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Eksi Ekso

I am Your Bastard Wings

Eksi Ekso is a group of six musicians from Boston. Their debut, I am Your Bastard Wings, highlights a musical prowess that dances between free-form and orchestrated. The breadth of instruments - viola, oboe, violin, flugelhorn, trumpet, bass, guitar, keys, drums - adds to Eksi Ekso’s complex sound. Easy comparisons might be Ghastly City Sleep and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, but Eksi Ekso find themselves far from minimal arrangements. “Mavri” is one of the most unique songs on I am Your Bastard Wings, because it doesn’t rely too heavily on bowed instruments. Most of the songs on the album set the violin and viola at the forefront, but Eksi Ekso allow freedom in their dynamic.

6.7 / 10Tohm
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6.7 / 10

6.7 / 10

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