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Let's be honest; Canada is pretty fucking cool.. First sentence and I've already used a very Canada-esque. Who's been to our neighbor that borders our Northern borders? Not I...which makes it even more mysterious and wondrous and just plain cool. Their laws are different. Their president is called a "Prime Minister." Their land is colored orange according to the map pinned upon my wall. Cool, eh? More recently than hella long ago Canada has produced such totally toob bands as: Cursed, Go It Alone, The Arcade Fire (HAHA, JOKEZ), Fucked Up and Career Suicide. Funny that I should mention Fucked Up because they share a member with Career Suicide, the band that released the album that this whole review is about! Here at Scene Point Blank we take our reviews very seriously. It's as if our eyes are invisible...Invisible Eyes.

Similar to The Circle Jerks' Group Sex, in the past Career Suicide have played punk/hardcore with a tinge of rock 'n' roll. Now with Invisible Eyes Career Suicide put more emphasis on the rock, less on the hardcore while still sounding punk as fuck. This evolution in their sound became more apparent with their recent 7", Signals. After pretty much mastering this sound, on Invisible Eyes, they knock you in the rear by adding more dynamics to their songs with more slowed down parts. There are still fast parts, but listening to "Bored Bored Bored" provides a drunken sing-along that even after a thousand billion beers is still manageable. While Invisible Eyes doesn't have any rapid-fire "muh muh muh muh morrrron, morrron" type parts, the vocals are still snotty like your seven-year-old nephew who had his crayons stolen from his lunchbox.

If you haven't heard Career Suicide before you're going to like what you're about to hear. Snotty as fuck vocals over blazing punk/hardcore riffs with bass lines that don't just halo what the guitar dude is riffing. While the drums don't do anything crazy, I'm thankful they are simple and to the point. As confusing as it might sound, the vocals are annoying in a good way. They make you feel like you just began sophomore year of high school and all authority were your enemy.

Although Invisible Eyes is released on 12" vinyl, there are only five songs that span eleven minutes which equalizes auditory disappointment in my ears. With the additional no liner notes I was doubly disappointed. And while the songs make you sweat like humidity, they sound overall too similar to the past Career Suicide releases.

Let's be honest once again; Career Suicide will not be able to top the Sars EP, "Quarantined" is awesomely super duper. It'll be interesting to see how many records it takes Career Suicide to either break up or take their sound in a more severe direction. Cool.

7.1 / 10Zed
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7.1 / 10

7.1 / 10

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