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Tube of the Resinated

The equation is very simple. Take several old school death metal fans and add copious amounts of bud. The result is Richmond's very own blaze-driven Cannabis Corpse. The band, whose idea was to express its love for smoking weed and listening to Cannibal Corpse, released their second album, Tube of the Resinated, on April 20th, a fine day to champion marijuana. This album features nine tracks of Cannibal Corpse-esque mayhem with lyrics that are a lot less gruesome. That isn't to say that Cannabis Corpse doesn't have gory lyrics, they just revolve around pot.

In light of my current situation - that is, reviewing this album - I decided to partake in a harmless act of smoking after reading what the dudes in Cannabis Corpse posted on their website:

We wanted people to spark up a doober and follow along with the lyrics so they could be transported into a horrific world where you are not safe from getting your weed stolen by bloodthirsty zombies or getting captured by an ancient cult that cultivates demonic weed with the blood and body parts of sacred ritual sacrifice!

So, I took their advice. I found a lyrical mixture of tongue-in-cheek horror stories about weed, commentary about the drug's illegality and the way it is dealt with in the legal system, satire about marijuana "addiction," and elaborate tales about getting high.

Cannabis Corpse said they recorded all of their first LP, Blunted at Birth, when they were "slowly smoking away huge chunks of memory." To my knowledge, there's been no statement made about Tube of the Resinated, but it's obvious the lyrics were highly devised.

Tube of the Resinated will definitely be a success with its intended audience, but will those who do not smoke find the album enjoyable? Seeing as it is hard to make out the vocals without reading the lyrics, even non-smoking death metal fans will appreciate Cannabis Corpse. However, I can't see straight edge death metal fans giving the band much attention... unless they have a sense of humor.

6.0 / 10Tohm
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6.0 / 10

6.0 / 10

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