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The Final Beatdown

The Final Beatdown is a complete discography of New York’s kings of beatdown hardcore, thus the title. The release is comprised of a CD, which includes all the band’s recorded material and a live set, and a DVD with over an hour of live footage.

It’s been over ten years since Bulldoze called it quits (they have reformed a number times and played quite a few reunion shows since then). It’s rather interesting to take a look back at what the band was doing. For the most part the band stuck to playing typical groove-oriented New York hardcore. However, they separated themselves from their peers by including shit-talk lyrics and drawn out open-chord breakdowns. The band does mix it up with some faster-paced numbers, which are probably the best of their catalog. The live tracks don’t really add anything special to a causal listener like myself. Uber-fans probably love them. The same can be said of the DVD.

The Final Beatdown one-ups the previous discography release with its live set and DVD content. If you’re a Bulldoze fan and somehow are missing their releases from your collection, pick this up. If not, you might want to pass.

5.0 / 10Michael
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5.0 / 10

5.0 / 10

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