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If you find yourself loving classical or orchestral pieces, but would just enjoy something with a little more electronic funky vibe this is what you’re looking for. I imagine such wide varieties for this music and it can fit with many of my moods. None of these songs have lyrics but the music speaks for itself. I find myself lost in the transition of beats and instruments and grasping on to each new piece of the song as it unfolds. This music much like a piece of abstract art can say so many things and show so many stories depending on your own feelings. Each time I listen I can imagine new adventures or ballet dancers creating a scene. 
“Broken Arrows” instantly grasped me with the slow piano being much different than the song previous to it. Then as the stringed instruments and drums came in I became mesmerized. Each second the song led into an amazing piece that gave me cold chills and goose bumps as I listened. “Ran (resistance)” has such an eclectic feel it would resonate with people who like so many different genres of music. The amazing drum beats in conjunction with the orchestral pieces capture a wickedly awesome track.
The song “Moment of Truth” somehow without lyrics seems to inspire me. The fantastic drum beats combined with the woodwind instruments provide an exhilarating musical creation. “I Will Return” is such a beautiful song that has me swaying back n forth involuntarily as I close my eyes and just take in the sound. Then the song begins building up and winding into new territory until it explodes with energy and emotion and I am embraced in the overwhelming musical feelings it creates.
Not every track blew me away, some of them were not my favorite and although they were interesting some songs were just ones I would listen to once or twice and not seek out again. “Prayer For the New Moon” was one of these songs. I loved hearing it the one time for the experience of seeing a story within it, but am less likely to desire that sound while relaxing or dancing around. 
If you want to relax and hear something with a beautiful orchestral sound or if you want to dance around to an electronic or dub step beat then this is the album you need to hear! Overall I enjoyed the sound and will continue to keep a close eye out for new music in the future from Dark Model.

7.9 / 10Kazidelicious
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7.9 / 10

7.9 / 10

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