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KFAI - Roar of the Underground
IIVII - Invasion album cover


Invasion, 2017

9.3 / 10

Josh Graham has become something of a Renaissance man here in the past 10 years or so. As founder of Red Sparowes, and A Storm of Light, Graham has taken ...

iLiKETRAiNS - The Christmas Tree Ship album cover


The Christmas Tree Ship, 2008

6.5 / 10

As I write this, Christmas 2008 is receding into days past – the decorations hanging guiltily on to the ceiling, the cooking trays full of congealed fat and the gentle ...

Ill Ease - Turn it Lose! album cover

Ill Ease

Turn it Lose!, 2008

4.5 / 10
200 Words Or Less

One woman band that makes me think of Sonic Youth if Kim Gordon kicked Thurston Moore out of the band. I guess that would be pretty much impossible, but, anyway! ...

Ill Nino - Epidemia album cover

Ill Nino

Epidemia, 2012

5.1 / 10

Well most people reading this will either look at the and ask one of 2 questions. "who?" or "wait, they're still around?" The who is simple, Ill Nino joined the ...

Illinois - What the Hell Do I Know? album cover


What the Hell Do I Know?, 2007

6.8 / 10

It's hard to talk about bands you don't know. I feel like there should be a mental block when you describe a band that has a solid fan base, but ...

Illogicist - The Insight Eye album cover


The Insight Eye, 2007

5.0 / 10

Similarities define genres, right? You can take a group of musicians, cite some sort of common threads through their records, and coalesce those into a genre. But when there are ...

Ima Robot - Monument to the Masses album cover

Ima Robot

Monument to the Masses, 2006

8.0 / 10

It seemed as though the robots had short-circuited after their debut release. They toured non-stop for a year or two and then disappeared. Many thought the junk yard was the ...

imadethismistake - It's Okay album cover


It's Okay, 2009

5.4 / 10
200 Words Or Less

imadethismistake play catchy folk-infused punk. It’s a simple concoction, but it works well for the band. It’s Okay is an eleven song LP with awesome artwork done by EMY (aka ...

Imani Coppola - The Black and White Album album cover

Imani Coppola

The Black and White Album, 2007

8.1 / 10

The lights, the sounds, the excitement If you’ve ever been to New York City, you know what I’m talking about. Regardless of the borough, walking around the city is exhilarating, ...

Imelda May - Mayhem album cover

Imelda May

Mayhem, 2010

7.5 / 10

It’s been said that the second album is always a tough one. Following on from an album that you have been creating for all your life with record label deadlines, ...

Immolation - Harnessing Ruin album cover


Harnessing Ruin, 2005

8.0 / 10

Hey Immolation, I just received a call from 1989 and they want their music back. Harnessing Ruin is the sixth release from legendary death-metal act Immolation, and they show us ...

Immortal - Northern Chaos Gods album cover


Northern Chaos Gods, 2018

8.5 / 10

Immortal’s career hasn't been the smoothest of rides their ninth full length comes after a protracted and tense battle with founding member Abbath, who finally left the band in 2015 ...

Immortal Technique - The 3rd World album cover

Immortal Technique

The 3rd World, 2008

7.5 / 10

With the likes of T-Pain and Lil Jon being the pop music representatives of hip-hop, it seems that the narcissistic materialist is officially the new standard. Fighting the power is ...

Impiety - Dominator album cover


Dominator, 2008

7.0 / 10
200 Words Or Less

A year after they released their latest full-length, Impiety spit out a mini album where they sound just as fierce as the relentless attack of their previous works. This is ...

Impious - Holy Murder Masquerade album cover


Holy Murder Masquerade, 2007

7.0 / 10

For the most part, there is no concept to Death Metal other than…..well, death. Lofty ideas or "concepts" are usually left to the Power Metal bunch who just looooove to ...

Implodes - Reverser album cover


Reverser, 2015

7.5 / 10

Implodes from Chicago is a very interesting act. Their debut album Black Earth which came out in 2011 was an unbelievable blend of noise, post rock and kraut rock which ...

Impure Wilhelmina - Radiation album cover

Impure Wilhelmina

Radiation, 2017

8.0 / 10

Why I choose to review Radiation I can’t exactly recall (perhaps sharing members with Rorcal and Vuyvr did the trick, perhaps it was just the description “post-hardcore” that triggered my interest); whatever it was, ...

In Control - In Control EP album cover

In Control

In Control EP, 2003

9.0 / 10

A piece of hardcore music is going to die when In Control bows out later this year. They are one of the most loved, respected, and important bands in the ...

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