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Last Call
Translation Loss (2006)

Cable might be one of the best bands that you have never heard. In today's punk and hardcore atmosphere there is a serious lack of the visceral disgust that bands like Cable have produced. Originally part of the burgeoning "noise-core" movement that included Deadguy and later Kiss It Goodbye, Cable outlasted their peers in both longevity and creativity with their … Read more


The Failed Convict
The End (2009)

Exciting is a good term to use to describe the feelings from Cable putting out another album, particularly after they had apparently called it quits. Thankfully, their farewell turn juiced the band up enough to write and record a new album. The Failed Convict is the latest album from the Cable institution and the first with guitarist Bernie Romanowski in … Read more


Variable Speed Drive (Reissue)
Translation Loss (2009)

Sometimes there is something which goes by the reference of historical revisionism whereby people go back and alter the place of a person, place, thing, or idea into a more vaunted or lower position in the historical record. I bring this topic up because it does happen frequently in the world of music, independent music particularly as artists go in … Read more

Cadence Weapon

Hope In Dirt City
Upper Class (2012)

Hope in Dirt City is the third release from Edmonton, Alberta’s Cadence Weapon. With a smooth flow and an ear for wordplay, Cadence Weapon creates a kind of thumping hip-hop, with big beats that are crafted using sounds that are not traditionally percussive. All that, of course, with a bit of 20-something ironic hipster to it and a focus on … Read more


Flesh Without Hunting
Independent (2012)

If first impressions are what make or break an artist, Cadette is a whole bunch of angry. The Minneapolis, MN trio’s debut release Flesh Without Hunting rips through eight songs, drawing a heavy 1990s influence but maintaining their own identity, rooted in the present, throughout. The easiest point of reference comes with vocalist and primary songwriter Laura Larson’s previous band, … Read more


We Have Built a New God
Independent (2008)

Caestles is a six-person conglomeration of two bands that have fused together to form one entity. And when you listen to the band's self-released EP, We Have Built a New God, this makes perfect sense. The four songs that comprise this EP takes equal parts atmospheric and electronic-based indie/rock and devastating crushing metalcore. Points of this EP remind me of … Read more


Hands That Pluck
Profound Lore (2011)

Hands That Pluck is uncompromising. The final album under the Caïna name for (one man) band leader Andy Curtis-Brignell is intense. Vocally, musically, and lyrically. This is an album dealing with the subject of finality - even more so because it will be the last Caïna release - with ideas of religion and will making numerous appearances."Profane Inheritors" gives you … Read more


Litanies of Abjection
Independent (2013)

Litanies Of Abjection isn't your standard Caïna release. It isn't what you expect and it certainly isn't a black metal record. It's something new, different and it's also incredibly personal and as such a terrifying and oppressive listen. For those who have followed the musical career of Andrew Curtis-Brignell, the change and shift shouldn't really come as that much of a … Read more


Profound Lore (2007)

This is the kind record that I enjoy from time to time, a big surprise; it is not what I expected in any way, shape, or form and caught me completely off guard. Mourner is the second full-length, first on Profound Lore, from Caïna, the solo project of Andrew Curtis-Brignell - a twenty-year-old who already has a strong grasp on … Read more

Caithlin de Marrais

My Magic City
End Up (2008)

I will never forget the first time that I heard Caithlin de Marrais' voice; the opening lines of "Rise" off of Rainer Maria's Look Now Look Again reach out from speakers with a naked vulnerability that imbues each word with its own spark and each line with a lifetime of experience. Caithlin's mostly disembodied (save for the times I have … Read more

Caitlin Rose

Own Side Now
Theory 8 (2010)

Forget Taylor Swift and the rest of her incorrigible ilk, according to the recent accolades, the future of country music belongs in the hands of Caitlin Rose, a twenty-three year old Nashville native whose looks are only surpassed by her voice. Though this might seem like an outlandish statement, in the last year, in one EP and this, her debut … Read more

Caitlin Rose

The Stand In
ATO (2013)

In the intervening years between her debut Own Side Now and this sophomore record, there has been very little sign of Caitlin Rose apart from a great cover of Alex Turner’s “Piledriver Waltz.” So as she returns, it is immediately apparent that this interval has been used for growing up: gone is the indie aesthetic in favour of cover art that echoes … Read more


Flee The Light
Spookshow Records (2019)

This year I was so psyched! I am a big horror punk fan. There are three bands I really, really enjoy. Calabrese is one of those bands. I’ve followed this hard working band since their second album and have enjoyed each and every release so far. I had no problem following them in their development from their campy horror punk … Read more

Caleb Lionheart

Think Hardcore, Play Pop Punk
Farewell Party (2008)

New York outfit Caleb Lionheart's first proper offering Think Hardcore, Play Pop Punk is a bit of an odd title. Thankfully, the band does not play the mosh-influenced hardcore version of pop-punk of A Day to Remember. Instead the band's fast-paced punk is much closer to Lifetime and Bouncing Souls. Musically, I enjoy what Caleb Lionheart has to offer quite … Read more

Calico System

Outside are the Vultures
Eulogy (2007)

Sadly it seems that this review took a little too long to finish and the band that was to be reviewed has called it quits. But Calico System have arguably left an impression and their LP Outside are the Vultures is a must listen for those who like run-of-the-mill music. This review will start with the bands mission statement explaining … Read more

California X

Self Titled
Don Giovanni (2013)

It seems the term “grunge” is getting thrown around again quite a bit these days when it comes to describing the current crop of buzzy-guitar-based bands. And while the actual definition of the word has always been somewhat confusing, in the 20-odd years it’s existed, it has also become a fairly accurate identifier. It would not be incorrect to use … Read more

Call it Arson

The Animal Strings Album
Kill Normal (2006)

Bob Dylan has an awful lot to answer for; without him literally thousands of terrible folk influenced bands would not be thrusting their faux liberal views down our throats. Sure, he wasn't the first to mix music and politics, but he was undeniably one of the single most influential in the rise of guitars and socio- political commentary. Thankfully not … Read more

Call it Fire

Independent (2007)

Oh wow, another Long Island hardcore band? Seriously? Man, I can't really say I saw this one coming. All sarcastic comments aside, Long Island, New York has cranked out some seriously great bands over the years. I mean, who else has a pedigree like Glassjaw, Silent Majority, Brand New and Crime in Stereo? More or less, you know the score … Read more