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My Heart Will Always be the B-Side to My Tongue

Yo, this CD title sucks. It doesn't even really make sense. Also, fuck the packaging. It's not the average size of a jewel case, so it won't fit on my CD shelf. I have around five hundred cds, and they are taking up three full shelves on a good-sized bookcase, but next to those three shelves are a small pile of oddly shaped CD's. My Heart Will Always be the B-Side to My Tongue will now be placed amongst my Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Silver Mt. Zion, Do Make Say Think, and New Amsterdamns CD's, and I am not exactly sure I'm comfortable with that, but alas, it hardly matters.

Getting away from how goofy the packaging is, Fall Out Boy's third release is an acoustic EP/DVD. After paying $10 for it I was a little dismayed when I realized there were only five tracks on it, but soon realized there were two discs, and the second was a DVD of some sort. In the past, when bands have used DVD's as a small promotion tool to sell a CD I have usually been disappointed, but Fall Out Boy weren't ready to let me down, and definitely delivered. But we'll get back to the DVD later.

The CD features three new songs, a Joy Division cover (WHY!), and an acoustic version of the song "Grand Theft Autumn" that came out on their full length, which was released about a year ago. The new songs are pretty interesting, fast paced, acoustic rock. This release definitely reminds me of the more energetic Dashboard stuff. Put in short, the three new songs definitely make this disc worth owning, as they put a whole new light on this band's writing ability.

I still don't know how I feel about the Joy Division cover. Why bands always chose to cover "Love Will Tear Us Apart," I will never know. It seems like there are a few other noteworthy songs that band wrote that could be covered. Either way, it's interesting to hear, but I am not sure the first word out of my mouth to describe it would be "good."

The acoustic version of "Grand Theft Autumn" is just as you would expect, catchy pop punk, done acoustic. This song has a great hook, and was definitely a good choice to do acoustic.

Now for the DVD. The first section of the DVD is the history of the band, with interviews, really old live footage, and some current footage and tour documentation. It's all pretty entertaining, and I would guess runs around 20-35 minutes. Pretty good length if you ask me. Next up are the two videos the band has recorded, pretty standard stuff if you ask me. The really interesting part of the DVD is the full (albeit rather short) acoustic live set. Two or three dudes in the band play a bunch of songs from the full length in front of a really small crowd.

There's some other stuff on the DVD that isn't really worth mentioning, such as "The Cutting Room Floor" which is just some outtakes from the DVD production, as well as an "Extras" section.

Overall this CD is for the fans. If you like the band definitely drop the ten dollars on it. If you are into pop punk about killing girls, and haven't heard Fall Out Boy, go check out their full length "Take This To Your Grave."

8.0 / 10Jeff C.
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8.0 / 10

8.0 / 10

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