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Creeping Weeds

We Are All Part Of A Dream You Are Having

There are some bands that are just the sum of their influences and nothing more. These bands trade off their name dropping and ability to sound like their favourite bands but at the same time do nothing of any real originality. These bands seem to just be happy to follow in the footsteps of the bands before them and not make any waves knowing that they have an audience already there for them. Creeping Weeds are on of these bands.

Sounding like the sort of thing people that are far too pretentious for their own good would create, We Are All Part Of A Dream You Are Having (to be called WAAPODYAH from now on) is a mix of ambient, electronic and acoustic sounds that people that like to pretend to only listen to challenging music seem to like. A bit of fuzz here and a bit of strumming there makes WAAPODYAH a dull and almost too predictable album for this writer.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad album, it’s just not a good album and one of many forgettable albums you’ll hear throughout a year. The lifeless and almost unemotional vocals all blend into one and before you know it the whole album has flashed before you and gone forever, never to be remembered.

4.0 / 10Peanut
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Hot Horse


4.0 / 10

4.0 / 10

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