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A Wolf Ticket

Ever since their conception in 2004, Comadre has been a ridiculously prolific punk band. They tour constantly and release a new album or EP practically every year. You’d assume that it wouldn’t give enough time for the band’s sound to change and evolve, but I’m impressed with the growth in each of their releases. Their latest EP, A Wolf Ticket is no exception. It’s an understandable follow up to their 2007 split with Trainwreck: more polished, stronger melodies, and really good drum work. It starts off with “Hamlets” that features Comadre’s notorious love for feedback and dramatic screams. “Tannerisms” and “Suicides May Have Been Pact” are two traditionally raw and fast paced songs. “Viva Hate Pt. 1” starts off with lo-fi singing and explodes into the rapid and short “Viva Hate Pt. 2.” “Grow Worms” will probably be the catchy favorite when they play live, with ample chants. The real gem for me, and what may be indicative of the direction Comadre’s sound will be moving, is the pop-structured “King Jeremy.” The EP overall is a great combination of pop sentimentality and punk rawness. Keep it posi, 650 Radwood punx.

8.8 / 10David
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8.8 / 10

8.8 / 10

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