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Icarus EP

The tight and bright 2014 Icarus EP marks the debut of the indie pop quartet that originally recorded as Plumerai under their new name of DRLNG. Despite the group’s billing in some press materials as a shoegaze-inspired project, I noticed much more inspiration coming from the world of cheerful French pop music of the ‘60s, particularly in the almost birdlike vocal melodies heard in these tracks. Focusing on singer Eliza Brown’s soothing soprano, the album’s somewhat mysterious and very European-sounding title track surges forward on the back of a bouncy bassline before the EP settles in on the more relaxed pairing of “My Gypsy” and “Playground Punk.” Both of these tracks come across as playful love songs built around gentle guitar melodies and cooing, high-pitched vocals. Final track “Seattle” is sung in French and delivered in three-quarter time, unleashing powerful guitar riffage around the midway point that adds punch to an otherwise quaint tune. Though fairly short, this quietly delightful and rather unique EP is probably one of the year’s most unexpectedly pleasant surprises and is definitely worth a listen.

7.5 / 10Andy
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7.5 / 10

7.5 / 10

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