2005

7.7 / 10

The past year or two have been interesting times for bands that mattered more in the 80's. In 2004, The Cure and Morrissey both released albums that earned them more ...

Hot Hot Heat - Elevator album cover

Hot Hot Heat

Elevator, 2005

7.8 / 10

Hot Hot Heat has managed to weave in and out of the limelight in the last few years. Often compared to the Cure, they are able to hold onto the ...

Billy Corgan - The Future Embrace album cover

Billy Corgan

The Future Embrace, 2005

4.4 / 10

The last time the world heard from egomaniac Billy Corgan, he was releasing his first poetry book titled, Blinking with Fists. While Corgan has proved his songwriting skills are superlative, ...

HIM - Dark Light album cover


Dark Light, 2005

4.2 / 10

HIM is known as the biggest musical joke of our generation and is bashed frequently by message board elitists everywhere. Are they really that bad? It depends. Listening to HIM's ...

New Order - Singles album cover

New Order

Singles, 2005

9.0 / 10

I know what you're thinking because I was thinking it as well. How can a band that has only released eight studio albums have yet another greatest hits? Are they ...

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium album cover

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Stadium Arcadium, 2006

6.3 / 10

Like some ever-present albatross around the neck of the rock scene, the Red Hot Chili Peppers continue to linger, 23 years after their LA inception; a different band. Battling through ...

The Flaming Lips - At War With the Mystics album cover

The Flaming Lips

At War With the Mystics, 2006

8.2 / 10

Even months before its release, it seemed as if everyone had already assumed that the latest record from The Flaming Lips would effectively mark the end of the band's run ...

Muse - Black Holes and Revelations album cover


Black Holes and Revelations, 2006

9.9 / 10

If you asked me six years ago to name a band that at this time would seem about to take over the world I really don't think Muse would have ...

Head Automatica - Popaganda album cover

Head Automatica

Popaganda, 2006

5.0 / 10

When searching Daryl Palumbo's name on Wikipedia - a great tool to prolong pointless Internet usage - an interesting passage appears under the trivia headline: "Palumbo is an avid fan ...

Mastodon - Blood Mountain album cover


Blood Mountain, 2006

7.0 / 10

Mastodon is on a major label. Does anyone else think this is weird? Good for them, I just think it is strange. So what do they have to show for ...

Paris Hilton - Paris album cover

Paris Hilton

Paris, 2006

6.0 / 10

Though I'm sure none of you indie elite need to be reminded, but allow me to assert that Paris Hilton is a piece of shit. It's an obvious statement, sure, ...

Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight album cover

Linkin Park

Minutes to Midnight, 2007

2.0 / 10

Like their peers Limp Bizkit, Korn and Slipknot, Linkin Park occupies the mysterious musical category of "Oh, they're still around?" In 2007, with the nu-metal genre almost completely replaced by ...

The White Stripes - Icky Thump album cover

The White Stripes

Icky Thump, 2007

9.0 / 10

"Ecky Thump," a Lancashire colloquialism, is most commonly described as slang for an exclamation of surprise, disbelief, or in recognition of something amazing. Icky Thump, The White Stripes sixth studio ...

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