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Billy The Kid

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
Xtra Mile (2014)

This is the first time I saw Billy the Kid: It's Mid-July and the air conditioner at Toronto Lee's Palace is broken. The show is sold -out and I'm leaning on the stage with the capacity crowd behind me. We're sweaty and dehydrated. The air is getting hard to breathe, but nobody's complaining. Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls are … Read more

Frank Turner

Rock and Roll EP
Xtra Mile (2010)

It has been a busy year for England’s beloved folk-punk troubadour and in lieu of a new album, he’s delivered a new EP to further whet the appetite of his fans. Instead of a set of ‘rock n’ roll’ tracks, this EP is about the notion of Rock & Roll and its power; the excellent mini-essay included in the CD … Read more

Franz Nicolay

Do The Struggle
Xtra Mile (2012)

It must be stated that the quirkily moustachioed Franz Nicolay is an intriguing and rather singular gentleman. For those who saw him live during his time in either The Hold Steady or World/ Inferno Friendship Society, it was evident that the multi-instrument wielding troubadour had the potential to become a great front man. However his earlier solo material never really … Read more

Future of the Left

Polymers Are Forever EP
Xtra Mile (2011)

From what I gather, I’m supposed to love Andy Falkous and his body of work. For a man who talks so much shit, he sure has a lot of admirers. But, whatever…I’m reviewing Polymers Are Forever here, not writing as essay on ego worship. This EP is the latest from his post-Mclusky group, and something of a teaser for an … Read more

Future of the Left

The Plot Against Common Sense
Xtra Mile (2012)

The Future of the Left may have released their third full-length in The Plot Against Common Sense but little has changed in terms of band definition. The songs here are mostly built around frontman Andrew Falkous and his direct, biting commentary/lyricism. The music is sharp-toothed and forceful and, when the band drops a new release, the question isn’t so much … Read more