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Uno- Due- Tre- Quattro! Wowza, that’s a spicy meat-a-ball! A bubbling pot of Marky Ramone primo pasta sauce with a healthy dose of Calabrian Chillies will have this handful of Italian punk Rock traveling down your gullet, down to the cauldron of acid-eating liquids, and catapulted back up like a gigantic slingshot of acid reflux. Buzzsaw Johnny Ramone blistering cheese bubbling garlic bread served with a healthy dose of Joey’s single-serve chanted slogans and Dee Dee’s sickly sweet sugar dripping Cannoli backbeat.

The Dirtiest might come off as the Italian equivalent of The Ramones but equally dole out knuckleheaded luminosity balanced with a deep disgust for the state of world affairs (spoiler alert -- not to be confused with Hollywood affairs -- that is their next LP). Oil up those kneecaps Tin Man and dust off those Italian Bespoke shoes. They might look a little old-fashioned but quality is everlasting! Daddy’s going out dancing!

8.5 / 10Christopher D
KFAI - Undead
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8.5 / 10

8.5 / 10

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