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I initially prefixed the heading of this review as "Neil vs. Cannibal Corpse"; such was my preemptive assumption that I would hate Kill. I set myself ready for war. God knows from the off I was handed a plethora of ready material to systematically destroy the band. I mean, just look at any of their promo photos. Fucking fruits.

A few of my assumptions were initially confirmed when Kill found its way onto my door mat. The layout is of blood. Awesome, would never have predicted that one. The lyrics are printed for what I assume is hilarities sake. There are so many choice morsels it is hard to decide what to quote for you. "Stabbing the faces, knocking out teeth with my nail spikes bat / Internal damage, Trauma from beatings causes organs to burst." and "Gratification achieved by dismemberment, Unnatural legions ravage the carcasses / Open wounds targets for evil defilers, seed of iniquity covers the body parts." in particular provided me with many a genuine LOL.

Once you get past the thick layer of cheesy bullshit there is actually a fairly good brutal album underneath (…the rotting flesh of children decaying by the road side, or something). Thirteen songs with few spare pauses to catch your breath; it's full-fucking-on. The guitars are tight and thick, with masturbational solos left to a minimum. The bass doesn't get lost but could have done with being dragged more to the forefront, while the vocals are a perfect match for the music. However, the drumming is far and away the best thing on Kill. Paul Mazurkiewicz manages to decimate everything and anyone laid before him. His contribution alone makes Kill worth at least a listen, even if the album doesn't come wrapped in the un-irrigated bowel of a young male virgin as I was promised. Don't be mis-sold.

6.5 / 10Neil
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6.5 / 10

6.5 / 10

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