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Cara Neir

Portals to a Better, Dead World

Cara Neir have made a name for themselves by playing a suffocating blend of grind and black metal. while this may not seem like a particularly novel mix how the band does it and/or makes it work lends them enough credence to deserve a listen.

From the discordant riffing of opener "Peridot" the band makes it's mark on the listener quickly devolving to a nasty, pounding ferocity before slowing down the riffs and allowing the drums to speed along leaving the listener's head spinning waiting for a reprieve that won't come.
Once said reprieve shows on "Dust Collector" it is only a calm before the storm by that time the guitars wear down to a slow figure backed by quick snare fill before a minute later it starts to pick up steam before finally allowing the floodgates to burst completely.

These notes could cover the whole record in regards to the songs and how the band use quiet as more of a tool to make the listener unsettled rather than calm. There is always a point when hearing the record that even at it's calmest theres almost a wincing within the beauty just waiting out for the moment when the noise comes in. This type of feeling gives Cara Neir most bands of their ilk may not ever posses a feeling of beautiful dread knowing that any second something will come to break the silence. The restraint and use of alternate sounds lets the band take the songs wherever they choose this gives them more weapons in their arsenal and more twists for the listener to keep up with. Something different should always be applauded so in that sense Cara Neir deserve a round of Applause.

7.9 / 10Jon E.
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7.9 / 10

7.9 / 10

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